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Devil Chapter 42

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 42 Devils

Huan’s sudden appearance made the people opposite scared.
One jump.
"What are you talking about? This is not a place where children can talk casually." Cold eyes flash, the short man immediately sighed. Although Huan is very tall, his face still immature, he's not an adult at first glance.
He knows children of this age, although bold, but have no authority after all, they can't do anything against real authority.
The short man opened his mouth, two men behind him, the guards, immediately acted. Eyes stared at Ji Huan, they were ready to subdue him.
"What caught by you is my grandfather, where do you want to send my grandfather?" His eyes were fixed on the short man, he did not give a step!
"Your grandfather? You say this monster is your grandfather? Your eyes okay? This is clearly a monster." As if he saw a big joke, the short man laughed twice, laughing, he will no longer look at Ji Huan, the line of sight moved back to the captain next to him, tone not as strong as the one who is just: "Poor child, 80% is confused by this monster, I see him wearing your work clothes, I don't care about this matter, I just notified the relevant departments about the arrest of this monster. They are coming soon, arresting the monster is the duty of the government. We will not show up, so that... ”
"Look, can the family retrieve our monster first?" The expression is still indifferent, but the short man's tone is more polite.
"This..." The captain was a little hesitant.
Put it bluntly, he is only the captain of a low-level team, He rarely has the opportunity to deal with such matters. Now its a good thing, the other party gave the credit to him, but this teenager who suddenly jumped out...
"I have investigated, the government official responsible for handling this matter was the staff who participated in the arrest of this monster. The past few years, he had been paying attention to this case privately, so we said he would come over as soon as possible..." The short man lowered his voice, confidng a little secret.
He did not look at Ji huan, as if Huan had never appeared in this yard.
"You framed my grandfather! He is not the monster that caused this earthquake, He is now weak, his eyes can barely see, How to let him cause an earthquake?" Looking at the short man who did not even put himself in his eyes, huan licking his lips, stated loudly.
However, no matter what he said, the short middle-aged man skillfully twisted words to hold the small captain next to him. Ji huan talks true, but his words are white, no one is willing to listen to what he has to say!
Can't say no one listened, behind two men, the young man named Chen Sheng bowing his head, the front whispering is the senior and the Wang family head, farther away is the boy's loud explanation, both sides He has heard, but...
"Do you know? You're not catching a monster with no family, he is my grandfather, the grandfather who raised me! Do you know?!" Captured Chen Sheng’s hesitant eyes, Huan moved his eyes Chen.
"Do you really think my grandfather is the monster that caused the earthquake? Why is that man eager to take the monster next door? I think, that monster might be..." However, this time the short man who had always treated Huan as if he was non-existent, suddenly turned his gaze to him.
Eyes staring at him coldly, his voice cold as ice: "Shut up."
From the beginning, Huan had been paying attention to the other party’s actions, paying attention to the bodyguards behind. After Huan spoke, his vigilance was raised, eyes on the bodyguards behind the other man, watching if the others will suddenly come over and hold him, suddenly -
Huan's neck is tight, breath stifled. Ji huan suddenly found himself unable to speak!
Not only can't open, he could not move even make one move!
Something had caught his neck! Imprisoning his limbs!
Slender eyes widen -
The other side used alot of force, and there is no intention to stay a hand. Ji huan unable to breathe no problem, but in the next second, he found he'd began to move!
As if someone was wearing him, Huan suddenly turned and walked back.
No - Aye! Aye was still behind! Aye was about to be sent away!
Straining so hard, a thin bloodshot was blooming on the whites of Huan's eyes. Working desperately to regain control of his body, but the strength of the other was so big, he simply could not compete with each other.
Aye! ! ! ! ! !
Ji huan shouted in his heart.
Behind him, a huge Roar echoed.
The horned monster lying motionlessly in the cage suddenly climbed up roaring in Ji huan's direction. The air trembled for an instant, as if it had been torn open.
"Sure enough, its this guy." A black car suddenly came out of the entrance, a tail stopped in front of the courtyard door, car door opened, and a man about forty came down from the rear seat.
Off the car, he headed straight for the horned monster.
Not afraid of its terrible appearance , his left hand covered with black leather gloves shot fast as lightning, quickly grabbed the right horn of the other, then the head of the monster still struggling to hit the cage wall suddenly could not move.
The man stretched out another hand, violently opened the mouth of the horned monster, unscrupulously rubbed in the other's mouth: "The third and fifth teeth from the lower left gum bed were uprooted, yes, this is him."
This man was not tall, his body is not burly. However, as soon as he opens his mouth and shoo his hand, the momentum will be hard to surpass everyone on the scene, not only the short man from the Wang family, but also the "monster fiercely hitting the cage next door." "Suddenly, was honest.
For a time, dare to toss in front of this man, only the horned monster he grabbed by the right horn.
"Ha...ha... Colonel Yang, it’s this monster. You see, it’s so ferocious, the mouth is so big, it wants to attack you...” The short man is the first to sober, an opening is to add fuel to the fire.
He said charmingly, while carefully watching the expression of the man surnamed Yang, the short man was glad he let that "person" catch the child in time was really correct. He really didn't expect to see that child caught, the horned monster about to die suddenly jumped up. He didn't think surnamed Yang would come so fast. It was a mistake he did not retrieve his own monster before Yang came. Worried, did not think the horned monster itself suddenly went crazy, the fierce look is enough to compare to the evil of the monster next door, not to mention -
When surnamed Yang came, his own monster suddenly became honest, the horned monster became more noisy.
It’s a blessing in misfortune.
Thinking about it in his heart, Wang made a secret decision: let the boy stay on scene for a while.
The short man knows very well there is only one person who can make this horned monster appear so was the boy. As long as the boy was in danger, it will continue to go mad. Yang will definitely send someone to drag it away immediately.
He played a good abacus in his heart, whether it was the horned monster or teenager, everyone’s performance was indeed within his control, except for one person.
"Not necessarily." Carefully confirmation of the horned monster's whole body, Yang withdrew the hand holding the other's head and turned around. He looked coldly at the short man not far away.
"You said are only half right.
The murder case fifteen years ago is indeed this monster, but it is not necessarily the one who caused the earthquake. ”
Kicking the cage, Yang sneered, glanced at the monster still roaring in the cage.
"It's fast, scales are white, eyes are blind, with incomplete teeth. Once it can bite me one arm, now I can use the other arm to make it move."
"This kind of useless old guy can not create an earthquake."
With a slap of his arm, Yang’s man’s mouth showed a mocking smile.
The short man snorted.
Just as he turned his innumerable thoughts in his heart, the sight of surnamed Yang suddenly fell on his body.
"In front of me, there's actually monsters who dare hijack human beings. Really don't want to live."
His voice fell, not waiting for anyone on scene to react, Yang suddenly extended his left hand again, no one saw what his actions, suddenly -
Knees slammed on the ground, Huan found he could finally breathe again!
Mouth opened wide. gasping, touching his neck with his hands, Huan stared at the small grass in front of his knees, accompanied by his heavy breathing, large pieces of black ash fell from his ear.
The man’s left hand was quickly put down, his gaze stayed for three seconds on Huan's body, a turn, focused on the short man.
Sweat beads, popped out densely from the short man’s forehead.
At first, he dared to glaze directly into Yang's eyes, but stared by Yang for thirty seconds, He couldn't help bow his head again.
Surnamed Yang just shot a hand, not only the monster of Qi Jihuan died, but the other four monsters brought by the short man were also destroyed by Yang.
Silent! All destroyed!
"However -" Yang’s gaze finally moved when the topic turned, he said: “I will bring this monster back.”
After, he waved a hand, the subordinates who had already climbed down from the car immediately ran around and began to work together, dragging the cage of the horned monster.
Their ability is far less than their own boss, facing the beast roaring in its cage, they carefully operate: A-class monsters are dangerous, even if its weak and dying, accidentally caught by the other party, If not dead, then seriously injured.
Just when they finally fixed the rope outside its cage, about to successfully drag the cage, suddenly -
The boy who had been rescued by Colonel Yang suddenly climbed up from the ground, stumbling he ran over, He actually squatted in front of the cage!
"Danger!" The closest to him is a young man dragging the cage, kind, he's afraid the monster caged would hurt the boy because he was a human child. However, when he spotted the boy's eyes in front of him, he suddenly paused.
The bloody scorpions was now full of daunting cold.
Don't, touch, my, Ah, Ye--The inside of Huan's throat has been shackled for too long, has become damaged. The sound spat from his crushed throat like bellows.
Like a beast trapped in desperate circumstances, with open arms, the teenager's thin body stood in front of the cage holding the fierce monster.
Don't, touch, my, Ah, Ye.
The shadowed gaze locked on Yang, as the teenager hoarsely repeats himself.
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