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Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
Chapter 30 Karas

Well, this sentence is an export, always feels more strange.
However, Ahjin did not laugh at him. The dark eyes focused on him, earnestly listening to
ji Huan.
"Recently, I occasionally dreamt..."
Actually its Black eggs dream.
There's a lot of frog dolls in Black Eggs Dreams, a lot of milk tanks and lots of eggs. Every egg is steaming or peeled. Whenever milk cans and eggs are seen through the eyes of Black eggs, there was a deep sense of satisfaction in the heart of "Ji Huan";
In Egg's dream, Ji Huan is a young man whose face is a bit vague, but his eyes are very sharp. Yes, he had been wearing a green suit he did not have in his closet.
Ah Yeh in Black Egg's Dream is a monster with a grayish-black body. He uses a bottle as a weapon every day. He often teases black eggs and insists black eggs climb two steps before giving him milk. He is a big bad guy! The villain often drools when Black eggs eats. At this time, Black eggs will carefully turn his head, then speed up eating...
In the dream, these pictures are too clear. Ji huan unconsciously draws them. However, his painting skills are not very good. All his homework cover, Huan Huan seems to be born with no painting talent. His paintings in kindergarten, of his grandfather, frightened the art teacher into crying. There is an ability to draw any normal item into distortion, Huan does not draw easily. Nowadays its rare to draw a few strokes inadvertently, it is very unfortunate to be seen.
"I, I'm not very good at painting." Huan stated in a small voice. Who knows -
"Not necessarily." Ah jin's indifferent voice suddenly floated into his ear.
"Although you are not very skilled in grasping the lines, you are very good at grasping the main features. Just because I did not look at the drawings carefully so misunderstood the objects you painted, as long as you look carefully, your paintings are actually very realistic."
Listening to the Ah jin's praise for himself, Huan was stunned.
"This person is you." Pointing at the dark shadow of a magic doll on the homework, Ah jin.
There was no hesitation in his voice. He was very sure his judgment was correct.
Huan takes a look at where he was referring, he was stunned: Don't say, that group of shadows he pointed to was really his own.
To be exact, it was Black egg's own dream.
Not enough, this is a very different kind of painting, painted beyond recognition, limbs branched like a villain.... How did Ah jin recognize this villain as him?
Is it not so long in his eyes? if it is like this……
Huan looked up and looked at Ah jin, his expression a little weird.
Ahjin gently shook his head: "It is seen from the proportion and characteristics."
"Your figure is very good, the head is very small, the lower body is a lot longer than the upper body. This figure is now called ... model body, right? Very few people will have this figure..." Ah jin pointed to Ji huan stick figure graffiti: "The proportion of ... and you are almost exactly the same."
"Besides, person in the drawing is just like you, there is a mole here." Ah jin continued.
Huan was stunned: Is there a mole on him? Did not notice at all.
Looking at Ji Huan's head for a moment, Ah jin stretched out his finger and gently pointed to where the left side of the neck was close to the clavicle.
It is summer, the collar of the overalls he is wearing is more than winter, so this place will be exposed occasionally.
Ah Jin's finger gently touched Ji huan’s skin and left after a moment. It was obviously summer, however, his fingers were extremely cold. There was no trace of body temperature. The moment he touched, Huan resisted the desire to shrink his neck.
"Here, there is a mole, which is very small, it can't be seen completely without careful observation." Ah jin said lightly then pointed to the same position in the painting, where there was an unobtrusive little spot.
"It seems you haven't even noticed yourself, Your instant memory is very good. The dream's picture can show what has actually been neglected by you. It's very powerful..." Ah jin smiled slightly.
Ji huan was frozen.
Ah jin's fingers turned a page, revealing another graffiti, he looked up at Ji Huan. “Is this what you dreamed of dream?”
This time, he refers to the big monster of Black Eggs Dream.
Inadvertently, Huan Hua also painted this "Ah Yeh".
He nodded hesitantly, this time, he did not explain what it was.
However, he did not say Ah jin continued, "The characteristics of this painting are also very accurate. It have gray-brown skin, with shinny bone, have sheep-like horns on it head... This is Callas."
"Ah?" On reflex, Ji huan looked up.
He saw the man next to him laughing, there is no light in his dark eyes. He smiled deeply: Callas is the name of a monster. ”
"Monster? What is it?" Ji huan looked strangely at the man next to him: "This is just something I drew. It was a dream, it was a fake, it didn't exist..."
"Well, that's right in your dream, but it's not fake. It's not non-existent. The thing you dreamed of has a name." At the moment, Ah jin looks at Huan's homework in his hands, his smile looks strange.
For the first time, saw similar look to Black eggs in his eyes.
Nothingness, emptyness, and darkness, as if everything in his eyes, there was nothing.
Huan continued to stare into his eyes, After a short while, he asked, " monster?"
Looking back at him for a moment, Ah jin replied:
"It is not. But... According to the standards of ordinary humans ... it's actually a kind of."
His eyes were first removed from Ji huan’s face, he first looked up. Ah Jin seemed to be thinking, talking to himself. After a while, he continued to answer the questions before.
"I thought about it again, Monsters should belong to monsters in the eyes of ordinary people, but monsters are not the same as monsters. Monsters are, in fact, creatures of different dimensions. Their time and speed are completely different from humans, so Usually cannot be captured by ordinary human sight, uh... they are not so much monsters, they closer to ghosts of humans?”
"Ghost?" Huan's expression is more bizarre.
"Well, because we can't see it with the naked human eye, many problems humans can't explain are classified as supernatural phenomena. However, in fact, the initiators of most supernatural events are actually monsters." Ah jin nodded.
"Monster? Are you talking about demons?" After thinking about it, Huan asked cautiously.
"...the devil is a kind of monster, but not all monsters are demons." Ah jin's answer is very strict, he pointed to the enchanting thing in the painting: "However, Callas is definitely divided by humans as a devil's species."
"They are cruel and never live in groups. They are rare carnivores monsters amongst monsters, Because of the type of food, their aggression is extremely strong. At the same time, they are still rare gourmets of monsters, they like to eat young blood and flesh.” He paused and looked at Ji Huan for a long time: “Whether it is a human cub or a monster pup, it is their favorite food.”
Stricken, Huan stared down at the horns on the painting.
"Their speed is fast amongst devils, there is a pair of hidden wings behind them that can fly a short distance. Sight is well developed and hearing is relatively poor. However, these are all during healthy conditions. Healthy Callas scales are black, when ill or debilitating death comes, the scales will gradually turn grayish, their hearing and vision will gradually weaken until they are completely lost."
Ah jin paused:
"However, you rarely meet Callas with gray scales. Most died very early because they're monsters who love fighting."
"Most Kallas will die young or middle aged." The black man named Ah jin said quietly.
Ji Huan did not say anything.
"It's impossible for anyone who has not seen Callas to paint all the characteristics of a Callas. Remember carefully, are there any signs of Callas nearby?"
"They like meat, hate fish, footsteps are very light, there is no shadow ... Well, this is not the case, most of monsters are shadowless, where they live there are no mosquitoes, hey ... this is not, a lot of Monsters, blood is poisonous, so the places where they live are generally free of mosquitoes."
Speaking of this, Ah jin frowned, reached out and touched his chin, as if he had suddenly pulled something out of memory, and his brow suddenly opened:
“Imagine: Callas particularly likes hot springs, all Callas will choose to build nests with hot springs. Throughout their lives, they will not leave the hot spring a step. In addition, because their scales contain a lot of acidic substances, long-term, the soil where Callas live will be red and hard to grow."
With the man's narrative, Huan Huan’s heart beats in chaos. Heartbeat faster and faster, but his body is getting colder. Obviously its midsummer, his body was like it was soaked in ice water. .
However, he did not show this kind of gaffe and proposed Ah jin to eat two more biscuits. After Huan was rejected, he ate all the cookies then had a cup of herbal tea, finally he said goodbye to Ah jin. .
After Ah jin left, Huan wiped the floor carefully and waited until the shift end before leaving.
When he first arrived at the foot of the hill, there was a bus coming. For the first time, Huan Huan did not immediately get on the bus as usual, and sat in the icy chair. He waited for two buses and waited until the last bus arrived. Touched the mosquito pack, and wiped his face, then looking as usual, boarded the bus.

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