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Devil chapter 37

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 37 Uncle

The only person who heard Huan besides Wang Huaichuan was a staff member who was nursing at the door.
The staff probed the door and then retracted.
The little captain had looked for a place with few people before he talked, but the conversation between them was inevitably heard, and then spread out in the small area. A lot of people thought like the captain's colleagues, was a mental problem with Huan's mind.
Because of this rumor, Wang Xiaochuan had a few quarrels with a couple of people secretly discussing the matter, played several, cough - all lost. Finally, Ji huan appeared, and people squatting Wang Xiaochuan were all smashed. As a bad element who still caused trouble during the disaster, they were thrown into the corner separately and strictly guarded.
However, this is a blessing, in this disaster-stricken area, where the population density is too large and the place was messy, it is rare for them to enjoy a small piece of clean space.
Ji Huan started heavy this time, including personal earthquakes are all to be a whole tail injury did not end, the results of the end of the earthquake, in the protected area was followed by Huan beat into a fracture.
Wang Xiaochuan was the first time to see such a Ji huan.
Calm, Huan’s fist slammed into the other body, Wang Xiaochuan clearly heard something broken, blood and transparent foam flew out of the other mouth. Wang Xiaochuan saw this scene for the first time. Stunned, he suspected his heart had stopped beating for a moment, then "bang, bangbang bangbang..." regained its rhythm.
Everything seems to move in slow motion, but Ji huan is calm, his face doesn't have any expression.
At that moment, Jiu Huan’s body was full of hostility, even the air around him became extremely sharp, as if it would cut you once touched.
Wang Xiaochuan stunned.
Until the last person squatted down, Huan reached out and touched the blood from his mouth, then reached out to Xiao chuan.
Wang Xiaochuan discovered he had subconciously sat down on the ground.
After the fight, Huan became silent. When Huan was expressionless, Wang Xiaochuan couldn’t guess his thoughts.
Until Huan woke up from his dreams, Xiao chuan realized Huan didn’t care about what others said, Huan's heart only cares about the whereabouts of black eggs and grandfather.
Yes, Ji Huan was not shaken by the whispers of people. As his best friend (← self-styled), Wang Xiaochuan was ashamed of his previous shaken beliefs.
How can Black eggs not exist? From birth, Black egg's vaccines was provided by him! He also bought milk powder for Black eggs! He also bought a frog doll~ In a sense, but he raised a big child!
Even if he had never seen it, what about it? Ji Huan definitely is not a person who so vulnerable to hypnotizing himself to survive, He said there is absolutely a Black eggs!
Since both black eggs and grandfathers exist, the problem he and Ji Huan need to worry about now is the whereabouts of the two. After the earthquake, two people went missing. The search and rescue personnel investigated, said these two people did not exist, then they will not look for them? How can this be! How can they do this, two lives, an old, a young?
Quickly converted into Ji huan's thinking frequency, Wang Xiaochuan could not do anything: they are now even out of this stadium! It was not easy to mix out when he was mixed with other people on the wooden floor of the gymnasium. What's more, they are now enclosed separately, ah! Blame yourself, nothing to argue with them ah? Originally care has also loose point, now -
For a time, in the small confinement room ,the only sound could be heard was their breathing.
One is messy and the other is very stable.
Just when Wang Xiaochuan was unable to do anything, the opposite side suddenly spoke up:
"Xiao chuan, in twenty minutes, I will sneak out."
"Ah?" Wang Xiaochuan stunned, looked up. He looked at ji huan.
Put his hands on the quilt, watching him, Ji huan's eyes are calm: "The gymnasium's confinement room is built by the window. Now the affected people are basically protected. No one will run around; the other three sides of the confinement room are thin plates. It can block the sight of outsiders. Although the window is high, it can be overturned, staff responsible for the perimeter guards for the stadium total 20 people. Every three hours, outdoor guards will give handover to the room. They will retreat indoors during that time..."
With the description of Ji Huan, Wang Xiaochuan looked at the environment he was in now and found out: Ah! its true……
"Thank you, I was thinking about how to be able to justify coming in." The voice of Huanhuan was as calm as ever. After listening to his words, Wang Xiaochuan was a bit dumbfounded.
"... feelings... before you plan to fight in order to live here Oh!" This, so... far-sighted? ! When he was unable to do anything, Ji Huan had begun to observe the surrounding environment. Not only that, he even memorised the shift rules of the guards? !
"No, I suddenly thought of it when they hit you." Ji huan shook his head.
Wang Xiaochuan was completely stunned.
Nervously watching the watch on his wrist, when the minute hand reached 16 o'clock position, he pretended not to care about looked at the door, confirming the guards were not there, turning his head, his sight and Ji huan connect.
They quickly followed the steps of the previous discussions.
The window is in a high position, the wall is smooth, there is no climbing object, and there is no furnishings to leverage. Wang Xiaochuan acts as a ladder for Ji huan. His strength is not big in the same age boy group, but fortunately Ji huan's weight is still within the safe range, after Ji Huan goes up, Wang Xiaochuan has no way and no time to climb up.
Open the window and looked around, ready to jump down, Ji huan turned around, looking at Wang Xiaochuan.
Wang Xiaochuan looked back, his eyes shining:
"Be sure to find Black eggs and Grandpa!" Wang Xiaochuan whispered.
Huan nodded, he smiled at Xiao chuan, then jumped out like a leopard.
The black-skinned, thin-skinned teenager squinted at him from the edge of the window, the window toused his hair lightly, so the chilly teenager looked softer...
This moment with Ji Huan was fixed in Wang Xiaochuan's memory.
He didn't think about how to deal with the guards who came later. Wang Xiaochuan didn't think about anything. He just thought:
This time, Huan would definitely find Black eggs and grandfather, right?
Looking at the empty window, Wang Xiaochuan was silly music.
Ji huan seeing no one, ran out with along the side of the wall, carefully avoiding patrolling staff and turning over the outer wall of the railing. He landed outside the reserve.
Getting out of the sanctuary is only the first step, where to go, how to find Black eggs and grandpa... This is a more difficult problem.
Huan Huan decided to go back to the mountains to see.
However, this road doomed: as the most severely affected area reported in the news, the mountain where the Ji family is located had been completely blocked.
There was only one road up the mountain. After, Huan tried to climb from the pass next to the mountain. However, He did not climb for long before Huan found an eye-catching fluorescent blockade with guards responsible for defense.
Ji huan retreats before being discovered, he found an unusual place just a few steps: claw marks.
Not the claw marks of ordinary small beasts in the mountains. The traces are very large, too big to recognize it is a claw mark.
In addition, Ji Huan found black ash on his sole.
Huan suddenly thought of the dream before the earthquake, thought of the monsters in his dreams, of black eggs and grandpa, Huan's mind emerged a word;
Sticking to a piece of rock, the steps of Huanhuan stopped.
If its a simple earthquake, it may be better. Although Ah Ye’s eyes are not good, but he is... a monster, protecting himself and black eggs in the earthquake should not be a problem for Aye; but if this disaster is not a simple earthquake, but an accident caused by a monster, and earthquake is declared...
Black eggs and grandfather are!
Aye is a monster which feeds on the flesh and blood of humans and other monsters. He had this preconceived idea in his heart, suddenly his heart is messy.
No, can't mess, think about it carefully, everything in front is not completely unfounded. Look closely, maybe useful clues can be found.
Forcing himself to calm down, stepped back after a long walk, hiding in the shadow of a rock, he began to quietly observe the opposite.
Sure enough, clues emerged little by little...
Ji Huan noticed there are helicopters in the air, they will come over every once in a while. This type of aircraft has also passed over the reserve. People say it is a helicopter used to drop food, but watching it: These helicopters should not be for airdrops, but for transportation.
What is being transported?
Flying over his head was a helicopter, he began running in the direction of its flight path.
Where the helicopters landed; in the landscaped gardens underneath the forest, the beautiful houses burned incense all year round -
The person asleep on the bed suddenly opened his eyes:
"I... heard a baby crying..."
"Ah? I, I didn't hear any crying?" The person in front of the bed listened carefully, then shook his head.
The man on the bed did not continue to speak, half awkward, then closed his eyes again, he seemed to be asleep.
Seeing he was going to fall asleep again, Hou’s person at the bed whispered and hurriedly said, “That... your dinner is here, rest and go forward something?”
"And... the Wang's family... one of the Wang family has already caught it."
The man on the bed didn't say anything. He closed his eyes like he was asleep, and didn't sleep.
When the person in front of the bed was ready to quit, he suddenly spoke:
"In addition to the Wang family's stuff, you, what else did you catch?"
Obviously summer, but his body was covered with thick silk quilts. With his voice, his hand swept out and pointed firmly in the direction of the southwest corner.
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