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Devil 32

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 32 Stew

The pillows were wet when he woke up the next day.
Weeping wet.
Huan didn't know when, Ah ye had entered his room, the rough palm trying to touch his face, but he'd accidentally touched the wet pillow.
"Little flowers, are you awake? Aye was going to ask you to get up, but how is it so wet here?" Ah Ye did not understand.
"Oh? Black eggs urine." Face does not change color, heart does not jump, Ji huan gave the big pot to black eggs, the only one in the house who can not speak.
Hearing his name, Black eggs, squirms out from the blanket, he didn't to wake up yet, still rubbing eyes with his small claws.
"Hey! Really big pee. After I will continue to pack diapers for Black eggs." Aye said, his mouth always smiling. He took the pillow of Huanhuan and walked outside with the pillow.
Quickly put on school uniform, Huan looked at Black eggs then looked out, Aye was sitting in the yard, washing the pillow case. The pillow core was clipped by Aye, drying in the yard, on the clothesline.
Now the things placed in Ah ye's washtub are: pillow case, Huan huan's underwear, socks, Black Egg's green apron...
The messy things are all mixed together. Huan had said it several times before, but grandpa always forgets it the next time. Now grandfather can't see well, it is even harder to classify.
A little old man washing clothes in a simple, clean and small courtyard. However, somehow, in the Huan's eyes, the person who helped wash pillows, wash socks and wash underwear became a terrible horned monster. .
He is so tall, looks so fierce, but at this time, he is carefully washing his pillows, socks, oh! There is also a green little apron.
He washes very seriously.
But there's still a few holes in it - Huan thought about it.
From small to large, Ji Huan always knew that Aye’s washing clothes put too much effort, every time his good clothes let Ah ye wash, there will definitely be a few holes after.
There are holes in every pair of jeans, not fashionable, purely grandfather love to wash.
Fortunately, Aye also knows this, so he never helped wash school uniforms.
"Aye, you wash underwear and socks!" As usual, Huan followed, "I went to cook."
Huan pulled green vegetables from the vegetable garden at home, as usual, think of the horned monster vomiting in his dream yesterday, stopped, holding the vegetable bowl.
"...they are cruel and never live together. It is a rare meat-eating monster rare even amongst devils..."
Ah jin’s words echoed in his mind.
He ran to the refrigerator with the basin, opened the refrigerator, stopped: there was no meat, only two fish caught by Ah ye.
"Ah ye doesn't like to eat meat, I like to eat vegetables." From a young age, Ah ye often said this, Huan also believed it was true.
"Small flowers and Black love fish so much, Aye gives you a fish every day, good?" Because of this sentence, Ah Ye went out fishing every day, fishing for ten years, till his eyes could not be seen clearly, paused.
...they like meat, hate the smell of fish...
Another sentence Ah jin said flashed in Huan's mind.
Biting his lip, he took the Basin and ran to the pigsty.
They have already been born, a total of seven piglets. Since Huan had taken good care of them, they have all survived and begun to fatten. Ji huan had not planned to eat them, having raised the pigs. He and Ah ye had discussed it, they plan to sell them during the New Year, but...
Biting his lip, Huan jumped into the pigsty, grabbed the fattest piglet from inside, and ran to the kitchen with it.
Ji huan loves cleanliness, the piglets are still small, now it is summer, Ji huan often takes them to the kitchen for a shower. After a time, the piglets have become accustomed to Huan catching them. They had developed a special love to take baths. After seeing Ji huan bring it to the kitchen, it is also happy, rolling up its small tail.
Putting the piglet in the basin, he covered its eyes.
Hands holding knife -
White eyes straight hook stared at his uncle, Black eggs tilted his head and sucked his nose.
Ji Huan also sucked his nose.
Then he started working.
He removed the palm of his hand covering the small, wide piglet's eyes, he sucked his nose again.
Then, then he calmed down completely.
Collected pig blood, clean up the internal organs, broke the pig's body into pieces.
This morning, after a large pot of pork was stewed, the fragrant smell drifted away, Aye was seduced from the outside.
"Small flowers, this is... pork? Morning, where did you buy it?" Ah Ye is very clear, there is no meat at home, there is very little meat in the house, occasionally meat, almost all was eaten by Huan. Of course, when Black was still there, Xiaohe also loves to eat meat.
"The pig was raised by our family, I just killed a small one." Ji huan calmly stated, he'd thought about buying meat outside, do a meal at night, but when he remembered the dream from last night, he thought of the vomiting weightless monster, he couldn't bear it for a second.
After stirring up the meat in the pot: "Aye, smell it, sweet?"
Said, with chopsticks clipped pork under Aye's nose.
Gravy accidentally flicked onto Black egg's face, he looked seriously at uncle and grandfather, stretched out small claws to erase the gravy, then Black eggs took a lick, pei pei.
Black eggs really doesn't like meat.
"Hey! Little flowers, why are you doing this? You forgot grandfather, I don't like meat." Ah Ye's reaction was a little flustered, he took a few steps back. It seems he really disliked it, shying away. In the past, Huan would believe it, but now...
Ji huan noticed Aye's mouth secretly secret saliva.
So he firmly stuffed the pork into grandpa's mouth.
“I saw the health channel experts said the elderly do not like to eat meat, they must eat it. After, we buy meat regularly.” Nowadays, there's a style of a growing head of the family. He had decided on a new purchase order.
This morning, both grandparent and grandchildren ate stew.
Black egg smells, is not used to the taste of stew, so he still drinks milk powder, eat eggs, and finally, a bowl of vegetable puree - green and green!
Looking at Ah ye’s mouth saying he doesn’t like to eat, the chopsticks are flying in an eager manner, Huan tilts his lips in a stiff corner.
However, Aye still continues to weaken. Aye seem to have a point in time. Before this point of time, he is strong and powerful. Even if He'd accidentally grew a wrinkle, Huan will not feel that Aye is aging. However, after this point, this is not the case at all.
Suddenly old, declining, and full of exhaustion - now grandfather is standing after that point.
Even if Huan cooked meat for him every meal, Aye was like a leaky balloon, shriveling up day by day. In the dream, the claws of the horned monster... already more than half of it had turned white.
When Huan met Ah jin again where he was working, Huan suddenly asked him a word:
"Callas... can they eat pork and beef?"
This problem was so rare Ah jin was startled. Then, Ji huan saw Ah jin laugh: "How can it be? Callas is a middle-tier monster, how can lower creatures like pigs and cattle work for them? Poor flesh and blood will only stimulate their taste buds, making them more bloodthirsty and brutal..."
Ji huan was stunned.
So the next day, Huan stopped the extravagant behaviour of stewing every morning. He cooked a bowl of red bean porridge, only used red beans and white rice, then added a little of his own wrist blood.
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