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devil chapter 28

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 28 Black Egg and Ye Ye

The black egg seemed curious about his teeth. He couldn't help but reach out and touch his own little teeth. Whenever Huan noticed he made this move, he would beat Eggs little paws. When Huan and Grandpa were there, the black egg would retract his claws. However, after Huan attended school, Ah Yeh was always distracted and couldn't pay attention to him, so the black egg was finally explored a success.
He successfully touched his own small teeth.
Small paws are broken by small teeth!
So afternoon, finished homework ahead of schedule dozed off, Huan Huan just fell asleep and dreamed of Black eggs crying.
In the dream, Black eggs cried so sadly, but this is not the reason why he succeeded in waking Huan up and worried. The reason why Huan continued to panic was the monster holding Black eggs in his dream!
An unimaginable monster, now firmly holding Black eggs.
A monster unheard in his life, the body was grayish black, covered with hard scales, white hair was on its elbow, back, ears, and chin. In addition, there were goat-like horns on its head!
The monster is very tall, but unusually thin, Huan Huan can almost count the each ribs on it. Powerful claws, sharp nails, and hard hair like steel wool on the back of its hands. At that moment, black eggs was crying in the claws of the monster, with every movement of the monster, its body seems to have become part of the dark fog...
Ji Huan stood up and ran home without a word to Wang Xiao chuan.
Since Huan discovered he could occasionally share dreams with Black eggs, Huan Huan was very careful about dreaming. Although the dreams may have been his own daydream, its also possible Black eggs through the dream, was crying for help.
Ji Huan regardless of everything, ran back home.
Wheezing breaths, opened the door to the house, Black eggs was still crying, but it wasn't the kind of cry in the dream, but sobs. There was indeed someone holding him to prevent movement, but it was not a monster, it was Huan's grandfather.
Seeing Huan Huan come back, the face of grandpa appeared with an expression for help almost at the same time.
"Flower ah! Quickly take away Black eggs, hey! My beard ... ..." the beard on his chin already sparse, was made sparse by black eggs, Ah Yeh handed out Black eggs.
Obviously, Black egg can not wait to drill into the arms of his uncle, upon seeing Huan Huan, he released the great beard of his great grandpa, took the initiative to extend his small paws to Ji huan.
After clarifying circumstances of the matter, Ji huan was silent: Well, at noon, when Ah Yeh went to the toilet, Black eggs finally succeeded in extending his claws to touch his teeth, then found his teeth was too sharp, his fingers were punctured. Looking at bloody little fingers, Black eggs once again becomes a watering can, the grandfather is also not good, so easy to the black egg's fixed nap time, black egg is asleep, then dreaming...
"Look, let you not touch your own teeth, you touch your own hand and break your own hand?" Put a band-aid on small, thin black paw while talking to Black eggs, While carefully observing Black eggs hand.
Before Huan Huan often caught by the black claws of Eggs, but Black eggs not easily let him see his own hand.
This time, is the first time Black eggs handed his own paws to Ji huan.
Really small claws.
The black egg's nails are long and sharp, completely unlike humans...
Huan's face does not change colour, a band-aid was placed on Black eggs, then his fingers were blown.
"Well, it won't hurt you blow it." He told Black eggs, when he was a child Ah ye comforted his wounds the same way.
The big white ringed eyes stare straight into Ji Huan's face. After the little tears finally disappear, Black egg suddenly makes a strange move:
Keeping his eyes staring at the movement, Black egg opened his mouth to Ji huan.
Dizzy for a moment, Ji huan carefully looked, he discovered the mouth of Black eggs was not a red hole with a bottomless hole that immediately appeared in his brain when he saw it, but was composed of flesh and blood. However, unlike ordinary people's mouths, the internal color of black eggs is bloody scarlet. It looks like blood is flowing...
No, not "looks like", it is bleeding.
In the small mouth, Huan first saw a pointed little white tooth on the lower jaw. It was a shape ordinary people didn't have.
Ji Huan's eyes lingered on the tooth for a moment then left, he saw black egg's saliva and noticed something. In order to prove his guess, Huan carefully cleaned his fingers and probed the small scarlet mouth. When he touched the spot he was observing, Black eggs closed his mouth, his white ringed eyes looked at him flatly, there is a tear in Eggs mouth. .
After, Huan gently patted Black egg's head.
"It's more than broken fingers, Black egg's mouth is broken."
Well, the teeth broke his fingers, his fingers pierced his mouth. Black eggs himself staged a "contradictory" drama. It seemed... ridiculous...
Finally could not hold back his smile, Ji huan laughed.
Fingers gently scratched the upper jaw of Black eggs. Black egg couldn't stand the itch and opened his mouth. Huan gently grabbed Egg's small chin and blew gently into the scarlet mouth.
"Okay, blow, it doesn't hurt."
There is no way to paste a bandaid into Eggs mouth, and its not good to use drugs, so he has to use psychological comfort.
Black eggs was psychological comforted: a small mouth baji baji and opened his mouth again.
Well, Huan gave him blowing.
"Black eggs, your nails have to cut, otherwise you will scratch yourself in the future." Picking up a small paw and looking at it, he made a suggestion to Black egg.
Black eggs just looked at him with white ringed eyes, well, still opened his mouth.
"Don't speak, then you've promised." Looked at Black egg's strange little expression, Huan made the decision for him.
From grandfather's house, he took out the set of nail scissors said to have been used for forty years. Huan began to carefully trim nails for Black eggs.
After cutting fingernails, he looked at the cheeky expression of black eggs, Huan once again picked one of Egg's little fingers and drew a stroke on his own cheek.
It hurts a bit, but... it does not break skin.
Huan let black eggs look at his cheeks where his fingernails crossed.
"If I cut your nails, you won't scratch it," he said to Black eggs.
The black egg still has a look of aggressive expression.
As a result, Huan Huan once again held out his "claw."
After stretching out his hands, he followed the itchiness of cheeky black egg, and black eggs was forced to laugh and twitch.
Afterwards, Huan was satisfied.
"Well, this time should be laughable."
After Black eggs seemed to remember the lesson, he no longer reached for his mouth. On the contrary, he seems to know his teeth is a terrible thing, He is more cautious eating afterwards. A biscuit, he can gnaw for a while. Now he eats for a long time, chewing slowly, his appearance like a very small turtle. .
"Ha! We really have peace of mind when black eggs is eating. We never get anywhere!" Ah ye proudly reached out and wanted to poke Black egg's little face, but his eyes were too poor. It's not black egg's little face, but black egg's small mouth.
Black eggs was eating biscuit instantly choked.
Black eggs wah-wah cries again!
Okay, black eggs and Ah ye...
Look at black eggs crying, look at a face to please Black eggs with a new small cookie ready in hand the grandfather, Huan's line of sight eventually fell on Ah ye's white beard, Ji huan's heart once again sigh: in Black egg's dream, Ah Yeh is a big monster. Don't let Ah Yeh know, Aye knows he must be sad.

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