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devil chapter 40

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 40 Black Eggs Scared

It was a terrible monster!
Its whole body was gray, slender head, two thick horns jutting out above its ears. The monster's teeth are amazing, mouth opens, bigger than other monsters. Seeing that he had caught such a monster, Chen Sheng was frightened.

Monsters are creatures living in different dimensions with humans, their voices are either on a higher or lower frequency normal human hearing cannot percieve;
They can move extremely fast, so normal human vision does not have the ability to capture their traces. Residue left by monster bodies will quickly turn into black dust, whether its a skeleton or blood cells, the metabolic decomposition speed of monsters can not be perserved!

This is the norm for most humans, a small number of people can occasionally see monsters. They have a little gift. If they can capture the monsters, it is a talent.
Only those who are extremely fast sharing the same frequency as the monster for an instant, can make contact it.
However, this is only a general statement, there are many kinds of monsters. According to human standards, monsters are divided into four grades: A, B, C, and D. Below this level, the collective name is “uninfluenced”, which is the lowest level Monster. Correspondingly, levels of human beings who can see monsters is also divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D. The team which Chen Sheng belongs to, most players' ability is about D, the captain is slightly higher, barely to B. Areas they are responsible for cleaning up are all D-class or even uninfluenced monsters. According to their ability, its more than enough, more advanced monsters naturally have more advanced teams to clean up.

For Chen Sheng, most monsters they usually touch are ones they'd captured before. Similar to small animals, like huge mollusks. using the catcher, he can handles them very well. Occasionally they hear about the terrible deeds of high-level monsters, but they have never seen it before, and now Chen Sheng is afraid he'd touched a seemingly terrible thing, everyone is frightened.
"Cold, calm down! This monster is dead, even if its not dead, its dying. Don't be nervous." The Captain calmed down, promptly speaking out to control everyone's emotions. After Everyone calmed down, he directed the squad members to surround the terrible monster.
Because of fear loosening his hand, the monster was now invisible, but with the captain's discretion, they extended the catcher together, eventually "captured" the monster.
"This monster don't know where it came from, you look at it thin and skinny. It's already starving to death, when its near death, encountered this little monster. It might just want to eat it, the results Chen found it. " One of the team members stated their speculation.
"It’s the opposite, it’s the opposite. It’s the little monster who saw the big monster dying, he wanted to eat it all himself. Young monsters born just a few months will instinctively look for the most suitable object to establish his own food. Chen Sheng saved, might be the big monster!"
They bantered for a while, finally, the captain made a sound to stop them, carefully watching the horned monster. The captain came forward, informing higher-level teams to take over, the little monster wearing the diaper was ignored by everyone. Pulled from the arms of the big monster, then thrown into the cage behind Chen Sheng.
"Ye! Ye!" The little monster - Black eggs, rolled into the cage loaded with a bunch of low-level monsters without any resistance. Big white ringed eyes stared straight at the horned monster still lying on the ground, screaming.
"Listen, the little monster's still attached to its big meal!" The team members heard Black eggs screaming, laughing and talking to the colleague next to him.
"Who knows? I don't know how to deal with this group of monsters. Go back and feed some feeds first." Another team member came over, together with Chen Sheng they dragged the cage away.
Anxiously squatting in the cage, looking at Grandfather on the ground moving farther and farther away, Black eggs cried, looked up, he looked at the person pushing the cage, crying twice, but here is not home, no one cares about him.
After another turn, Black eggs can no longer see Grandpa.
The caged monsters were pulled into the unified room in batches by the person responsible for cleaning up.
The cage Black eggs is in was also pulled into one of the rooms. The room is very bright, from a dark place to a bright place, monsters in the cage become manic, a narrow cage with monsters drilling everywhere, Black eggs just holds his egg in his claws, arched by a group of monsters, uncomfortable, he flattened his eyes.
However, it was useless to drill any more. Not long after, the cage was lifted up by a machine clamp, another robotic arm came out from the side, pulled out the pumping plate under the cage. The monsters within immediately fell into the cage on the floor.

The floor below had an embedded layer of frosted glass, don't know how many light bulbs are installed, the whole floor is bright and terrible. The monsters almost fainted when they fell to the floor. For these monsters accustomed to living in darkness, a bright environment is the most terrible.
Most were paralyzed, then staff in the room started to move.
There were three people in the room, one carry the unconcious monsters onto the workbench, while the other holds a nozzle to wash the monster on the bench.
Monsters coming from outside are very dirty, this step is necessary to prevent them from cross-contagion.
The disinfectant spray pressure is quite powerful, the temperature is quite low, in addition to this, a special fragrance monsters find particularly annoying is added. After being washed for a while, the monster becomes even more listless. .
After flushing, the third staff member standing on the side puts a metal directly on monster's necks, the collar were numbered, then, did not rub, the staff directly took the wet monsters next door. The room next door was still a bright room, filled with rows of shelves. The shelves were full of cages, the monster held were thrown into one of the cages, then skillfully locked in.
The staff responsible for disinfection has another, more important job: check the monster's disability, monsters with wounds were picked out by him, then the third person would make a special mark on its collar, separating it. In special cases, if the wound is too heavy, it would be disposed of directly.
Monsters on the floor rapidly decrease. They are obviously experienced, operation flowing, cooperation is quite smooth.
The first staff member took another out of the monster pile, however, when he saw the monster in his hand, he stopped.
"Next." His colleague stood by the workbench urging him.
Ostentatious, he simply brought the monster out.
So Black eggs in his diaper was slammed onto the workbench.
The bottom of the bench was also lit brightly, Black egg's small black body was particularly prominent on top.
Looking at this strange little monster from top to bottom, the second staff held it and pulled the dirty diaper down.
Black eggs is already used changing his diaper, so he didn't react at this point.
But then, the man began to pull his bracelet on Black egg's ankle.
The gold bracelet on his ankle gone, soon the gold bracelet on his wrist was also gone.
Throwing these things into the rubbish bin, the staff member immediately took the sprinkler next to him with a blank expression, pressed the switch, a powerful spray of water immediately rushed onto the little monster's small form.
Black egg was frightened!
He desperately dodged, but the man only pressed Black eggs harder, water sprayed straight into his face, Black eggs sticks out small claws to cover his eyes...
Finished, Black eggs was lying wet on the bright board, almost dead.
Black eggs without his diaper or gold bracelets, looked like any other monster in the room.
A small form shrouded in dark mist was slammed into the hands of the next staff, a collar was fitted around his neck. He was eventually thrown into a larger cage in the next room.
Upon hearing footsteps, the original tenants in the cage immediately shrank to the corner of the cage, until it was re-locked, the staff's footsteps gradually faded away, they re-emerged.
Small limbs, big white eyes, the appearance of each monster in the cage is very similar to Black eggs!
What Black eggs looked like, we all know in our hearts, but Black eggs doesn’t know!
So, he was scared by this group of small monsters.
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