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Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 31 The Smile of a Monster

"Why did you not get on the bus?" After carding, Huan was ready to find a seat and sit down, the bus driver suddenly spoke.
Look around: There is only one passenger in the car, he thinks the driver has no room for misunderstanding when talking.
It was a middle-aged man with a beard, the lower body was wearing the uniform of a bus driver. The top wore a cool upper body with broken holes t-shirt.
Ji huan learnt about this driver, he took the bus to and from school every day. He almost knew every bus driver, but he never talked to them.
When he was young, he didn't like to talk. Secondly, Grandpa told him not to talk casually with people he didn't know.
Aye--The heart of Huanhuan has a tremor.
Huan remembered the first time he went to town, going to school alone, Aye holding his hand.
Looking at him on the bus, Aye has been waiting in the same place, Ji huan on the bus had been staring closely at grandfather,when he can not see him through the side windows, he ran to the the rear of the bus with the big windows, Aye has been there, far away, after seeing his figure, he waved at him.
"How do you know..." I just didn't have a ride? Staring at the side of the bus driver, Huan asked.
"My colleague said, you were sitting there, not getting on the bus, then the second colleague said so, they will let me pull you if I see you still there." Uncle driver said, the tone is not solemn, but Huan heard the concern from his words.
"I... I don't want to go home immediately." Probably because there was no other people around, Ji huan stated his true thoughts to this familiar stranger.
"Didn't test well? You go home so late every day. A look is not a good student, is it because you didn't dare go home because of exams?" The driver's slanted oblique eyes.
Ji huan did not say anything, after a while, just before he was about to get off the bus, he whispered: "I am afraid... see Aye."
"Ha? Are you afraid of being beaten? Even if you are beaten, its your grandfather. I remember, I have seen your grandfather. There was a car accident on the road, your grandfather was particularly anxious. The old man was kind and good-looking, not a murderous person, so go back quickly. Recognize the mistake, make a guarantee, at most be slammed a few times, just fine.” The driver said a few more words, did not wait for Ji huan said a few words, his destination arrived, he was immediately driven out of the bus by the driver.
Ji huan watched the dilapidated bus leave, waited until he couldn’t see it again.
However, have to say, the conversation with the bus driver had worked, Huan had calmed down.
Huan slowly walked toward the direction of home.
In the summer, the grass is the most lush, water in the stream is also the most abundant. Grass is very thick, a foot down, soft. Its actually a step down the ground. The gurgle of water, the rustling of grass, sounds Huan listened to.
However, as Ji huan gets closer to home, these sounds slowly disappear.
The rustling grass is gone, stopped, Huan looked at his feet and saw the grass has disappeared into the land, unconsciously, he groaned.
Huan was already at the door.
The garden of Huan's family is very flat, it is not paved with slate, rare unlike other people who use the land as ground, its not necessary for them to weed from time to time.
The soil of his yard is not good, it is not easy to grow anything, there's just a tree. A while ago, it was cut down by Aye to give his sister a tablet. Later, Ji huan and Aye took new soil from the side and laid it in the greenhouse so they could plant vegetables.
Aye said this is because his family has a good hot spring.
Hot springs, plants are difficult to live, mosquitoes dare not disturb... What else is there?
Red clay, yes, red soil.
Watching the bare land under his feet, it was too dark, Huan couldn’t tell the colour of the earth at the moment, ah... How could he suddenly forget the colour of soil in the yard? Obviously, he cleaned it every day...
Ji huan stood at the door of the house, this time, he did not yell at grandfather as usual, but gently opened the door.
The house was dark and quiet.
The movements of Ji huan is also quiet.
He walked lightly to the door of Aye's room, paused, and gently twist the door.
He didn't knock at the door, didn't call Ah ye, pushed the door straight open.
Regular oil maintenance, the door shaft of Huan's family had been used for many years, but it is still very easy to use, almost no sound is produced when the door was pushed.
Aye’s door quietly opened.
Huan slowly walked over to Ah ye’s bed, he saw Black eggs sleeping there.
There's only Black eggs on the bed, small claws move from time to time, probably dreaming.
Ah Ye is not there.
Looking at Black eggs on the bed, Ji huan slowly retired, just like when he came, he gently closed Aye's door again. However, as he walked over to his door, Grandpa's voice suddenly came from behind him.
"Small flowers, is it small flower?" In the dimly lit corridor, Huan saw Aye's figure leaning against the door.
Looking at the posture of grandfather, he opened the door from inside, and just after Ji huan had entered, there was no figure in the house. Ah ye coming out of the room, like out of thin air...
Pupils shrinks and shrinks, then he replied: "Well, Grandpa, I am back."
"I will change clothes first, then go to your room and take Black eggs."
"No hurry, you should eat something first, I couldn't finish porridge from the morning, leave it in the pot." Aye is nagging as usual.
When Huan heard the familiar words, Ji Huan responded on reflex: "How can you not eat the porridge? Ah ye, you haven’t eaten well--"
When Huan got here, he suddenly stopped.
"Hey! Xiaohua, you can be careful, I can't conceal anything from you, forget it, I will eat porridge with you." Ah Ye did not notice Ji huan's pause went straight down said.
He immediately turned back to his room, slammed the lights for the corridor. The corridor immediately lit up and went from a dark environment to bright home. Ji huan was a bit dizzy. Ah ye re-entered his bedroom, walking out with Black eggs.
Ji huan reflexive look at Aye’s feet, his brain blanked when there was no shadow.
Numb, he went to the kitchen, heating the porridge, and rushed Black eggs to drink milk powder. Huan also fry a new cabbage, the end he also cooked three eggs.
"Hey! Little flower, what's wrong with you? Before didn't you say don't eat too much at eight in the evening?" Ah ye, always hungry before, often climbed up to eat in the middle of the night, after watching experts, Huan knows the digestive system of the elderly is not good, established the rule for grandpa. both grandparent and grandchildren had been steadfast in implementing this iron law for many years, and the rules are Ji huan, breaking is also Ji huan.
"Hungry today, occasionally eat once and nothing." Saying, hesitating for a moment, then happy to give Aye a chopsticks cabbage.
Then ̃
Aye happy, started gnawing the chopsticks cabbage.
"...they are cruel, never gregarious. It is a rare meat-eating monster rare even amongst devils..."
The words of the black-bellied youth repeatedly played through Ji huan's mind, after, Ji huan found he could not control himself, compared the words of Ah jin one by one to the reality in front of him.
Ah Ye was very fragrant to eat cabbage, Jihuan did not pay attention to effort, his old man ate a half of the cabbage.
When Aye was eating, Black eggs stared straight at Aye gnawing cabbage, saw grandpa eat sweet, small mouth of Black egg baji baji, cold little claws pulling Uncle's arm, Black eggs face has been looking in the direction of Aye.
Not seeing Uncle respond for a long while, Black eggs looking at Huan's face, and then...
Oh, oh... oh...Despair....
Drops of water drip down Black eggs cheeks.
White eyes straight hook then immediately looked up, the waterdrops constantly appeared in Ji huan's eyes. Black eggs looked carefully for a while, then Black eggs stretched out small claws and pulled Jihuan.
He pulled several times until Huan looked down at him, after he was happy.
Black eggs generously handed the bottle in his paw to Ji Huan.
Huan was stunned.
After a while, Eggs found there was still "water" in Ji Huan's eyes. White rings of Black eggs turned and fell on his little paw for a moment. Finally, he extended another claw in Huan's face. There is an egg hidden there.
Huan smeared his tears and laughed.
This evening, Ji huan dreamt again.
In the dream, Huan was crying, He saw himself crying for the first time.
After seeing him stretch out a small claw-like hand, he handed a large bottle of milk to the crying one, then another big bottle, and finally handed a lot of eggs.
In the dream "Ji huan" smiled stiffly.
He felt very happy after.
The last second is still happy, and the next second is happy to play with eggs, baskets of toys all white and red eggs yo! There are also green frogs, green cart cars, and "Ji Huan" have fun.
After this boring game content continued for a while,
Ji Huan once again saw the horned monster that appeared before.
This time, the horned monster is more clear in Black egg's dream, its clear enough he can see the details of each scale.
"Ji Huan" saw himself in the monster's arms being teased with food, the monster drooled towards himself.
"Ji Huan" is very scared.
However, the other party seems to be just drooling, there is no other move. The monster will hand the bottle to him after a while, then gave him a biscuit. "Ji Huan" feels comfortable.
Then, "Ji Huan" was hovering around in his arms by the horned monster.
"Black eggs, this is a tree!" Said the horned monster, unfortunately, he said tree, the direction of finger is corn.
"Black eggs, there are clouds in the sky!" The horned monster is pointing at the sky, but unfortunately, today is a clear sky, there is no cloud in the sky.
The eyes of the horned monster have problems - in the dream, he thought in his heart.
After the incomparably wrong teaching, the monster held him to the toilet.
Ji Huan was ready to be smoked, suddenly he stopped, shocked:
Monster spit.
Vomiting sounds, Ji Huan saw him spit out all the food he had eaten in the morning.
Ji huan noticed this monster is very thin.
When he was taken to the frog by the horned monster, he was suddenly not afraid at all.
Looking at the horned monster, he saw him handing a bottle to himself.
The invisible horned monster is unknown, after seeing it, he used the nipple on the bottle to poke the monster's white beard.
The horned monster finally understood what was going on, the ugly face suddenly showed a smile.
Although it was ugly, it was confirmed as a smile.
Together with Black eggs in his dream, he heard the monster happy to say:
"Black eggs, you are really a filial child, as filial as little flowers! Aye is really happy -"
So, Ji huan and Black eggs in the dream laughed together.
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