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Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 45, Black Egg News

"Save me!" A short screaming man on the grass next to the cage.
However, it was too late to call for help, the first thing the black monster did after breaking its cage was bow its head, opened its bloody mouth directly to where the short man fell.
Screams from the short man came to an abrupt end, bitten by the black monster.
Too late to shoot, everyone on scene can only watch the short man disappear into the monster’s mouth, it happened too quickly, before the last of the short man disappeared, people saw his mouth, wide open.
However, He could not make any sound - his entire throat eaten.
With his back bowed, the black monster quickly "eats", with every chew, its mouth makes a squeaky scalp tingling sound. When it finished the last bite, black body suddenly shook. Under the public's eyes, its body turned like a balloon and began expanding, becoming bigger! Creaking sounds came from inside, there was a burst of sound from time to time, When all the changes stopped, the black monster’s body shape was already two times larger than before, as if the bones inside its body was broken and reorganized in a short period time, the monster looked exactly the same as before!
Anyone who saw this black monster looks now, no doubt it was a fierce beast.
"You have to think about the reason or excuse?" When the voice of the man surnamed Yang appeared behind two guards brought by the short man, they were still shocked. They heard Yang, hurriedly turned back, Has been brought up by him in time.
Fortunately, they were brought out, they'd already headed in the direction of the short man. If it wasn’t for surnamed Yang taking them away, it’s not hard to imagine who the monster would attack next.
"That, that, that is..." Escaped from death, one of the guards stuttered on the spot, when he was about to say something that should not be said, his companion next to him gave him a look.
"At this time, concealment has no meaning everyone can see how what's going on." Little movement between them naturally couldn’t be concealed from Colonel Yang, he snorted. Shouting: "This is a super-A monster! You actually bred a super A-class monster!"
Everyone on scene was shocked.
Super A grade! What is this concept? If a super A-class monster lives in the sea, it can cause level 4 Tsunamis in Shanghai, if it lives on land, it may cause earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher!
It can be said the meaning of monsters with this level is already comparable to possessing atomic weapons!
This was forbidden.
"I will listen to your confession later." He glanced at the two guards from the Wang family. Colonel Yang’s eyes immediately touched on Ji huan, but he found one of the people who were still stunned: obviously, Huan did not think about things, The result of cutting your wrist and drinking blood will be like this.
The body of the black monster had become more and more blurred. Yang knows this was the first sign the monster was about to enter a speed demension. Once it enters, before he might catch the other party, after he was basically unlikely to catch the other. .
His palm touched the gun with him, he finally restrained the idea of ​​trying to hurt the other.
"All people on scene, retreat! All on the truck!" Acting decisively, Yang made the call to withdraw, immediately picked up two people closest to him and got on the truck.
Awakened by his voice, everyone rushed to the nearest car.
Fortunately, because this time the purpose is to hand over the monster, Yang's cars are equipped with special equipment, the inside of the car has a huge cage, railing is even more solid than outside, It will be even stronger!
People scrambled to climb into the cage.
Everyone was moving in one direction, only two people are particularly eye-catching, standing immobile: of the two one is Huan, when others are fleeing, Ji Huan jumped from the top of the cage, holding a large stone, desperately slamming the lock on the metal cage door, Huan was planning to release the horned monster;
The other person was Chen Sheng.
When he fled in the direction of the big car with everyone, he accidentally fell. Fell, the position was just next to the horned demon's cage. When he looked up to the other side, his legs trembled, He couldn't get up, two legs were like they dod not belong. This moment, Chen Sheng discovered he was a really timid person.
At this point, the figure of the black monster has completely disappeared into air, it was impossible to capture a trace of it with normal vision. Chen Sheng was too scared to move, face pale, when Chen Sheng felt he'd been abandoned by everyone, destined to die here today, he suddenly found himself caught.
"" Horrified sight fell on the body that had grabbed him. He discovered the man who pulled him from the ground was just smashing the cage!
The young man was almost as tall as himself, He must have been high amongst his peers, his body was not strong. After all, his age was still small, but his effort was great. Huan was almost carrying Chen Sheng to run forwards!
Not saying a word, Ji huan quickly sent him to the last car, the doors still not closed, up one, Chen Sheng was on top of the car.
When his feet stepped up the car, Chen Sheng finally woke up.
Hands out, he shouted anxiously to Huan still below: "Come! Come on, come on, come on!"
However, the other party did not look at him, turned around and ran back in the direction of the cage.
Chen Sheng was shocked by the determination in Huan's eyes.
The teenager returned to the cage looking calm, began slamming the lock.
In the cage, the Horned monster sadly cried.
Chen Shengming couldn't hear its cry, but at this moment, he felt he knew what the other party was calling.
A very strange scene suddenly appeared in his eyes: the horned monster in the cage suddenly disappeared, replaced by a white-haired old man.
In tears, he pleaded to Ji Huan, begged him to quickly abandon himself and leave with everyone else.
It turned out that he was really wrong.
It’s really this teenager's “Aye”.
An old man so good to a human teenager can only be his loved one.
Chen Sheng, who stood in the car, lived.
When the person at the car's door was about to close the rear compartment, Chen Sheng suddenly jumped off, ran in the direction of Ji Huan and the cage!
While running he rumaged his pockets, when he ran to the side of the cage, he had a bunch of keys!
He looked at Huan with a nervous look, immediately opened the lock.
This time, the lock opened.
Ji Huan immediately drilled in and pulled the old monster on his back. Chen Sheng helped, Huan soon had grandfather positioned. Out of the cage, Huan set foot in the opposite direction to the trucks everyone used to evacuate.
"You're not going in the car?" blank stare, Chen Sheng asked a silly question when he said this.
Huan shook his head.
"That... where are you going now?"
The corner of his mouth barely bent, Huan did not answer this question.
From the moment he chose Aye, he knew he could never return to his previous life.

In the future, what should he do with Ah Ye... he don’t know.
Ji huan was lost.

Chen Sheng’s mouth opened, as if he suddenly thought of something, caught the sleeves of Ji Huan again.
"Black eggs!" Shouting the name, Chen Sheng pulled the sleeves of Huan.
Ji huan and the horned monster on his back was slightly startled, unbelievable to come back Ji huan faced Chen Sheng said:
"Caught... When you found my grandfather, there was a little monster on his body, so long, especially black, wearing a diaper, and a gold bracelet with black eggs on his hands. You Also know him?"
When he saw such a small monster with a human figure, like everyone else, Chen Sheng only felt funny and strange. However, after experiencing the last event and witnessing the old monster and teenager in front of him, he suddenly thought of the little monster.
A small monster with a gold bracelet hanging on his hands and feet...
"Black eggs is my nephew!" Sure enough, the boy who's face was gray with defeat immediately focused.
"Sure enough..." Chen Sheng nodded, he pointed in one direction: "The little monster... No, your Black eggs should be locked in area A5, you can pick him up soon..."
Chen Sheng didn't know how he made this incredible decision now of all time, However, he was very enthusiastic, looking at the teenager's dark eyes rekindled to life, he told everything he knew.
"Go! Hurry!" The teenager carrying the old monster left, Chen Sheng even waved at them.
On the left side, the figure of the boy and his grandfather gradually drifted away; on the right hand side, the team brought by surnamed Yang did not know when they'd disappeared without a trace. Chen Sheng sobered, in the huge yard, there was only him left in it!
and many more--
Not just yourself, there was also a black monster...
Chen Sheng, became aware of this matter immediately retreated to the cage Aye had lived in before, using his key to lock the door behind him. Shivering, he shrank in the cage.
This is the most correct decision he has ever made in his life.
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