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Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 35 Feed

The gray-white horned monster was dragged out of the shadows by the people. Just put the rope on its neck, a very high frequency sound suddenly appeared from the monster's mouth! It was a very shrill scream -
Many people almost let go of the ropes in their hands, fortunately the other party only screamed, then motionless, big head hanging down, looks almost dead. Because its quiet the arresting personnel can see its true capacity.
Saw the true face of the monster, Rao was shocked, these "search and rescue personnel" were knowledgeable, but this is a monster they had never encountered before; it looks terrible! Mouth was so large; open wide reveals a layer of small dagger like fangs inside! This monster also has a gray-white bone horns! Obviously it has the usual limbs, However, there is no such things on human beings, areas not covered by scales are covered by long fur...
"Good guy! At first glance this is a carnivore..." One of the search and rescue personnel who caught the monster cried. He raised his chin and gestured to his colleague to see the monster's mouth: in its teeth are flesh, blood and scales, no doubt, this guy has just experienced a fight.
They whispered as they dragged the monster to a cage. Several people responsible for towing stopped when they passed the leader.
Monsters are not randomly placed, where each monster is specifically closed, their leader will judge.
The head glanced down at the horned monster on the ground, the line of sight stayed exceptionally long on the gray scales of the monster and several broken teeth in its mouth, a short sentence:
"Take it to the rightmost cage."
"it is good."
The gray-white monster is closed in the rightmost cage with a few smaller monsters. Bone-colored scales were turned open and ruptured during the tow, already solidified blood in wounds re-gushed out, leaving a long wet trail.
The helicopter propelled a gust of wind, the wet marks on the ground were quickly blown dry, fine black dust fell into the air, eventually disappeared.
The small body of Black eggs tightly squeezed in the fur under Grandpa's neck, like a shadow had grown there.
When people dragged the monster, they heard a humming sound. Everyone thought it was the dying cry of the monster. Actually it was not.
It is Grandpa talking to Black eggs...
"Black eggs crawling yo! Hurry up and hide yo! Obediently hiding in the shadows, waiting for uncle to come back ah!" Opposite human eyes, Aye immediately knew he couldn’t run, those people used a special rope when approaching himself, he used the last of his strength to throw out Black eggs, who was hiding under him.
Black eggs can now crawl, If he hurries and climb, he can avoid the arrest of those people!
However, Black eggs does not understand what Grandpa had told him. Black eggs can only connect the words with things he often sees; the words Black eggs experience most often:
For example, "drink neinei", Aye likes to use this word to coax black eggs, but uncle finds it too nauseating, can not say;
Black eggs also understands "bottle" in addition, "eggs".
"Eggs" have two meanings, one means the egg Black eggs loves to eat, the other means Black eggs!
Grandpa often calls him "Black eggs."
When no one is there, Uncle will occasionally call it.
Black eggs can also understand "small biscuits"! Biscuits taste good and sweet! Black eggs can eat a lot!
Black eggs can already understand a lot of words, he just can't understand what Grandpa just said.
Others heard the terrible cries of Aye, to Black eggs, it was no different what Aye whispered in his ears.
Black eggs was not afraid at all.
As a result, he was thrown out from the warm belly of grandpa, Black egg stayed for three seconds. Soon, he quickly da da clawed back.
Black eggs hid himself under the neck of Aye. Grandfather did not dare move, letting people drag themselves into a huge cage, screaming, surrounded by darkness.
After a long period of ups and down bumps, they couldn’t tell how many places left, the cages that enclosed Black eggs and grandfather finally landed again.
"How to deal with the monsters in this cage?" A little male voice.
"Close to the feed storage area, the three monsters here have been seriously injured and cannot survive."
Another voice replied.
As a result, the cage was lifted again after landing, after a period of twists and turns, the door slid opened.
The first two monsters in the cage were dragged out, only grandfather was left.
People here used a machine similar to a towing machine to move the monsters. They insist on a whole road. Ah Ye has no strength to shrink his neck and hide Black eggs under. Therefore, the person responsible for "classification" moved grandfather, Black eggs hiding in the neck of Aye fell out.
In the dimly lit room, a monster fell out; A small group, it looked like a mass of black mist.
"Didn't say three heads? How is there a fourth one?" The man walked down from the machine and grabbed the little monster on the ground, looked carefully: "A new low-level monster? Cut--"
His movements were rude, Eggs couldn't help but slip up by him. Black eggs couldn't grab the bottle in his paws.
Black egg's green bottle rolled into the corner.
"A bottle? Where did it come from?" He glanced around, couldn't be bothered, bent over to pick up the bottle, then threw it to the rubbish heap.
These "wild feed" captured outside often bring some useless things back, so he threw it away.
Glanced at Black eggs again, so small...
The man threw Black eggs to the other monsters that'd been dragged out. The moment he was thrown, Black eggs accurately found the head with gray Horns among the three heads, small claws clung to grandfather. Firmly grasped his scales, Black eggs became motionless.
Big white ringed eyes rounded and looked straight at where the man had just thrown his bottle.
Black egg's bottle is moving farther and farther away from him.
Re-sit on the towing machine, the man threw three monsters into a room.
In the dark room, the starting point is lit up, in the dark, like a light bulb.
The eyes of monsters hid in darkness.
Here is the feed storage area -
In addition to the "existence" human beings see in this world, there is also the "existence" human beings cannot see with the naked eye.
“Can’t see” does not mean “does not exist”.
Whether it is angels and demons of Westerners, or immortals and devils of the East, in the past, humans inadvertently recorded traces of these "existence" in various ways.
Until now, they still exist.
Nowadays, some people refer to these existences that cannot be seen by ordinary people as "Monsters."
Feed storage area, as the name implies, is the place where feed is stored. Feed here is for monsters, the feed is also made of monsters.
There are always people who can see "monsters", you can see, it can be caught.
This is the magic of this entire feed storage area.
A huge storage area, no lights, and darkness, the monsters' favourite habitat. They are feed, feed that attack more advanced monsters outside, they're also feed for other monsters in the room.
Monsters here are not locked, "mutual eating" when hungry is within allowable range of breeders. This free wild feed is supplemented from time to time, many are caught because of serious injuries. In this case, it is economical and affordable when eaten by other feed.
This is a way to pick "good feed."
The more powerful the feed is, the more nutrients it can provide.
This is a primary feed storage area, which contains primary monsters. The reason these three seriously injured monsters are thrown in is actually the breeders meaning of supplementing these primary monsters. If you often eat some "good grade snacks", its possible the lower-level monsters will be promoted.
"Little guys, have a meal! There are good things today~" Cheerful voice towards the monsters inside, the breeder immediately closed the door.
Lights lit up in darkness, the feed just thrown in was swarmed! In the dark, sound of whines not belonging to this world can be heard -
The gray-white horned demon had fainted, don’t know where the effort came from, several monsters biting Aye's body trying to climb up, he suddenly roared!
A lot of monsters were immediately shaken by the ultra-high-frequency sound. Several of them were stunned on the spot, their bodies immediately swarmed by the monsters next to them, quickly was eroded.
However, a monster resists the horned monster's sound wave attack, dexterously climbs onto the hard scales of Aye, climbing towards the horned monster's neck. Straight hook hooked a pair of white eyes, darkness did not stop his sight, Black eggs saw the appearance of the monster.
Small claws clung to Aye's beard, Black egg's small body shakes.
Big white ringed eyes deflated, Black eggs couldn't help peeing, but he didn't cry.
Looking at the bloody mouth of the other party, clutching grandfather's beard, Black eggs looked straight at the monster.
At this time, the horned monster suddenly moved, his mouth slammed open, bigger than the other monster, the horned monster swiftly grabbed the invader’s body, then, closed his mouth.
liquid exploded in front of white ringed eyes.
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