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Devil 34

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 34 is missing

"Is it that person?"
"Tall and thin, slender eyes, wearing a white uniform going out."
"It's him! It's him! The boy uncle spoke to recently, that person!"
"Uncle often talks to him! Often! Often!"
"Have you checked him out?"
"Checked, he..."
In the huge garden, there are lush trees everywhere. These trees are the best partitions. Huan has been working here for a while, but rarely see people, he knows there's people here when he is in the garden, while working in the room, there is often a feeling of being monitored, but whenever he goes back to see, he finds nothing.
Autumn is coming, blowing a scent of forest, while rustling leaves, whispers in the distant.
Unconsciously, huan thinks about going home soon.
While walking, Huan planned his schedule. He is now studying harder so he can be admitted to a good school, thus Huan was going to stop working. When he got this month’s salary, he'll have to say something to Wang Mingqing. Yes, he had to tell Ah jin...
Huan thoughts were simple.
The next day, Huan went to school as usual, during second class, the language teacher’s voice was too hypnotic on the podium, hands half propped his cheeks, Ji huan drowsed.
He fell asleep accidentally in the dream, Huan saw Black eggs.
Black eggs in a green open crotch pants, holding a bottle, contently drinking milk. Ah Ye, with horns, leaned back on the bed, his mouth was open, a drop of saliva drooling from his mouth, he seemed to have fallen asleep.
This dream is a bit strange - Huan thought.
A moment of thought, Huan knows where its strange: he usually dreams very little. Of course, its said people can't sleep without dreaming, they just forget. In short, Ji huan has almost no memory of his dreams, until Black eggs began sharing dreams. However, when Huan shared dreams with Black eggs, he became Black eggs completely in his dreams. Huan would feel Black eggs ideas, share Black eggs vision, hearing.
This time was different.
Ji huan can see Black eggs, can also see grandfather, not as Black eggs, but from his own perspective.
Huan Huan sees Black egg drinking milk, take a look at Ah ye, then take another sip of milk.
Black eggs tired of sitting, rolls the bottle to the thigh of grandfather, the small body also rolled over, tummy, drinking milk. Looking at such a Black eggs, Ji huan laughed, then, Black eggs white ringed eyes seemed to spot him, seriously staring in his direction, stretched small claws towards Huan.
Huan laughed again, tries to pick up Black eggs. Suddenly he saw Black eggs small claws shrink back, white ringed eyes filled with panic, small red mouth opened, Huan heard a harsh cry issue from Black eggs.
Different from the cries he often heard, this sound can shatter eardrums!
At the same time, Ji huan heard a huge roar coming from behind, he turned sharply, spotted a terrible monster behind himself, Huan was shocked.
"Aye!" Ji huan shouted, as he woke from his dream.
"Ji Huan, what are you shouting in class!" Frowning, the language teacher looked at him, unhappy. His attitude towards Ji Huan is different from other teachers. As long as Ji huan has good grades in exams, in class, he will close one eye. However, the language teachers who are rigid and stereotypes do not think so. The results are good, but this does not mean he will favour Ji huan.
Looking in the direction of home fiercely, Huan did not answer the teacher's questions.
Huanhuan suddenly did something no one anticipated:
Pushing the table away, he bolted!
The textbook in the Chinese teacher's hands fell to the ground, striding out of the classroom, he chased after Ji huan! Wang Xiaochuan immediately followed two people out. The remaining students either want to go out to watch the fun, or to find other teachers... In short, within one minute, students in this class actually all ran out of the classroom.
They became the only class where teacher and students all survived.
Just three minutes after running out of the teaching building, the moment the language teacher finally grasped Ji Huan's collar, Wang Xiaochuan hurriedly pulling the Chinese teacher's shirt... The building split in half, screams of students trapped within the building, a terrible disaster occurred.
Bade Town is a small place. Although there are hot springs, with rumours of volcanoes underground, this place had been calm for hundreds of years, what earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,ah, never happened. Because it never happened, most of the buildings shock resistance is not high, in the event of a disaster, consequences can be quite serious.
Fortunately, the earthquake level in town is low, its said the real danger is in ​​Bade Mountain range. There, a whole mountain collapsed. It is not on the side with the sanatorium, but the other end is inaccessible. For most people in Bade, this is a great fortune.
For Huan -
"Ji huan..." Wang Xiaochuan looked at him worriedly.
The mountain area where the earthquake hit the hardest, with severe damage, is where Huan's family is located.
They are now in the school gymnasium, newly built. It is strong and open, it is the safest place according to the town's broadcast. Students had been asked to stay, many ordinary residents outside town are arranged to stay here.
The whole class’s eyes inadvertently fall on Ji Huan. Many students are still frightened, but everyone knows: If not Ji huan suddenly running out, with everyone following, am afraid...
When the earthquake occurred, students were in class. The number of students in each class was large. The exit was narrow and small, many people did not make it. if injured, fairly lucky.
Many people died in the earthquake, if not dead from the earthquake, its dead from the stampede.
The focus of attention, Huan has no explanation at all. He just scanned the crowds going in and out of the stadium over and over again. When he finally saw a group of people wearing search and rescue personnel uniforms, he couldn’t hold back, crossed the line of defense, ran towards the other side.
"Hello, I have asked before, have you found my grandfather? There...There's also a baby almost one years old." As early as the earthquake occurred, Huan couldn’t wait to run home, but the language teacher and other rescuers stopped him together. In order to appease him, they said they would come back and inform him when there was news from home.
This search and rescue team is the one who promised him in the beginning.
"No, no." Looking at the pale teenager, the worker who headed the rescue was very unbearable, but he told Huan the results of his personal inquiry: "The situation there is too serious, not our level of search and rescue personnel can go, they have sent another team to search and rescue."
Thinking over and over again, he spoke about the "serious situation", generally they would use a gentle vocabulary to appease the victims, but this boy...
Although he is not very old, this is a strong child. Huan wants to hear the truth more than hypocritical reconciliation.
Huan can bear it.
Seeing the boy’s eyes in front of him, the senior search and rescue personnel who did 30 years of search and rescue work judged.
"However, no news is good news, you take care of yourself first, I'll remember you, once I have news, I will come find you, so don't run around." Patting teenaged shoulders, the search and rescue worker took his comrades, left.
Ji huan stood in place, Wang Xiaochuan stood up from behind and gently pulled him to the corner to rest.
Knowing Ji huan for so long, Wang Xiaochuan was the first to see such a Huan. He thought he would not eat or drink for a while, ready to persuade, but Huan ate the rescue food provided, then in the corner, hugged his knees and fell asleep.
Black eggs, Black eggs, where are you and grandpa? Come to Uncle...
Ji Huan wants to enter the dream of Black eggs, He plans to find Black eggs through his dreams. However, this time he's destined to be disappointed.
Black eggs had not slept for a long time.
Under the body of Aye, Black eggs did not dare to scream and cry.
Aye is on him, his breath, weak.
After a while, Black eggs was a little hungry.
Black eggs quietly sucked his pacifier, but the bottle was empty, there was no milk left. Originally, there was still more than half a bottle but because black eggs was used to sucking on the pacifier, he now had no milk.
Mouth biting the pacifier, Black eggs a pair of white ringed eyes staring, hiding in the shadows with grandfather, watching everything happening in front of him.
Several giant monsters roaring, many people standing next to them. Those people were divided into groups, each surrounds a monster, dragging the monster into a prepared cage. One of the monsters is especially huge, every time it struggles, the surrounding area is shaken.
If Huan can share Black egg's vision at this moment, he will recognize this monster is the one he'd seen in his dream!
Black eggs on instinct, is silent.
He is very quiet by nature. If Ji Huan and Aye did not take the initiative to talk to him, he would be as quiet.
When Black eggs does not speak, his presence will become very weak, without looking carefully, it would be difficult to discover his existence.
This is the self-protection instinct of newborn monsters.
Unfortunately, self-protection ability is not strong enough, among the people cleaning up giant monsters outside, a man suddenly looks back, carefully staring into the shadows hiding Black eggs and Aye, his hand suddenly pointed:
"There is still an A-class monster here, grab it."
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