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devil chapter 41

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 41 Black eggs in kindergarten.

Black eggs finally had a chance to experience the first feeling of Huan.
Ten white double-eyed eyes stared straight at Black eggs, black eggs also stared straight across those opposite.
Black eggs cautiously licked the egg clutched in his paws, This is the only remaining thing Huan left him, worried the opposite monsters would come over to grab his egg, Black eggs looked back nervously.
However, black egg is most afraid not this scene, but feeding time:
Breeders put a pot of meat directly in, not cooked meat, but directly raw meat!
Smelt the smell of meat, the little monsters caged in immediately swarmed up, competing to tear the pot meat into pieces, between chewing, those small mouths that quickly open and close in the cold.
The little monsters cleaned the pot in minutes, when they finished, they went straight back to the original spot, continued to shrink together.
Because the competition was too fierce, they still had blood on their bodies, they were so dirty, crowded together. Over time, an unpleasant smell began to emit.
After a while, the breeder came over and poured a basin of water in the bowl.
Thinking after each meal, his uncle poured water for Eggs to wash his claws, Black eggs finally moved, climbing over, he carefully put the left paw into the water then pressed the right paw in.
Since Black egg will not go now, when he soaks his left paw, the right paw will support the ground, while the right paw soaked, the left paw supports, and the ground is where blood from the previously meal time.. blood foam, so after washing his hands, Black eggs found his little claws seemed to be more dirty.
As Black eggs looked at his claws carefully, the little monsters shrunken in the corner seemed to be thirsty, they climbed from the corner to drink water, Black eggs blocking the middle of the path was knocked down. The original clean, small body lands on the blood soaked ground.
Clean Black eggs is now as dirty as other monsters.
Black eggs had never been so stinky, smelling the odour on his body, white ringed eyes immediately flattened, he thought of washing in the basin, result, when he climbed to the edge of the basin again, the water in the basin was already empty.
The black egg tweeted twice, then stinky back into his original corner, hungry and sleepy, wronged and scared, Black eggs curled up in the corner and fell asleep.
Where is Grandpa? Black eggs want grandpa.
Where was Uncle? Black eggs hasn’t seen him for many days yo!
Chirp ~ chirp ~
The egg of Black eggs are not peeled off, black egg's belly is so hungry!
Lots of bad guys here, they don't give Eggs green vegetables, they come with red meat! Still did not wash Black egg's small claws~
Black eggs in the dream was especially wronged, he thought of his grandfather, his uncle, black egg filled with grievances, cried.
Eyelids jumped, Ji huan felt he heard the cry of Black eggs again.
Holding his breath, he forced himself to concentrate all his attention on the cage in front.
That's right... inside the cage.
It was an extremely strong cage with a beastly monster inside, the moon shining on its bone white scales and horns.
From the perspective of Ji Huan, the blood stains on the bone white scales were clearly visible.
That is……
Aye! ! !
Ji huan's heart shouted the name of grandfather.
However, Ah Ye seems completely unaware, just quietly lying in the cage, silent and breathless.
Strong pressure, his heart rolling, Huan carefully observed the rest of the cage, then whispered the name of Black eggs in his heart.
As early as the dream sharing of black eggs, Ji huan found the connection between him and Black eggs was getting closer and closer. Whenever he calls Black eggs in his heart, no matter where Black eggs is, no matter what he is doing, Eggs will always turn his head in the direction of Ji huan.
Black eggs, black eggs, black eggs...
Ji huan whispered in his heart, an urgent sound.
He kept calling, but Egg never appeared.
When he is sure Black eggs is not in the cage, Huan does not know if he should be relieved, or more worried.
He always felt Black egg's cries in his ear.
Hold back, hold back.
Black eggs, you can bear it, wait until uncle saves your grandfather, uncle will immediately go to find you back.
Crushing his heartbeat, he slowly calmed down, Ji huan's eyes fell on the cage next door: it was the same as the cage holding grandfather, holding another black beast, now it was night, difficult to see the other person's appearance, different from the silent and motionless Aye, the beast kept striking the cage, occasionally he made a terrible roar.
When Huan heard the other party roaring, he frowned: He felt the voice was familiar.
Staring at the two cages, He carefully watched the door of the room not far away.
He came one step late.
Following the direction of the helicopter was flying in, Huan ran all the way to the mountain. He had not found the place where the helicopter landed, a huge explosion came from the top of the mountain.
"Thump bang bang-" a total of three sounds, three helicopters have fallen, the last one is closest to him, it fell in front of him less than 100 meters. A huge impact swept him, no time to react, the airflow generated by the explosion directly fluttered Ji huan up and away.
When he woke up again, blood was flowing from his nose and ears, bleeding all over his face. He ran towards the first helicopter's direction. When Huan found the plane had fallen into the mysterious mansion he had been working at for a long time, he was surpised, but still ran in without hesitation.
At the entrance gate was confusing, people running in and out. Of all people, Ji huan's performance was the calmest, showing his identity work card, he easily mixed in.
When he came to the yard after many setbacks, Huan immediately recognized grandfather locked in the cage.
He wanted to find a chance to open the cage and drag grandfather out, but there was always someone coming in and out of the room behind said cage, there was always staff guarding the cages, Ji huan has no opportunity to start.
Four hours.
It has been four hours since he hid in the grass next to Aye. Thankfully he had cleaned this yard before, finding a hiding place here was not difficult.
After a while, the room behind the cage emerged a pedestrian.
"...Young people, you really can't, but when you shoot a hand, caught the monster of this accident. This time it's a big credit." The middle-aged man is wearing a suit made of very good material. The suit was colored, a neat short beard on his mouth. While walking outside, he spoke to the person behind him.
"I don't know how long this monster has been lurking here. Usually living on Bade Mountain. This time, if it wasn't for Mr. Wang's feeding monster had a sensitive smell nose. Don't know how long it would continue to lurk." The man next to him, who was a bit younger than him, was wearing a white protective suit. A glance, he recognizes this is the staff uniform of those who came to the yard to deal with the afternoon accident. There should be a hood, but he is now not wearing it now.
"A coincidence, The monster I raised, watching the fierce point, usually it is a cute thing. Even if it found what is the use, it did not catch the other? Hehe - I heard the monster 15 years ago who ate twenty people and escaped is also this one. Xiao Chen’s credit doubled.
The short-shoulder man smiled and shook his head, began to praise the young man behind him.
"Ah? This... this... I just happened to find it, if Mr. Wang's monster hadn't seriously injured it, with my ability, without being eaten by the other party would be the best case scenario... "The short-shoulder man talked to him repeatedly, there is no way, the young man behind the two - Chen Sheng, had to speak.
Chen Sheng is naturally the one who accidentally grabbed Black eggs that afternoon, and then accidentally saw Aye, the young man who was so frightened he sat on the ground.
Because the whole team's level is low, although they think this monster should be a higher level, but since he was caught by them, it must not be much better, did not take this monster too seriously, after handling the squad mission, they sent the monster to the detention center according to procedure.
The department did not treat it seriously, The monster already hungry and bitten, seriously injured. A look can not live long, so at that time it was treated by throwing it directly into the garbage disposal area.
This kind of monster, old with heavy injuries, even if its a body part, has no recycling value. After a period of time in this place, the monster will turn into black ash directly, gone after cleaning, very environmentally friendly. .
However, not long after they threw it, the Wang family came, bringing amazing news, "the snarling horned monster was the perpetrator of this earthquake."
The earthquake was big. Half the mountain collapsed, people in half of the town was affected. The government had sent people to investigate, as a family member who happened to be in the crowd this year, they had become the focus of the investigation in relevant departments.
The Wang family, who was good at cultivating monsters, were the prime suspects.
In fact, recent years, they have always been the top priority of the investigation.
Uncle, who had a good relationship with the government already made it clear he would no longer come out. When they are busy being batter, they suddenly found the most suitable perpetrator - a criminal record at the end of prohibition Monster.
Still dying.
There is nothing more suitable than this.
Unlike human beings, the disappearance wound have their family members calling the police alarm to find out, now disappeared a monster, his family dare not call the police? What's more, does a monster even have family?
But this time, they guessed wrong:
The monster had a family, his family came here, at all costs in order to find him. For him, his family dared to do anything.
After listening to them, Ji huan suddenly stood up from his hiding spot behind.
Eyes burning in anger, he asked in a deep voice: "You, what do you want to do to my grandfather?"
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