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devil chapter 39

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 39 Capture (with modifications)

Somethin rolled to the feet of the man, hit his toes before stopping.
It is... an egg.
A white egg, dirty, with a small paw print on it, looking at the size... The man’s line of sight moved to the little monster hiding under the gray-white monster.
A dirty little monster looked straight back at him.
The corner of his mouth slightly bent, the man was laughing.
Seeing his smile, the little monster became more alert.
Slowly bending down, he stretched out an index finger and gently pushed the egg.
The egg rolled twice then stopped right in the middle between the man and the gray-white monster.
The little monster still looks straight at him.
Looking at the little monster again, the line of sight paused on its right wrist, the man turned and left.
Step by step away, little monster blinked.
As the man's figure left the door, the little monster suddenly moved again: he quickly climbed out of the gray-white monster's arms, small claws grabbed the white eggs on the ground instantly returning it to its claws, then climbed back into the gray-white monster's arms. Looked at the "sleeping" gray-white monster, touched the gray-white monster's mouth with the eggs in its claws, then licked the eggs, which was originally dirty. It became more dirty, but the little monster didn't care, cautiously, it clenched the eggs in its claws, small body leaned against the shoulders of the gray-white monster, two small legs were placed on the other arm, in the arms of the monster, adjust a more comfortable posture, then start to stare at the white egg in its claws, as if it was the world.
This scene fell into his eyes, then the man really left.
If he didn't see it with his own eyes, he would never believe there are monsters that like to eat eggs under the sun!
Not only eat eggs, but also drink milk powder and eat biscuits.
Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered the boy who he had not seen for a few days.
Obviously an ordinary human being, but living with two monsters.
Its incredible, to live a life of cohabitation with two monsters, but the boy has lived a life of ordinary people with one heart and one mind. Study every day, prepare for exams, work...
Should he say that he is naive? Or deceiving himself.
Humans and monsters are different after all.
He thought of past events.
Walking slowly, many surviving monsters along the way had already woke up.
The first thing after these monsters wake up, not to escape, but to eat the same kind of body around them.
When the man passed by, the monsters felt as if they were trembling, then fiercely bit the bodies of their companions after the men passed them.
This life is normal for monsters.
There was nothing special about the boy. Two monsters around him had not lived a normal life for a long time. One was mistakenly fed from birth, but it temporarily hid the instinct.
However, instinct is instinct, how can it be forgotten?
Looking at the roadside, two heads are slightly larger, the courage seems to be a little bigger. It dare to look at the magic of his own eyes. The corner of his mouth bends a little cool smile. The man stretches his finger and gently pinches. The original monsters in the corridor was suddenly gone!
So this sudden riot was quickly suppressed.
A large number of people, silently stationed in the house, the people on the road side were taken away one by one, people wearing the same uniform immediately filled in, completely taking over the daily operations house.
First thing they need to do, is count the remaining monsters here.
The temporary feeding area is now full of black ash left by dead monsters, everyone wears heavy protective clothing.
While counting, they were frightened.
"What did Wang raise, dead so many monsters." The person who walked to the end whispered to his companion.
As he said, looking around with a vigilant look. He had a tool like a clip in his hand. Occasionally he would quickly take the clip out. The front part of the clip would instantly separate into a ring-like part, The monster is trapped in the clip.
It turns out this is actually a monster picker.
The picker held the monster limb close to his eyes. Under the mask, the man frowned. "What is this monster?"
It is a flat monster, looks like a caterpillar, but it looks like a Labrador retriever. Besides, the limb is not a burr, but a single tentacle!
"It's so disgusting." Frowning, he quickly threw the monster into the cage being dragged behind.
"It seems its a mixed-race, Wang family always liked to do this kind of thing. These things can't be grasped, they actually reproduced their own new monsters." The man's colleague finally replied to him, the voice was female. .
She also caught a monster and came in, this time came in a monster like a plate.
"The monsters raised in this area should be the so-called feed, the kind prepared for high-level monsters. They have low-intelligence, don't think, just living meat." The woman's voice is cold.
The captain looked back at them, two men no longer chattered, followed the group, working in a well-behaved manner.
Not long after, the man yelled again, this time, not only the captain, everyone in front of him looked back at him: he called too loud.
"See what I caught? A diaper!" His voice full of surprise.
Several people turned "cut" on the spot, but the female colleague in front of him did not hold back and looked at the clip in his hand.
It’s really a diaper, it's also dirty.
However, her focus is not on the diaper? After a careful look, the woman looked more and more surprised, she could not help but say: "No...not just a diaper, this, this is... is it a person?"
"No! No! It's a monster!"
A monster in a diaper.
As if she seen the most incredible thing in her life, her voice could not help but rise.
This time, colleagues who'd gone back before could not help surround them.
The little monster in the diaper was finally exposed to everyone's eyes.
It looks like black mist, not surprising, most monsters seem to be black mist at the time of their birth. It is not so much a body, but rather they were born into the world in the form of energy. It is an innate instinct, monsters like to be invisible in the dark, Even grown up, monsters still like dark environments.
This little monster is no exception, but unlike other companions, it wears a diaper worn by a human baby. Look closely, there is a small green print on it, with the logo on it, in front of this scene, It’s really strange.
For the first time surrounded by so many people, the little monster was terrified. It was shrinking, but the uncontrollable curious humans grasped its hands and feet.
"Not only diapers, but also bracelets on its legs." The man who is holding a calf at the moment cried: "It's still in Six Gold."
"Also worn on its wrist." Another man grabbed its claws, also reported his discovery: "There's two words on it, let me see..."
"Black eggs, two words on the gold bracelet is black eggs." He read it: "Black eggs? What a ghost!"
He repeated it again.
Then, the caught little monster could not move, suddenly called.
Not a subtle sound wave or ultrasonic frequency sound cannot be heard by human beings, but a very small, very tender sound.
"Hey! Hey!" Very hard, it called several times.
"What is it calling?" The man holding it frowned.
"I don't understand, who knows why it called? But it can make ounds people can hear, this monster is really interesting." His mouth said interesting, but obviously his interest in this monster is not big, when he finished, he removed the hand holding the little claw of the monster.
However, his fingers were caught by the little claws of the monster.
"Hey!" The little monster called again.
As if this sound exhausted all its strength, its voice was hoarse.
With a small claw tightly clutching the man's little finger, big white ringed eyes are flat, he looked straight at the man.
From the little monster's perspective, this man, is very similar to uncle.
Little paws were ruthlessly rejected.
"Throw it into the cage, we still have a lot of things to do, there's no time to delay." The captain called loudly to everyone.
Therefore, people scattered, walking, the man at the very end of the team "oh", ready to throw this strange little monster into the cage behind him.
However, a strange thing happened again.
"Chen Sheng, why are you still not coming?" In front, his female colleague had already gone out ten meters away, and found that he did not follow up, turned and shouted.
"Strange, pulling, does not move--" the male voice of Chen Sheng called.
"Is there more small monsters? See if something is stuck to the ground." Female colleague snorted.
"Okay." Chen mouthed, reached out for a little monster, suddenly -
Looking at the huge claws covered with gray-white scales he was holding, his legs were soft, ass hitting ground as he fell!
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