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Devil Chapter 44

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 44 Monsters

"What are you doing? Get the kid out!" The first to react was the man surnamed Yang, looking at the subordinates who surrounded him, shouted, completely forgot he had just been stunned as well.
Two soldiers closest to the cage immediately went to stop Jihuan, but how could Huan let people catch him at this time? Climbing up the metal rods of the cage quickly, three, two times, actually climbed to the top of the cage!
During Ji huan's moment, more blood spurted out, not because his violent actions tore the wound, but because to avoid arrest, he tore his own wound!
Ruthless, this boy is really ruthless!
In the eyes of the public, Ji huan was squatting on top of the cage, blood gushing out from his right arm, through the gap between metal rods, dripped into the cage.
Red blood dripped onto the horned monster, originally ferocious monster looked even more terrible.
Smelt the smell of blood, the horned monster originally lying on the ground in the cage raised his head, looked up.
The teenager kneeling at the top of the cage also quietly greeted his sight.
The expression on the teenager was actually quite calm.
This moment, there was no sadness or joy in his eyes, no panic, and no confusion about where to go.
His eyes are very quiet.
The two soldiers who had bit the bullet, climbed to the top of the cage, when they advanced to catch Huan, the teenager suddenly visual cut off from the monster below, dexterously avoided capture from the cge top, finally, he even jumped to the cage top next door!
With his violent running and jumping, not only the cage of the horned demon, the juvenile's blood also fell on the monster in the cage next-door.
The air, gradually filled with a hint of rust.
The line of sight fell on the boy's face again, pale, but his expression was still very quiet.
Yang's eyelids jumped.
His eyes fell on the other's arm, not stout, even more white than the average person, because its so white, the blood-stained arm look particularly shocking!
Slender arm, more than an adult male don't know where so much blood comes from.
Blood was still dripping.
The teenager's expression was still calm.
In the cage under his feet, a black, a white, two monsters do not know when, raised their heads. During the intense avoidance process, the blood of the teen had drenched them.
The Yang’s cheeks suddenly clenched.
"... monster is a monster after all, and human beings are not a kind of creature. Especially monsters that have eaten people-"
"... Once it smelt the blood of human beings, it can't help itself, pretending to be a good demon can't help, the bloodlust within its blood will overwhelm reason, they will immediately become the original..."
The sentence once passed through his mouth, repeated by the teenager suddenly appeared in his mind.
"Get him down and stop the bleeding! Fast! Fast! Fast--" Three words of "fast", anyone who heard can hear some of his emotions wrong.
Currently the horned monster had a new movement.
Looking down, it sniffed the blood on its scales.
"Come back! Give me back! All people around the cage move back! Fast!" Eyes round, glaring, Yang decided to change the order!
Usually trained, two soldiers sent by him to capture Huan immediately jumped off the cage, although they did not understand why the chief frequently changed orders, but their faces are no different: obedience to orders had become their physical instinct.
Two young people gently fell onto the grass beside the cage.
A heartbreaking scream, a column of blood sprayed onto the back of one of them!
The soldier sprayed by the hot stream immediately turned back in horror.
"God!" He couldn't believe the scene behind him.
In the cage on the left, the horned monster was silent, tears are in his eyes.
However, the tears of the old monster did not cause his face change, His surprise was the monster from the cage on the right: the black monster who had been very quiet, don’t know when, it moved to the wall of the cage, the blood in its mouth was clear and visible, inside, half a human arm, the short man who had been able to walk just now, was on the grass next to its cage, left arm gone, a lot of blood was pouring from the broken arm. The man was covered in blood!
The soldier was scared, he should have left immediately after landing, due to the unexpected incident behind him, he was stunned for a few seconds, however his companion was alert and immediately pulled him away with no explanation. Just after people left, the black monster fiercely rammed in their direction of departure. No one knew the power of the inconspicuous black monster was so large, the strong cage was instantly knocked out a convex shape, the just eaten human arm was knocked loose, as it falls, it finally bursts into a clear sound like gold and iron in the air!
Everyone eyes are now concentrated not on Ji huan, but the old white monster. A few people see what really happened just now.
Among these people was Chen Sheng.
Like everyone else, before he was shocked by the story between the boy and the old monster.
He wasn't a bad person entirely. After catching this monster, he saw it poorly, couldn't resist feeding it meat.
The old monster did not eat at all.
Later, he accidentally dropped half an apple in.
Half an apple was eaten by the old monster.
Afterwards, he gave it an apple.
Still eaten.
Such a demon, when the Wang family said it was the chief culprit of the earthquake, the first one who did not believe was him. However, the other party found various kinds of evidence, continued until he finally agreed to the other party's arrangements.
Just the last step, they handed over the old monster for cross-examination, the Wang family can take back the monster they raised, and everyone was happy.
Chen Sheng always felt something was wrong.
just in case……
In case this old monster was really not the criminal, the real bad monster would still be wandering outside?
The casualty statistics from the earthquake had long since come out, A total of fifteen people died in the mountainous area, four people had disappeared. This was the external statement. However, as long as people really understood the cause of the earthquake, know the so-called missing people actually was not missing at all.
They were eaten by monsters!
Once it had tasted human flesh, the monster can no longer feed with normal feed, but must use human flesh for feed.
This is common sense anyone who knows a little about monsters are clear on!
Chen Sheng shudders.
He was just a little talented person in this aspect, only a little better than the average person. The monster level he can catch was not high. When he chose this job, he defined himself as a "high-paying animal breeder."
He had not been exposed to intermediate or advanced monsters. If it was not for this coincidence, he would not have been exposed to them for the rest of his life.
Before this scene, the middle and high-level monsters in his heart was still like the old monster in the cage: although they were fierce and ugly, they were very gentle.
Yes, gentle.
The old monster with gray scales looked very docile.
Just as Surnamed Yang was retreating, the short man standing in front of him suddenly turned against him, his target is the cage with a black monster. The black monster bows its head and sniffs the blood, He pulled out something from his arms, Chen Sheng’s eyes are very good, He can see it was a syringe.
Putting his arm into the cage, the short man slammed the syringe in his hand toward caged black monster.
However, it was another one -
Black monster saw raised before it the syringe tied to itself, and bit! The arm of the short man was immediately bitten off by the monster!
At this moment, Chen Sheng suddenly remembered one thing:
This black monster... was said to have been arrested in the mountainous area where the "earthquake" occurred.
He remembered what the teenager had inadvertently said:
"Do you really think my grandfather was the monster that caused the earthquake? Why was the man eager to take the monster next door? I think, it is not good..."
At last--
".., monster is a monster after all, and human beings are not a kind of creature. Especially monsters that have eaten people-"
"... Once it smells the blood of humans, usually disguised monster will be unbearable, the desire for blood in its blood will inevitably overwhelm everything, and they will immediately become the original..."
Once it have tasted human flesh, the monster can no longer be fed with normal feed.
The words of Yang and the predecessors who told him on the first day of his trip also came to his mind, Chen’s face was pale.
"It! The monster who caused the earthquake is it! The monster who ate four people in the earthquake zone was also it!" Pointing at the black monster in the cage, Chen Sheng screamed out!
It seems he was waiting for someone to say this sentence, turning a blind eye to the behaviour of the monster next door. The black-eyed Ji huan just stared at surnamed Yang in the distance:
"According to your words, my grandfather was a fierce devil who had eaten 20 people. He's the main suspect who caused the earthquake, so you had to take my grandfather away."
Ji huan quietly stated the rhetoric he heard from the Wang family's short man, his voice was not high, exceptionally stable.
At his feet, monster applied more strength as it hit the cage, eyes could see the cage was about to break open.
"Similarly, according to your statement, as long as it had once eaten human flesh, it can no longer resist the temptation of human flesh and blood. In this case, I think if there was a monster capable of resisting the attraction of human flesh and blood, then this monster must not have eaten human flesh?"
Black slender eyes quietly stared at surnamed Yang, Cheng Huan face was still quiet.
At this point, surnamed Yang finally knows Huan's intentions.
Licking his lips, Yang’s expression finally showed the first crack.
"To prove this kind of thing, using your own blood to seduce the monster into frenzy, Do you know how dangerous this is?!"
This time, Yang did not use boy to call Ji Huan, for the first time, he treated huan on the same scale as himself.
Finished this sentence, the expression on the opposite black-haired boy changed.
Lips curled up slightly, a smile appeared on the boy's face.
A little sad, a bit tragic.
Yang was anxious: "You are not hurrying down?! The one next to you is the devil who has eaten human flesh -"
Late, just as he shouted this sentence, accompanied by a crisp crack, the black monster in the cage finally broke out!
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