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devil chapter 36

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 36 in the dark

After shredding a few monsters climbing over, no new monsters came.
The shredded monsters and two monsters that were thrown in with the black eggs became the focus of other monsters. Just half an hour, they were eaten clean, a monster with them, in the same batch, should not die, serious injuries only, it can not move, it was eaten alive.
With the last bit of strength, with Black egg hiding in the dark, Grandpa stared straight at the bloody picture on the opposite side of the room, his stomach rumbled.
Black eggs raised his small head, extended a little claw to Aye.
Aye's belly growling, he's hungry, Black egg still knows this. In his little black paw, lays an oval egg.
This egg didn't know where he was hiding, actually saved it. Holding the egg, he raised it high, Black eggs signal to grandpa to eat.
Ah Ye, who could not speak, gently licked the egg shell, then continued to stare at the opposite side, locking Black eggs between his arms.
Black eggs thought Aye had fallen asleep, shrank his paw back, nested under Aye's neck. Black eggs was hungry, so he also carefully lick of the egg.
One bite, another.
Black eggs will not peel eggs yo!
So I can only lick it...
The sound of eating quickly disappeared, the silence restored itself in darkness. Another "small light" lit up, if someone came in from outside and looked in the corner of Black eggs and Aye, they would find Aye's eyes also became two small light bulbs in the dark.
The monsters are watching each other.
This is the life monsters should have, when others are around, they will not fall asleep at all, they will always be alert, so they will not become food for others when they fall asleep.
Black eggs will not sleep in the beginning, he will stare straight at Ji huan the whole night long. This is the precautionary consciousness engraved in his instincts.
However, now Black eggs had learned to "sleep", his life has been adjusted regularly: get up at about 6 in the morning, have breakfast, then grandfather will take him outside for a stroll, see the sky, small claws can also run throught the stream. He will have another meal around 9:00 am, then have lunch with grandfather at 12 o'clock on the dot, after a full belly, Black eggs will start playing on the grandfather's Kang. On sunny days, this time of the day grandfather’s kang was warm with sunshine. Playing and playing, Black eggs will fall asleep. Black egg has a habit of taking a nap with grandfather, will sleep for a while, the sun baking Black eggs and grandfather, warm.
Monsters do not hate the sun at all, on the contrary, most monsters actually yearning for the sun.
A pair of white eyes stare straight at the opposite side, Black eggs wants to sleep, he wants Uncle, he still wants his own frog doll.
The person who sleeps with him every night is Uncle. The little frog doll rests on the opposite side of Black eggs. The white eyes of the frog faces Black eggs. The white rings eyes of Black egg's is facing the frog, staring at it, Black eggs fell asleep.
Black egg really fell asleep, in the dream, he returned to his cot, the frog doll was on the opposite side. Suddenly -
A round monster rushed over from the end of the bed, it pressed against Black egg and Uncle!
Black eggs woke up at once.
He was really suppressed, Black egg habitually wanted to cry twice, but soon he found he was holding the big head of grandpa, trying to stretch out his small body in the narrow space to make it more comfortable for himself, Black egg found Aye was asleep.
The seriously injured horned Monster could no longer support itself.
Before fainting, he used his claws to protect his chest and placed Black eggs in the safest place. Even if he was eaten by other monsters while in a coma, these petite guys ate such a big body, it will take a while, if lucky, Black eggs can run out.
But... small flowers?
In his mind, Aye did not want to forget his grandson and great-grandson, the horned monster was not reconciled to fall into darkness.
Stretching out small claws, Black eggs touched his grandfather, did not respond, Black eggs gently patted grandfather.
Just like when uncle was coaxing him to sleep, he patted his grandfather.
Then the white ringed eyes of Black eggs focus on the monsters opposite eyeing them.
The little body shaking a few times, white ringed eyes flattened, slowly, Black eggs calmed down, black little claws clung to grandpa's arm, instead of grandfather, Black egg’s eyes focused straight on the opposite monsters.
If he was sleeping at home, Black eggs sleeps with uncle or grandfather.
However, outside grandfather and uncle never sleep, when the black egg can't sleep, every time he wakes up, grandfather and uncle are awake, which makes Black eggs feel safe.
The monster cub instinctively imitate the behaviour of adults, so Eggs learned to "guard".
Even if he doesn't understand the word's meaning, Black eggs instinctively makes a "guardian" behaviour.
Silent and interest free, Black eggs looking straight around with a pair of white eyes.
The eyes of monsters can't see the focal length, just like lamp, as if locking a certain target even as it keep everything within eye range. Whoever closes their eyes first, loses.
On the first night Aye fainted, Black eggs spent the night in confrontation with the hunters.
Then, growls one after another, the monsters were hungry again.
Horned monster was still there, plus Black eggs does not relax his warning, this time no monster comes to offend them, Black egg and grandpa, lucky to spend the second round of hunting time.
Black egg licked the egg in his paws. He wanted to drink milk, but his green bottle was gone.
After licking his egg two time, Black eggs held up his egg, touched to Grandpa's big mouth. Gandfather didn't open his mouth, so Black egg carefully hid his egg, then continue to concentrate on the eating processes of those outside monsters.
Black eggs stared, along side Aye's belly rumbles, until the third round of eating time for the monsters.
This time, their luck did not continue: there are monsters coming in their direction!
Monsters with a small body, the round body is hidden amongst black mist. Limbs can't even be distinguished from the body. There are only two wildfire eyes near top where a person's eyes are usually positioned. Its size makes it impossible to take advantage of the same kind of competition, it does not even dare to go over, because if it don't pay attention, you will become the same kind of food.
But it is very smart.
It remembers the horned monster motionless here.
So when other monsters bite each other, it silently touched the direction of Black eggs and grandfather. Black egsg had been closely observing the surrounding situation, immediately found it.
Black egg tries to push Ah Ye, but Ah Ye didn’t move, at this time, the monster had fallen grandfather’s hard scales, aiming in the direction of grandfather’s chest, it opened its mouth violently. ——
Big white ringed eyes stared at each other's fine teeth, before the terrible big mouth bites the wound on grandfather, Black eggs also opened his mouth violently.
He cried out loud!
Ji Huan awaken from the dream.
"Huan huan, what's wrong with you? Having a nightmare? Your forehead is so sweaty..." His awakening was too big, Wang Xiaochuan sleeping by his side, was also awakened by Ji huan.
"...I heard the cry of Black eggs." The teenager who used to have a board face showed a unresolved expression for the first time. After a long time, he told Wang Xiaochuan.
The earthquake occurred the day before yesterday. It had been almost two days since, they'd been transferred once in the middle, now victims live in the gymnasium of the town's primary school. The most serious place the earthquake hit was Bade Shandong area where Ji huan's family was located. The affected townspeople are also this one, and the West District where Wang Xiaochuan’s family is located was hardly affected. The population is denser and more prosperous, Most people in town had not been affected much.
However, there are fears of aftershocks, so people are still placed in public buildings with high earthquake resistance.
Mouth opened, Wang Xiaochuan finally did not say anything.
The leader of the search and rescue team was a very honest person. When he heard about the situation of Ji huan's family, he immediately came over to find Huan to clear the situation. Wang Xiaochuan had been with him the past few days, he naturally also heard what team leader said.
"...I didn't find an old man or baby in your home. I asked the search and rescue personnel over there for a long time. However, they still couldn't find them. I found other families who survived, but... All the mountain people said there was no grandfather, no baby, only a boy in his teens, currently studying high school in town..."
When talking about this passage, the captain’s eyes had a little look of inquiring.
The rescued mountain families also said there was a girl before, then she went to work in the big city, but had a car accident, passed away. Last year, a group of people came to report at the funeral, they only knew after that. There is only one boy left in that house...
However, the colleague responsible for the search and rescue work in the mountains did find a lot of baby products in the house, that and three tablets.
There is a mystery here.
Colleagues said the boy was probably grieve stricken, and fantasized his family was accompanying himself. The squad leader first accepted this reason, but when he took office, he checked and checked more things. He discovered the male and female owners of this family died in a car accident fifteen years ago, leaving only two children.
Two children, one only two years old at the time, the other not yet five years old. How did they live to the present without the care of adults? Unless it is really like this boy said, there is still a "grandfather" in the family. However, nearby mountain families said they had never heard any other voices in that family, they had not seen anyone who has come out besides the boy!
Things are completely fantasy.

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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