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devil chapter 27

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 27 Teeth

Knowing he rescued Sister Zhang, the sanitarium has acquiesced he focused on the other side for now. After all, these guests who suddenly came to live together have come a long way. It is a good thing for the sanitarium to follow the principle of do more with less than stand up to avoid offending guests at the same time.
So this time, Huan Huan will go to work next door almost every day. There are quite a few people in the sanatorium where he experiences curiosity. But no matter how they ask, Huan Huan’s argument is that in the past, the courtyard was cleaned and the inspection was very strict. He never visited anywhere outside the courtyard.
Those who came to question were disappointed.
Also disappointed were Wang Mingqing and Wang Xuanya. The name of the girl who proposed that he would continue to work for her was Wang Xuanya. The next time she came to inquire about the situation, she succeeded in knowing his name. She is also a transfer student, but because of her age she is one grade lower than Huan.
She inquired about the situation very thoroughly to Ji Huan. At first she continued to believe that she had something to answer in order to deal with the elder and elders. However, he quickly learned that her purpose was probably not only that.
The girls who were sent in the past were all girls who were separated, their family only said that they had to do well in the past. No further words were mentioned.
The girl Wang Xuanya is smarter than her, arrogance is only a kind of appearance. I am afraid that she did not intend to pass without knowing anything about the situation here.
Because these two are “employers”, Huan Huan has described his work process in great detail to them, but it only stops there. Wang Xuanya’s sisters are eager for this, however, Huan’s performance is silent and dull. They can't take him.
They approached girls who were working there at the same time, knowing they are really doing groceries, rubbish and scrubbing hot springs in the past. They didn’t doubt too much about Huan’s response. There was no hope, so no disappointment.
What they don't know is: After the present, Huan's work is now different from the girls.
After cleaning the garden for three consecutive days, Huan was transferred to work elsewhere.
While the girls were still carrying rubbish far away from the house, Huan had already entered the room to wipe the wooden floor.
The incredible luxury of the house here far exceeds what a country boy can describe. After the corridor is srubbed three times within three hours, Ji huan is responsible for one of those corridors.
The working hours for the next holidays are from 6pm to 9pm, which is almost the same as in the sanitarium. However, only one point is different from the sanitarium: There is no dinner here.
Know there is no canteens in this place, after two days of hunger, he will bring rice to work.
Rice can't be brought in with a lunch box naturally, after Huan brings a lot of small biscuits. Black eggs before going to bed for a few days always suck on Huan Huan's fingers, so dreaming at night Huan often in Black egg's dream of his own fingers, although teeth can not be touched in Black egg's mouth, but the information suggest black egg is estimated soon to long teeth, so Ji huan special brand of cookies will be shipped out.
The raw material is simple, that is, Black eggs infant formula with flour, also added eggs. Although Huan Huan can not infer whether he likes to eat from the expression of black eggs, but as long as he wants to chew Huan's fingers, Huan will quickly toss a piece of biscuit to him. As time goes by, Black eggs biting tart biscuits, are very diligent, estimated he does not fine it annoying.
Thinking of Black eggs in front a pair of white ringed eyes looking serious biting a small cookie, Huan could not help but smile.
At seven o'clock in the evening, Huan began to feel hungry, after moping the floor, he found a hidden place where he could not easily be found. Then he took out a bag of cookies to eat. while eating, sudying, even if their school work is not heavy, in order to maintain his performance while working, he would mentally review lessons learned during the day while he was working.
Eating as he reviewed, a voice suddenly came to his ear:
Sound without warning, Huan Huan did not even hear anyone approach. He hurried to turn his head, once again submerged in a pair of night-like eyes.
The man seen last time, did not know when, stood beside him.
Look at the person's sight falling on his own handmade biscuits, Ji huan hesitately handed out his biscuits.
Slender, pale fingers took a piece.
The man's eating appearance is extremely reserved. Thin, thin lips open, bit a small mouthful of biscuit. The person's expression is very serious as he chews.
After, Huan was reminded of Black eggs.
Black eggs eating biscuits is also as serious.
"What is it? It tastes very light." The man finally gave his evaluation of the biscuit.
In fact, his evaluation was considered good. When Ji huan was eating biscuits during class, Wang Xiaochuan also secretly ate the rations of black eggs. Then he sympatheticly said food for babies were so unpalatable.
Ji Huan’s desire to save money by eating biscuits with black eggs. Wang Xiaochuan’s mother gave black eggs too much milk powder, so much Black eggs, a big stomach king couldn’t finish drinking, Ji Huan simply used milk powder as raw material to do a lot of cookies, mainly for black eggs to eat, he could not finish, Huan and grandfather to help eat. Afterall Huan and Grandpa are not picky eaters, eating, habits, also feel good to eat.
"It's a baby biscuit." After Huan had replied, he thought for a moment and added, "I did it myself, using baby formula, so it may indeed be very light."
As a result, Huan Huan first saw the expression of that person changed a bit.
Very subtle changes, how to say...
Ji huan felt he had been "seen" by that person for the first time.
Prior to this, although the two met, also said a few words, the sight of the person also fell on his own, but ... ... Huan always felt the other side never never really saw himself.
It's a strange feeling, but he has always felt like this.
"Baby? Do you have a child at home?" The other person stared at him for a moment, then he heard him continue to ask.
"Well, my sister's child, he's almost a year old." Thinking this is not something cannot be said. Ji huan will answer truthfully.
"Oh? What does he eat every day?" The man seemed to be curious about the life of the little baby.
Ji huan thought about the recipes for black eggs, sorting it out before answering: “The main thing is milk powder, the second custurd, then egg tarts, vegetable puree, rice cereal... Although supplementary food is added, but Black eggs favorite is milk powder. ."
This is the truth, even if there are complementary foods every day, Black eggs still insist on drinking three bottles of milk every day, especially before going to bed must drink a full bottle, in the black egg's "Dream", the frequency of bottles is also Highest.
"Ha! like milk powder best?" The man's response was a little strange. To be honest, Huan Huan never thought anything strange about the baby's love for milk.
Even though Black eggs, his family are different from other babies, he likes drinking milk, the same as other children.
Probably, this man had never had a child before? Thinking so he had no idea of ​​raising a baby before, Huan tossed his reaction behind him.
The man curiously asked about black eggs.
Peers not interested in the same topics, this person listened very seriously, he heard black eggs like egg yolks, do not like to eat protein, like green things, wear new clothes before they will boo ... The man still laughed. In the presence of a listener who was such a surpporter, Huan Huan was very smooth from the beginning of the rumbling of Baba to the back. In the process of telling, he suddenly realized he already had so many memories with Black eggs. .
"...Sounds like a very cute little baby..." At the end, the man left a sentence, he praised the cookies of Ji Huan, he even asked for two pieces before leaving.
After returning this evening, Huan followed the practice playing with black eggs for a long time. Before going to bed, he poked a small Black eggs face:
"Black eggs, today someone praised you very cute."
The reaction of Black eggs, He again put Huan's fingers in his mouth, just like eating biscuits, Eggs is very serious to eat his fingers. It hurts, itchy. This time, Huan suddenly touched something sharp in Black egg's mouth.
Black eggs is teething.
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