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Devil Chapter 46

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 46
I found Black eggs.

Carrying grandfather, Huan stepped towards the direction Chen pointed for him.
Obviously in his prototype state, but Aye was not heavy, he was very thin.
Huan did not say a word.
Grandfather lied quietly on Huan's back, his breathing terrible. Avoiding sharp nails, Aye grabbed Ji huan with his dry fingertips, as if had he not done so, he would be thrown away.
Just like when Huan was a child, he was afraid of being abandoned by Aye, always clinging to Aye’s scales.
Without a word, Ji Huan just silently held Aye's arm.
Strange, obviously not a very impressive childhood, however, like opening a gate, as long as a clip was remembered, other forgotten memories appeared in his brain one after another.
Except for his earliest memory, everything else was a good memory.
The memories with Ah Ye are very good memories.
In his less than eighteen years of life, from the beginning, Grandpa had participated in every day of Huan's memories. Aye was the only person who was longer than Xiao Hei’s time.
Huan clenched his lips.
The alarm bell sounded from within the house, there was a sudden rush, something had happened.
Many people rushed out from all corners of the garden.
When he was working here, Huan had never known there was so many people.
Carrying Aye, Ji huan carefully avoided other people, moving firmly in the direction of Area A5 where the most people were escaping from.
"There's a super A-class monster! It escaped towards this area! Evacuate as soon as possible-" A man in white uniform shouted as he directed the crowd to retreat.
"What about the monsters? Monsters here?" A man still holding a feed bowl asked: "I was going to feed them lunch..."
"What kind of lunch, still feeding? A super A-class monster is coming over for lunch! Go away!" The boss cursed.
Hesitating with his feed bowl, the man then ran with the flow. Before he left, he dropped the basin, people escaping from behind tipped it over, the spilt feed was immediately flattened.
Huan quietly lurked in the grass not far away, as more number of people ran out, he ran towards the place where everyone escaped!
"Hey! Why are you running inside?" Not no one had noticed Huan's strange move, but this time, no one was willing to waste time on somebody they didn't know.
Going against the road, the entire breeding area was now empty. Unimpeded on the path, Huan ran down the underground passage, and finally stood in the feeding area.
A very bright room, from the ceiling to the floor was made of frosted glass. There were countless bulbs under the glass. When Huan came in, he was dazzled by the brightness of this room.
Blinking, after adapting to the light, Huan reopened his eyes, began looking around.
He saw against the wall originally thought to be innumerable cages. One by one, the dense cages stretched forward, shocking to see at first glance.
They were filled with monsters inside.
Black monsters filled all the cages in the room, black fog emerged from their bodies, as if they were hiding their true bodies with fog, just like Black eggs at the beginning.
Thinking of Black eggs -
"Black eggs! Black eggs!" Ji huan called out his nephew's name.
The sudden screams provoked the fierce nature of the surrounding monsters. Monsters wilting due to the large amount of light in their cages, stood up. They slammed into the cages with their bodies, making terrible noises, as if in the next second, they would succeed in breaking out of their cages; at the same time, their maws open, screaming. Huan couldn’t hear Eggs through those terrible growls, however -
Suddenly a huge tinnitus in his ear, just like receiving a certain signal, the invisible strings in his mind suddenly moved.
The string was broken.
There was a white flower in front of him, with a burst of dizziness, Huan's body swayed in place.
Slowly he placed grandfather on the ground, vomiting a few times. Not eaten for a long time, Huan could not spit out anything.
Suppressing the feeling of nausea, he closed his eyes, trying to calm his spirit. When he sobered again, Huan realized he could not hear.
Touching his ear, Huan found he blood dripping from his ears.
He touched his nose, blood.
Wiping indiscriminately at the mess on his face, Ji huan gritted teeth, regained his feet and climbed back up with Aye.
Determined, Huan continued to walk to the room in front.
It was a good thing he could not hear.
If all the sounds from the monsters could be heard by him, then Black egg's call would be covered by their noise. Now the sounds were gone, he could finally feel Black egg's call.
In his heart, Huan called out Black egg's name.
If Black eggs was still here, if Black eggs was still... alive, he would certainly hear Huan's call.
This is his tacit understanding with Black eggs.
Ji huan gave another cry.
There was a blank in his mind.
As he walked past the fourth door, there was a little ripple in his brain.
It's hard to describe the feeling.
Like a small agitation suddenly emerged from the blank area of ​​his brain, eager and soft, poking at his heart.
Black eggs -
Found Black eggs!
Looking back, Ji huan suddenly glanced in the direction of the right rear, with aye, he quickly ran in that direction.
It was also a very bright room, the cage inside was much larger than the previous room, the monster inside were no longer just a head, but a large group. A group of almost the same monsters were crowded in a cage, eating and drinking was carried all out in the cage, the room carried a smell, foul enough to suffocate.
This poorly equipped room was obviously prepared for the lowest of monsters.
Black eggs was in a cage in this room - the thought flashed through Huan's brain, his whole body filled with eagerness!
"Black eggs!" Ji Huan again shouted.
How long has he not been able to call this name?
How long had he last seen his child?
The monsters in the room rushed to the voice of Ji huan. Countless little monsters climbed out from their corners in his direction. Small in size, dexterous in movement, pressing against each other - you press me, I crush you!- not much time, the cages are full of hanging little monsters!
Its time for breeders to bring their feed, instinctively they gathered. You fight me, grabbing, trying to overwhelm others similar to themselves, aiming for a good position to snatch food.
Black eggs was also stuck in this group of little monsters.
Unlike other little monsters coming for food: Black eggs came because he heard Uncle's voice!
However, he had been hungry for a few days, hungry to almost dead. In any case, he won’t eat food the breeders threw in, He didn’t even drink water in the past few days.
Before Ji Huan arrived, Black eggs was already hungry and thin. The breeder had already noticed this little monster didn’t eat or drink or even squeezed with his own kind. If Huan did not come, maybe they would pick out this little monster and throw it away one day.
Uncle had come!
Black eggs heard Ji huan calling!
"chirp~chirp~" He cried, Black eggs has never been so flexible, white ringed eyes staring straight in the direction of the voice, he propped himself up with a small arm, then--
Waiting with him near the cage, other small monsters around him also heard Huan's voice. They didn't understand the meaning of Huan, they only know whenever food came, the breeders would make sounds to remind them to eat.
A large group of small monsters stepped to the sides of the cage and climbed up and over each other.
When Black eggs crawled over, the wall of the cage was full of Dangling small bodies, Black eggs was completely covered.
"Hey! Hey!" Nothing could be seen, Black eggs cried anxiously.
However, this time, Ji huan could not hear anything.
Quietly feeling Black eggs agitation in his heart, Ji huan moved surely to the cage full of small monsters, seeing a cage full of black eggs, Ji huan was stunned.
"Black eggs." Huan called Black eggs again.
The answering calls were fierce as the cage full of small monsters reacted.
Taking advantage of the axe he found in the other rooms, Huan slammed it into the cage door.
The cage was extremely strong and only opened after more than sixty strokes, The small monsters inside were removed one by one to be carefully distinguished.
Piled up in the middle of a group of small monsters, Black eggs was very worried!
There were so many Black eggs here! What if Uncle took away another Black eggs and left him behind?
Scared, little body pressed by other monsters, Black eggs stretched out his small claws.
However, the other "black eggs" also had a similar reaction, countless black paws stretched out and tried to catch Ji huan. The little monsters in the cage were almost exactly the same. It seems the appearance and performance alone could not completely distinguish the real Black eggs, not to mention the fact that today Ji huan could not hear!
Black egg's stretched out claws, were finally caught.
The small paw immediately grabbed the fingers of Ji Huan, who held Eggs in front of his eyes. The mouth of Black eggs opened wide as he cried.
Eggs didn't know Huan couldn't hear him now.
Crying, Black eggs called the name of his uncle with the language he learnt.
"Chirp! Chirp!" Eggs called.
However, his performance was no different from other monsters, when he greeted Ji huan, the reaction of other small monsters was also the same. Urgently grasping Ji Huan's hands, his mouth opens and closes, all the little monsters reacted the same way.
No diapers, or gold bracelets, black eggs without his bottle, looked no different from other monsters.
Black eggs clenched the big hand, small claws trembled. He was terrified.
Just at this time--
Eggs suddenly saw a smile in front of him.
"Black eggs, you are Black eggs." Gently calling Black egg, then, Huan firmly tickled black armpits.
Black eggs was forced "Xiu xiu" and laughed. With laughter, white ringed eyes flattened, big tears dripped out, Black eggs became a crying and laughing, small watering can.
Ignoring the stinky odour from Black eggs, Huan held the dirty little monster's body, treasured in his chest. Soon, Black eggs skillfully drilled his head in Huan's neck, his t-shirt soaked with tears.
Gently patting the little demon as he shook, the smile on Huan huan's face slowly faded. Looking at the white walls without any exit, his expression became firm.

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