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Devil Chapter 43

Title: Devil (魔王第)

Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)

Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.

Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !

Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this. 

Please don't sue me.;D

 Chapter 43 Dust Sealed Memory 

“Aye?” Yang raised his eyebrows, turned his head, looked at the woman next to him: “Confirm, what does Aye mean locally...?” 

The woman who wore the black uniform behind him answered, she took the lead to answer his question. 

" is...the name for Grandpa." 

"At the moment... you put in a cage... without a warrant shackled... dragged away... my grandfather." 

Sound like a broken bellows, said intermittently, Huan's voice was not loud, but at that moment his quiet voice was clearly transmitted to everyone in the audience. 

A lot of people are now aware: Do not know when it started, the horned monster tossing before, now motionless. Claws clutching the metal pillars of the cage, quietly stood behind the boy. 

Was juvenile blocked behind. 

"He alone raised me and my sister up... My grandfather has not eaten meat for fifteen years. You said... the monster who ate twenty people can not be my grandpa. " There is no fear in Huan's eyes. Black and dark eyes met, He look directly at each other. 

"Aye hasn't eaten meat for fifteen years. He only eats vegetables and rice every day, after I leave, Aye would spit out the vegetables and rice eaten. For fifteen years, my grandfather lived like this every day. Look at him. Take a good look at him, Aye has become thin and skinny, his eyes are also blind... He is already an old man with a thousand years of age!" 

"You--" Ji Huan continued to reason, the man surnamed Yang suddenly spoke up. 

"For fifteen years, he doesn't eat meat, only eat vegetables and rice. Oh, what can this explain? It can only show your kid's meat is not tender enough. The old monster despises, too lazy to eat." His voice is cold and ironic. 

"You--" Eyes are wide and round, the anger in black eyes almost burned out. However, the opportunity to speak to him, Yang surnamed continued. 

"However, for the old monsters, your meat is not good, but..." The corner of his mouth pulled up a rising arc, surnamed Yang stared at him: 

"Your parents -" 

"Roar—————————” A huge roar burst through the air behind Huan, accompanied by the muffled sound of a body striking the metal cage, the horned monster originally quiet behind Huan was suddenly madly shouting. 

It hit so hard, the gray-white scales from its body even broke open, peeling off from its body. 

"Aye! Don't hit! Don't hit!" Ji huan didn't care about confrontation with others. After turning around, befor the soldiers around could stop him, Huan put his arms into the cage, trying to use his own strength to stop the fierce actions of the horned monster. 

Looking at this scene, the curvature of Yang’s man’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger, ignoring the huge movements made by the caged monster, slowly taking a step forward, He will finish the sentence he did not complete: 

"For this monster, your meat is not good, but your parents' meat was delicious." 

"Five years ago, the third and fourth victims of the countdown happened to be your parents." 

Corners of his mouth rising to the extreme, Yang's ironic smile can be described as vicious! 

Ji huan was stunned. 

The caged monster was also stunned. 

Movement seemed to be just an illusion, the courtyard was once again quiet. 

"What do you say..." Both hands fell off gray-white bone scales, then turned slowly. 

"Oh." Yang smiled, his left hand raised, revealing white paper above: "See you at first sight, my subordinates will transfer your information, see what I found -" 

"Two of the victims in the case fifteen years ago were your parents~" 

"Impossible, my parents died in a car accident." His arm was clasped by chilly claws from the cage, looking straight at the opposite man named Yang. The face of Huanhuan became pale. 

"It’s not a mistake they died in a car accident, but the culprit is the old monster now holding your arm, on the way to avoid arrest, it hit a car, causing a chain reaction resulting in multiple car accidents. It’s unfortunate that your parents were riding the car that was hit by it. When we arrived, it had already eaten half of your parents' body." 

The whole car turned over, the front of the car was on, and the rear of the car was down. Two small children were tied in the safety seats of the backseat, blood... dripping from above. 

At first it was a warm drip. 

As time went by, the liquid became sticky and turned into a cold drpping... dripping... drops... A... 

Eventually no liquid dripped. 

Blood coagulated. 

It maybe sucked out. 

When the police found the car in the accident on the remote road, the couple sitting in the front seats had lost half their bodies. The monster was a picky eater, only eating the favorite parts, does not touch places it didn't like. 

They came in time, the children in the back seat had not been eaten, two children, one two years old, one four years old, the body covered in coagulated blood, can not tell whether it was father's or mother's, all sticky on them. 

The police who saw the scene all had at least a week of nightmares. 

"Calling the monster who ate your parents grandfather, you can be regarded as a model of confessing a thief as father. But do not blame you, you were too young at the time, did not remember anything." 

At that time, he should have checked on the child, but he busy with a case, after many years, he remembered the appearance of all the victims, but forgot the appearance of the child. 

Remembering it is useless, fifteen years had passed, enough for a baby to grow into a half-sized man. 

Ji huan stared. 

Big water droplets suddenly fell from the sky, Ji huan raised his head and looked up, saw the long trails of water on the cheeks of the horned monster behind him. 

Muddy, its the tears of the old monster. 

"Aye, how are you... tears?" On reflex, Ji huan touched the arm of the horned monster: "Aye, your eyes are not good, you can't cry..." 

Remind Aye to pay attention to his body had become an instinct, always printed in his innermost heart. Even if Aye suddenly turned into a monster, even if someone had just told him, Aye was monster who ate his parents... 

"Don't believe? Do you want to look at the archives that year? I have photos here, are you almost eighteen years old? Eighteen years old is an adult, if you look at these things, it shouldn't scare you much." "Surnamed Yang said, he took a few more steps forward, as if he was about to the paper in his hand to Ji huan. 

Huan can feel the cold body under his palm suddenly tremble. 

"Impossible, it can't be my grandfather..." Tightly grasping the arm of the old monster, what else can Ji huan say, but - 

More tears rolled down his head and roll out. 

He hasn't eaten or drank water for too long, the old monster don't have many tears to flow. 

Tall body crashed onto the ground, next second the horned monster was in front of Ji huan, 

humbly kneeling in front of the thin teenager, a broken roar came out of the horned monster's chest.

The monster's roars, transmitted to the human ear is obviously a meaningless harsh sound. However, Ji huan inexplicably felt the sound is very familiar. 

How could he be familiar? 

Obviously, the first time he saw Aye's monster form. 

Yes, he just thought it, today is the first time he saw Aye as a monster. Today is the first time he touched the scales of Aye. 

For the first time, why... 

This kind of familiar feeling... Ji Huan always felt such a grandfather to him was very familiar. 

Harsh throat sounds, the big horns, or the cold touch of the scaled body... 

Ji huan felt he had seen such a grandfather a long time ago. 

The hum of "roar-roar-roar!" represents anger. 

"Houhou roar~~~~" The rapid roaring represents a quick come. 

and also: 

"Houhou ~ Houhou ~" This is a Small Flower~ 

At first, grandpa, who could not become a human figure, was talking to him with such a voice every day.

Ji huan can even roat twice. 

Without first learning the language of human beings, the first sentence learnt by Ji huan is a strange roaring. 

"Ah~~roar~" This is a Small Flower that wants to call Aye. 

Fifteen years ago, Ji Huan, who was only 2 years old, arrested his first monster in life. 

When the monster in the front seat was greedy for the wreckage of his parents, little flower rushed forward with a little hand grasping, simple movement, hidden in the air, a bloody monster appeared in front of Huan’s sister. 

That year, Xiaohua was 2 years old and Xiaohei was 4 years old. 

Of course, Little Flowers was not called Xiaohua at that time, similarly, Small Black at that time was not called Xiaohei. 

Little Black was frightened. 

Instinctively, she wanted to grab her brother, but the safety seat belt was too tight, she couldn't touch her brother. 

So she could only look as the big monster who suddenly appeared out of thin air looked at her younger brother. Slender face covered with scales came over, scarlet mouth full of blood was opened,between teeth was still clipped the minced meat it had not eaten. 

A monster's face described by an adult when he was scaring the children. 

Xiaohei was frightened motionless, she watched the monster move closer and closer to her brother. 

She was very scared. 

However, her brother was not afraid at all. 

Only a two-year-old child, do not understand anything, see the monster is not afraid, small mouth opened and closed, he was hungry. 

Then, the monster did not know what he thought, handed a fleshy palm to the little boy's mouth. There was a thin gold ring hanging on the ring finger on the hand's palm. 

That was their mother's wedding ring. 

The little girl already had an impression of this ring, but the little boy knows nothing. The food sent to his mouth by the monster he was very dissatisfied with. The child stretched out his small claw, pointing at the bottle that had rolled underneath the seats. 

For a child who was only two years old, this was what he identified as "food." 

Hesitated for a moment, the monster actually handed the bottle to him. 

The little boy skillfully grabbed the bottle and drank his milk. 

While holding the palm in his hand, the young horned demon eats while watching the little boy drink milk. 

Until the little boy drank enough milk, the small palm of the hand whirring holding a small bottle, suddenly handed it to the horned monster's fleshy lips. 

"Ah!" The milky sound of a cub. 

Taking a sip of the liquid remaining on the nipple, the horned monster pei pei spat twice and then suddenly left. 

Xiaohua handed the bottle rejected by the monster to his sister. 

The frightened Xiaohei no longer disliked the bottle. "Hey," she also drank milk. 

Then, the rescue team came. 

The poor couple in the front seats were taken away, the young siblings in the back seat was taken to the hospital. They were sent back to a deserted home. The policemen who sent the children were still busy with the case, they left quickly, before leaving, they asked the neighbours to help look after the children. It was okay at first, but it didn't take long before it changed. 

The police thought the neighbourhood would help take care of the children, while the neighbours in the neighbourhood thought the police would look after the two poor little guys, and finally - 

Two children were alone in an empty room. 

There was no "person" but there was a monster. 

Don't know what kind of psychology, the monster has come again twice. 

When he came over the third time, he met two robbers. 

This is the last two victims of the case. 

After that day, two children disappeared from the room. 

On the mountain was more a young horned monster, plus two children. 

Small Black was wearing a small black skirt, so it is called Xiaohei; 

Small flowers wore small pants with flowers, so called Xiaohua. 

Aye... No one called the name of Aye! So called Ah Ye! 

So the days are passed. 

In Huan's mind, he suddenly opened a block, and memory fragments buried deep in the memory cortex of his brain floated up and scattered, slowly pieced together a story previously incomplete. 

"roar----" Long, long sly, Aye is saying sorry. 

Ji huan froze in place. 

The low voice of Yang passed from behind him: 

"I don't know why it didn't eat you for fifteen years, but --" 

"Monster is a monster after all, and human beings are not a class of creature." 

"Especially a monster that has eaten people." 

"Once it smells the blood of human beings, monster harmlessly camouflaged will not endure. The desire for blood, bloodlust is bound to overwhelm, they will immediately become the original form." 

"and so--

Get out of here." 

The man extended his left hand and gently dialed, then Huan fell into the middle of the two soldiers. 

The remaining soldiers immediately re-fixed the cage with the horned monster, this time, the horned monster did not react at all. 

Putting its head on the edge of cage gap railing, a pair of big eyes looking at Ji huan. 

In its eyes is an extremely complicated line of sight. 

Regret, guilt, kindness... Perhaps, there was a trace of relief? 

Dare not continue watching, several soldiers pulled up the cage. However, they haven't pulled a few times, another force had pulled the cage in the opposite direction. Several people look up and saw, the boy again! 

"Don't move, move, my, Ah, ye!" Hands holding tightly onto the metal rods of the cage, with his body weight to prevent each other from taking the cage, Ji Huan word for word, once again repeated the sentence. 

"Are you a child who can't understand people or forgotten his morals? This monster clearly acknowledged it himself, you still protect it?" 

This time,  Yang was almost angered by huan's reaction. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, Colonel Yang's ordered two subordinates to immediately arrest Ji huan. The rest of his staff moved the horned monster into the special compartment as soon as possible. 

Just at this time - 


Blood suddenly sprayed through the cage to the caged horned monster. 

The bone-white scales became red with blood. 

Outside the cage, Ji Huan’s right wrist was dripping with blood. 

He actually cut his right wrist, sprinkling the blood on the old monster's body! 

Don't know how much force he used to cut himself, blood not only sprayed the old horned monster, even the cage next door, even Wang standing there, there were other people! 

"What are you doing? Xiao Xie, stop him from bleeding."Never seen such an act, the lips of Yang were shivering. 

After being stunned, he did not hesitate, but planned to send someone to bandage Huan's wound. 


Huan fled the female subordinates sent to dress his wound, everyone watched the scene with a stunned look, Ji huan suddenly spoke again: 

"You just said to me: Monster is a monster after all, and human beings are not a kind of creature. Especially monsters that have eaten people -" 

"You said once they smelt the blood of human beings, the monsters usually pretending to be good can not help, but let the bloodlust in their blood inevitably overwhelm themselves, and they will immediately return to the original form. 

And so--" 

Right arm still bleeding, Huan placed it in the Horned monster's cage, the juvenile's expression is quiet, terrible. 


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