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devil chapter 29

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 29 Dreams

Compared with his peers, Ji huan's daily life schudule is frightening and harsh.
Get up every morning at 5:30 in the morning, after a simple wash, go to cook. In addition to breakfast, Huan Huan also needs to do a good job for Ah ye’s daily meals, putting the leftover in the refrigerator, he bought a microwave oven a while back with the money he'd earned. The functions were very simple, he could heat a meal, such a microwave was convenient for Ah ye's poor eyesight.

Cooking, time at the same time boil water, while getting some vegetable and meat puree, also cook a few eggs. This is Black eggs current rations, in addition to milk powder, Black eggs now ate a large variety of complementary food, in addition to green vegetable mud, Black eggs love to eat eggs, especially egg yolk! He is now very sensitive to the word "egg" can eat an egg every morning!
Huan picked up Black eggs, still tummy on the bed and hugged him. After Huan had fed him breakfast, he would stuff Eggs into Ah Ye's blanket. Black eggs would accompany Aye to sleep, and Huan Huan would go down to school early.
From 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the class, will be spent on prep lessons, reviewing homework, and finishing the day's homework. If there is still time at noon, he will have a nap.
Such boring formation arrangements made it impossible for Huan Huan to communicate with other students at school. Its no wonder he became a loner with no friends.
This situation was a little better after he met Wang Xiaochuan, but it was limited.
"Well, He fell asleep again..." In class, Wang Xiaochuan sneaked back at Huan Huan, but found Huan Huan was already sleeping on the desk.
Looking further ahead, the math teacher attending class already looking vivid.
In order to transfer the teacher's anger to himself, Wang Xiaochuan made loyal move: he blatantly spoke to the student behind the same table, the teacher really noticed this scene. Was picked by the teacher to answer questions Wang Xiaochuan looked tragic.
However, the mathematics teacher did not forget Ji huan's bold behaviour. He left a difficult math problem as extra homework for Ji huan.
This question is difficult, after finishing other operations on the bus, only this one he couldn't finish, so Huan has been pondering it during work hours.
"Mathematics homework?" Huan Huan hiding in the shelters, a warm voice suddenly rings in his ear.
Looking up, it was the man.
"Ah Jin." Huan Huan called out his name.
The man's name was Ah Ji, when they met for the fourth time, Huan finally knew his name.
"Good evening, Ji huan," said the man, sitting down next to Huan.
“Good evening.” Huan Huan also responded to him, for a long time he thought of what, took out a small bag from his side and pushed it between them.
Its the complementary biscuits of Black eggs. Ah Jin likes the biscuit, so Huan simply takes a little more.
When he brought the second time, Ah Jin was empty-handed, so next time, He brought a tea set, and invited Huan to tea.
The action of Ah Jin's Cha is most graceful Huan Huan had ever seen before. The water is flowing and flowing. Even if there is no tea to drink, simply watching him make tea is an enjoyment. In addition, Ah jin did not explicitly say, but the taste of tea is warm and mellow, the aftertaste is very good.
The best tea coupled with hand-made baby biscuits. This was a bit weird, but neither side saw a problem.
After admiring the attitude of Ah Jin's Cha, Ajin pushed over a cup of steaming tea, Huan thanked, carefully drank the cup of tea.
"It was Zhang Xi's production... Bai Fenghao..." Huan said after tasting results.
"Oh, correct answer." Ajin smiled very happily.
Where is Zhang Xi and what is Bai Feng? Before Ji huan all do not know, these Ah Jin during tea making had chatted about with him.
However, this aspect Huan Huan was indeed a bit of aura, food he had eaten outside at home can be reproduced eight or nine tenths similar, introduced tea, after drinking once, Huan would be able to basically separate it.
Ah Jin was a modest person, After drinking a cup of tea and eating three cookies, he stopped. Huan was hungry after a working half-day on the math problem, putting his homework aside, he continued to eat. .
"Can I have a look?" After asking Ji huan, and getting permission, Ah jin picked up Huan Huan's book. Ji huan drinks a cup, he actually brushed the answer in Huan's book.
Take a look, Huan was stunned:
Actually solved!
Walk along Ah jin's problem-solving logic, Huan immediately realizes this answer is correct. Ah jin's method of solving problems is extremely precise. He solved the problem with a method Huan hadn't thought about before. Out of it, there is also a formula Ji huan hasn’t learnt.
Huan Huan was also shocked by Ah Jin's handwriting:
Obviously the simplest ballpoint pen was used. However, the writing of Ah jin is very particular about each stroke. One look is... Practiced brush calligraphy!
"This ... ... is really powerful." Ji huan can only praise.
"Where, your teacher is really bad, this formula will only be taught in college. If you don't use this formula... this question cannot be resolved." Ah jin only showed a faint smile.
"University?" After he heard the word, Huan curiously looked at Ah jin.
Ah jin continued to smile: "My age is older than you..."
"Oh."Nodding, Huan Huan did not ask more, he seriously asked Ah jin about the formula's usage. Huan drew a diagram on the book with the subject along side to make sure he understood it completely. Huan thanked Ah jin seriously.
"You're welcome." Ah jin only shook his head slightly. a finger, gently pointed to the book in his hand: "But I just care a bit. This is..."
After seeing Ah jin's finger, Huan's face is bloomed red!
The place where the pale long finger pointed: It was a frog.
There is a frog on his homework, brush strokes tender, looks like a child's immature simple frog! Things were not solved by these thoughts beforehand were actually seen, after a moment Ji huan, reddish face, he whispered:
"That, that's a frog..."
"Hey... its a frog? I used to think it was a crab." Ah jin did not seem to notice Huan Huan's embarrassment. Instead, he took a closer look at the frog and murmured, "Looking carefully at this limb. It's a frog. Are you painting it?"
Ah jin looked up, and the dark eyes looked straight at Huan Huan.
Embarrassed Huan Huan nodded.
"Well, actually your grasp of the subject's structure is still very accurate." Relatively agreeable mouth, Ah Jin from the hands of Huan took the book with the frog painting, then pointed to another corner: "This is a gem?"
He refers to a group of round things in the corner.
Ji Huan's head was buried even lower: "That's an egg..."
"Oh...then these..."
"It's a milk tank." The sound is even smaller.
A Jin's straight line of sight landed on Huan again, after a long while, Huan heard Ah Jin slowly say, "Now ideas in a young man's head, I really couldn't guess ... ..."
Frog + egg + milk tank...
Huan felt what he had unconsciously painted together seemed to be quite... indescribable.
After a long while, he finally recovered his mood.
"This is something I dreamed."

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