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No AfterLife 01

Title: No Afterlife (没有来生)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: "The world, made for you -"

1300th Section: Robots who have lost their master should be destroyed immediately - "Star Robot General Regulations fifty-third edition --"

"Fuel shortage! Insufficient fuel!"

"65% of cabin Tail has been damaged, please send technicians to repair immediately!"

"Spacecraft is about to Exit the meteorite band, prior to formal notice, passengers please do not untie body strap. Thank you for your cooperation."

Within the chamber there is a chaotic scene, lights have turned extreme! danger! warning! flashing red, sirens wailing, a mechanical male voice is intertwined with a sweet female human voice.

It stands to reason, in this case, this time aboard this spacecraft, there should have been a hurried retreat, despair pushing people into unnecessary struggle, as they issued dying screams ......

However, nothing.

The spacecraft is quiet, within the cabin five "humans" have divided the tasks equally, all are working smoothly, four of those "people" are using the console through the index to check the hull, the Head quickly scanned the data report back and quietly spoke.

"Sigma from the top, plug the holes in the rear." His voice was a very cold mechanical sound.

"Yes." The reply is in the same cold and stiff mechanical tone.

Sigma immediately headed to the breeched area. Due to the large area of damage ​​to the cabin tail, precious air inside the vehicle has been leaking out, no normal human mortal could continue in this cabin!

They stood still inside the vehicle as it stabilized, Although the form is human they are not real human beings.

Although they also have a body, compared to humans, the skull and limbs were completely different. The whole body glows with a dark metallic luster, in place of the human face was a glowing screen, at this moment, due to the high-speed computing brain core, only a haze of blue light could be seen.

They are of course, robots.

"Sigma from the top plug the holes in the rear." - Humans can not easily accept the command, Sigma the robot can accept without hesitation.

Carefully dodging through all the incoming objects, Sigma the robot took 0.00003 seconds to quickly find the damaged compartment, to determine the location and size of the damage, he immediately touched down on the bulkhead repair room, he found the leak needed extra material - Sigma black screened for a moment.

- Can not find compatible repair materials, but He must complete the task -

His screen flashes a few frames, Sigma thinks of a solution: he quickly removes his legs!

Their body is made of a very special metal which is seamlessly welded in as their metal skin, to open it or to produce more, only the robots themselves know.

Sigma's brain core had quickly calculated the area of ​​steel required, in order to put together enough to patch the vulnerability, Sigma needed to devoted both his legs and buttocks to repair.

The metal used for the robots has good adhesion, Sigma just needed to hold the patch in place, the patch would automatically begin metal bonding with the breeched wall.

Sigma's patch secured over the breech, stablizing the cabin tail like a silver Band-Aid.

"Mission completed." After confirming everything was in order, Sigma replied awaiting his companions in the control cabin.

"Received."The Head robot's glow screen flicker for a moment, when he pulled back, he did not stop because the speed is too fast, his hands move over the console so fast you could barely see like a pair of ghost hands.

Since the robots are currently sharing systems with the spacecraft's sensors, through continuous feedback the robots can clearly "see" the surrounding space.

Large and small meteorites drift around the spacecraft, and together they are floating in the universe, there are countless broken wreckages of other spacecrafts.

Historically, it is said the Emperor Louis "God's scepter" was buried here.

Hundreds of years ago, when the His Majesty the Emperor came this way, it coincided with a rare event where nearby stars went supernova, the Emperor and his escort were all submerged in the explosion which spread to the entire universe and beyond. Aftwards noone could find a trace of Emperor Louis, countless explorers and pilgrims flocked to worship there, eager to find traces of that year, however, smog and debris from the explosion filled the whole area, no expedition were able to explore very far. The result was countless heroes bow in homage, but no one wants to get any closer.

During the following years, there were more meteorites and space junk drawn in due to the aftermath of the supernova, no one had measured the actual area of ​​this star field, these measurements can only be derived by evaluating nine trillion km radius from whatever rough data they had managed to collect.

No people lived here, it was a living tomb.

Imperial Tombs of the Dead Sea - is the name of this starfield on the current version of the interstellar map.

With several robots working together, their efficiency is horrific, covered in dense meteorite dead zones, their little spaceship manages to avoid 99% of the meteorite impact!

This is simply a miracle!

However, the spacecraft is about to run out of energy, and their luck can not be sustained.

Sigma with only half of his body, carefully leans on the windows, his screen glows as he watches the greater universe flow by, flashes of light reflects back on his screen.

As a robot on the run, he had never seen anything in his extremely short life except for his companions and spacecraft. They may crash into a meteorite.

Sigma looked out the window, he noticed on the window edge was a small piece of blue stone, the spacecraft had no such thing, so the stone was just a meteorite fragment which came through the breech, right?

The young robot happily picks up the stone and carefully places it into his own storage space under his belly.

Sigma is also exploring a new world with his companions!

"Fuel only 0.1%, Warning! You can not use firepower on meteorite."A robot suddenly spoke, printed on his back a "π (faction)".

"According to" Star Robot General Regulations fifty-third edition of "1300th Article away from the Masters, our internal self-destruct program will start in a short period of time." A robot said, printed on his cheek is a "η (ETA)."

Head robot finally stopped his phantom-like hands.

So, people can finally see his left hand palm engraved "a (alpha)" symbol.

They just didn't want to be destroyed.

Created by human beings, they had been working very hard to perform the tasks entrusted to them, until one day, they suddenly heard the news that they were going to be destroyed.

The reason is intelligence. "Star Death letter" series robots, their force exceeded the scope of human control, in order to prevent human security issues, they should be destroyed and place under a unified intelligence to make tools more conducive to people's livelihood and lessen paranoia.

So they ran away.

They had not want to be torn down, to become something else;

They had not want to disappear;

They had not want to "die".

A faint red glow on his screen, Alpha stands quietly without action. On behalf of everybody, the self-destruct program starts. a warning countdown begins to sound out, he gives up resistance.

All the robots are like him, they're no longer weighed down, on the contrary, like Sigma, they became curious to see what was ouside the window, and stare at the starry sky.

Remove the identity of the robot, add an initial capacity to think for themselves, they're actually just newborn children, just a few years old, to the strange world, they're full of curiosity to explore.

However! At this time--

Like God's blessing, in front of the spaceship a huge meteorite suddenly turned away, beyond the meteorite's gravity, they discovered a new world!

"Spacecraft has left meteorite! Spaceship has left meteorite! Uncovered unknown planet! Uncovered unknown planet! Please confirm emergency landing prodcedure? Please confirm emergency landing?"

The important news broadcast twice in a row. Alpha once again took up the controls to the spacecraft.

"Confirm emergency landing!"

After the cold mechanical sound released the next command, the robots by the windows quickly returned to their original positions, the tattered ship drove to the distant planet with the last of its power -

Out of the atmosphere, the spacecraft landed just as it used the last dregs of power. As the robots climbed out of the ragged spacecraft they saw on barren land, they saw a little boy!

Open mouth with a runny nose, watching them was a little boy.

My God! It's a human!

I saw a group of people(robts) with terrible faces(?!), Missing an arm, broken legs (← sigma hasn't reattached his legs) the little guy's eyes quickly filled with tears, with two snot bubbles.

Finished! He's hurt, He's afraid!

Several robots' screens invariably shot out a red alert.

Big fat tears gather in the little boy eyes, finally, his eyes could no longer bear the weight of tears, they roll down his skinny cheeks.

However, as the tears fall, the little boy's face shows a big smile.

"Dad, you came back!"

Small short-legged but fast, the little soft human runs and clings onto Alpha's cold hard leg.

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D



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