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Devil 33

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 33: Ahjin received a good card

The opaque eyes that could not see clearly looked in the direction of Ji Huan, Ah Ye said he would not drink porridge.
"Aye, why don't you drink?"
Huan drinks a spoonful of porridge with his own blood.
"Don't drink! Don't drink! I don't drink." Today's grandpa made a temper, regardless of how Huan advised, Ah ye does not eat. Finally, Ji huan was also "angry", standing up, he directly untied the bandage on his left wrist and placed it in front of grandfather.
"If you don't drink porridge, just drink this." A straight wound blooms on the left wrist of Ji Huan. Very fresh, the mouth of the wound still open, there is a smell of sweet and salty, blood still leaking out.
Rich and fresh...the taste of blood.
Grandpa wanted to shrink back, Ji huan did not give him the opportunity. Huan straightened his wrist to the lips of the old man, forcing Aye to drink his blood.
"Well?" At the end, Huan actually asked grandfather if was it delicious to eat, like usual, as if he'd just made a new dish.
"Little flowers... so delicious!" Aye cried.
Ji Huan:...
This was seen by Black eggs in Aye’s arms. He is now a little older and likes to imitate adults.
The person black eggs like to imitate is uncle Huan.
So Black eggs also stretched out small claws, pulling grandfather's beard and letting him bow his head. It was easy to figure out what he meant, on the thin little paws gently licking two, Ah Ye burst into tears after:
"Black eggs is delicious too! It's better than uncle's delicious..."
Black egg Xiu Xiu laughed.
After packing up breakfast, Huan went to school with his schoolbag, he was happy. Aye took him with a "very delicious" black eggs and sent him.
This is the two most important people in his life - when he looks at an ignorant face Black eggs, his grandfather pinching little paws to say goodbye to him.
Then he hurried to the bus.
"Good morning!" The bus driver who drove this morning was actually the one he met that night. Huan thought of his persuasion, he was eager to greet people.
"Good morning." The driver wearing a hole-broken T-shirt looked at him happily, watched him looking very good, he asked: "That night back were you beaten?"
Ji huan because the two schedule was not the same, they had not met for several days.
"No, Grandpa will not beat me." Ji huan showed a little of a young man's appearance, a little proud said.
From small to large, Grandpa never played Ji huan, because "small flowers is always well behaved!" It is his sister Xiaohei, all the way to the sky, what kind of mischievous things want to try to see, from childhood to suffer grandfather's feather duster, made grandfather always think the grandchild's nickname was reversed. The boy nicknamed girl, Xiao hei was more mischievous than a boy, and the girl nicknamed boy, Xiao hua was as well behaved as a female doll, sticky every day at Grandpa's side, do not go anywhere.
Aye is the most painful little flower!
"Well, it seems you talked about it. If you open up, all family. As long as you say it well, what can't you do?" The driver who is unclear about the truth of the matter said, old-fashioned.
Ji huan nodded, his mouth slightly raised: "Well, it’s all family, everything will pass."
Knowing the true identity of Aye, Ji huan shows no fear or alienation, on the contrary, his attitude towards life is more serious.
Ah jin brought purple bamboo tea today, but today is not his but Ji huan tea. He had seen it a few times before, and had learned how to make tea.
During his effort of tea making, Ah jin holding a homework book in his hand. It is Ji huan's homework. Now, when the occasional problem is difficult to solve on his own, he will ask Ah jin for help.
Huan is not asking for help for nothing, he will give Ah jin some gifts outside. Gifts naturally sent, must do a good job, but so far, Ah jin’s hobbies, he only knows “drinking tea”. Huan doesn’t think he can buy better tea than what Ah jin's brought, so he could only find another way.
Under the advice of Wang Xiaochuan, Ji Huan began to send CDs to Ah jin.
They are all popular artists' CDs. According to Wang Xiaochuan, most people like to listen to songs. Although the songs Huan likes to listen to, Ah jin doesn't necessarily like, but if he sends more, there will always be something Ah jin will like.
Afterwards, Huan agreed with Wang Xiaochuan, even if he didn’t care about popular songs, Huan also like pop singers like Song Xying. Her songs are really good!
Wang Xiaochuan: Hey... that was a pop singer decades ago.
So Ah jin received the CD Huan sent, but he didn’t send a CD every time. Huan would also send other things, not worth much money, but it’s popular among young people today, considering Ah jin’s “suspected graduated from university” status, he and Wang Xiaochuan had tried to understand what college graduates love, so things Ah jin received are even more complicated.
Ah jin even received a photo album of beautiful women.
Ah jin did not show a little bit of dislike, he laughed.
"I feel... You have been very energetic recently." Drinking the tea of Ji huan, Ah jin will return homework with the solving process to Ji Huan.
"Well, you can see it?" Black eyes glanced at his face, then down to look at homework.
Rare, it is very rare.
Sitting in front of you, people don't look at him, their attention is drawn to other things.
Drinking tea, Ah jin looked down at Huan studying the problem-solving steps.
When the line of sight was inadvertently down, did not say anything when he saw Huan's bandaged wrist.
"I, I plan to test Jinghua University, I must test it." Reading the problem-solving steps carefully, Huan said after he raised his head.
"I want to let Aye be happy. Grandpa always wanted me to go to that school, that is his greatest wish." The corner of his mouth stiffly bent up, then he found the tea in Ah jin's cup was empty, hurried to give him a cup of tea.
Looking at the teenager who seriously poured tea for himself, Ah jin’s mouth evoked a touch of a smile.
Interesting, really interesting -
Really, he hasn’t encountered such an interesting human being for a long time!
Raised by a Callas, and now adopted a lower-tier new-born monster, made a "wrong" decision without knowing anything about the monster, after his "no heart" exposed the identity of the monster Ahjin thought he would not see the boy again, who knows the other party actually came!
Not only that, the human cub even thought the appetite of Callas was unbiased. After discovering the flesh and blood of ordinary animals could not meet the needs of the Callas, he even used his own blood to feed the hungry Callas!
Smile on the corner of his mouth unchanged, Ah jin said: "Your grandfather's greatest wish, is you test Jinghua University?"
A Callas, the biggest wish is to let a human test university?
What kind of joke?
Is not a Callas’s wish famine, disaster, war?
For a Kallas, that is the best time to enjoy appetite.
Surprised, Ji huan also laughed, "Well, Aye first wanted to let my sister test, but sister did not study well, so now only I to test. When I was admitted to Jinghua University, I will take Aye, go to Kyoto."
There are also hot springs near Kyoto. There he will rent a house with a hot spring, go to school during the day and work at night, the family continues to live together. He heard university homework is much easier than high school. At that time, life will only be more convenient. Before Huan was afraid to spend money, afraid of leaving home, is his fear.
"Ah jin, I am very happy to meet you. During this time... I learned a lot from you. If... If I really was admitted to Jinghua University, would you like to go to my house to play?" When he looked up again, Ji Huan's face suddenly hangs a little shy.
This is the first time in his life Huan has invited people home.
Huan has made up his mind to take this exam. If he is admitted, he wants to invite Ah jin and Wang Xiaochuan to play at home. By the way, let Ah ye see his friends. Although the time of real understanding is not long, he is really grateful to these two friends.
Wang Xiaochuan gave him great help in raising Black eggs. Besides, Huan was a frank person, If he was afraid after seeing Black eggs... Huan would explain to Xiao chuan carefully, if he finds Eggs unacceptable, Huan left with grandfather and Black eggs, never come back;
Ah jin, although he still doesn’t know what Ah jin’s family is like, Ah jin has helped him a lot in his studies. As for whether he sees Black eggs and grandfather, Ah jin will not be afraid... Huan has never thought about "will".
Ah jin must know something. A while ago, he mentioned Callas, demons... He, is intentional?
Yes, Ji huan after thinking a bit, he thought Ah jin’s words were targeted. He must have found signs of demon life like Callas, and specifically reminded himself?
Black eyes looked at Ah jin honestly, Ji huan finally said what he had been thinking for a while:
"Ah jin, thank you, you are a gentle and nice person."
So, after the CDs, comic book, and idol photo album, Ah jin received a good card from the hands of Ji huan.
Gentle... good guy?
After the words of Huanhuan repeated in his mind, for the first time, the two were separated from each other. It didn't take long before Huan completed the sentence, it was time to finish work. The rule here is you have to leave after work, can't stay for a long time after, reminding Ah jin to pay attention to after-hours, then happily bid farewell.
Only Ah jin was left behind, continued to sit alone in the silent corridor, half a sigh, he actually laughed.
It’s not a gentle laugh, or a good person’s smile.
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