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Wolf King Chapter 1

The Wolf King Chapter 1 Dressed as a stray dog? !

Xiao Yun opened his eyes for the third time, desperately looking for the energy-saving lamps placed around his bedroom.

Instead, all he could see was clouds up high floating in an endless clear blue sky.

This was certainly not Xiaoyun’s home.

Xiaoyun, who grew up in the city, saw the blue sky for the first time when he went to the countryside on an excursion in primary school.

Okay, lets stop mentioning the sky colour, he knows already.

This situation is very wrong, because now he was lying on the ground, his head folded on his arms, sleeping.

No... maybe front paws? A pair of forelimbs, stretched forward and crossed in the grass, they were at least 90% similar to his his neighbour's Samoyed's front paws.

"--Why did my soul detach during sleep and attach to a dog?!"

This is the only conclusion Xiao Yun can think about right now.

After a few seconds of stiffness, Xiao Yun tried to stand up...

He felt his legs push up from the ground and received the belly completing the standing movement.

Simultaneously, the two claws stacked in front naturally stood and propped up his body - the trough[1] really standing on all fours! !

Still getting up so smooth and natural, is this the so-called body memory? !

Xiao Yun, opened his mouth wide to vent his emotions, his instincts screaming:


"... Dog Barking?" Xiao Yun thought blankly.

He carefully lowered his head and looked at his body...

Well, this neck was much more flexible than a human's.

The range was quite large, he could see this body was covered in thick long fluff, the chest was especially dense, even if it was very dirty, with who knows how many layers of mud, ash, leaves...

Hands and feet... Hey, the forelimbs and hind legs are like a canine's.

In terms of proportions, the limbs are slender and strong, not like a thin dog, but a large dog.

Lifting a front paw... oh, still quite dirty, but you can see the meat pad...
Xiao Yun’s possessed a dog with a dirty body, too dirty to see the true colour. The chest, abdomen, limbs, all the fur is knotted, you don't have to look in a mirror to see, Xiao Yun can guess what virtue he looks like.

"Why did I possess a dog, but also a stray dog at that?!" Xiao Yun feels more depressed.

"What special situation is this - people who wear a cat comes with a shovel officer! I wear a dog like this pit. ?!" Xiao Yun, with an especially sad reminder, lost his strength and collapsed to the ground.

Not to mention this dog’s body was so relaxing when it was squatting...
that is, the grassy taste seemed to be mixed with something unpleasant like, excrement.

The smell like...

Xiao yun didn't realize so didn't smell it before.
Once realized, his nose felt like it was rotting from the odor, subconsciously he wanted to hold his nose first, then he found himself selling his forefoot and stalking himself. a (dog) face...

Xiao Yun: "..."

It seems there was also a smell of excrement on his front paws... Not only did it not block the odor, the smell became even heavier.

"Ah! ah! Ah! I don't want to be a dog, I want to go home-" Xiaoyun collapsed, rolling about on the ground up.

"I have to go to work tomorrow, let me go back~~~~ ”

Tossing on the ground, grass blades and dirt flew, the whole person (dog) suddenly froze.

He shouted the words just then, not psychological activities, just like when people staying in their own room, suddenly remembered some shameful memories, couldn’t help but hold their heads and shout that they couldn’t fight Shit, with their own vocal organs.

Will subconsciously voiced -

He seemed to hear a voice, particularly strange, but familiar.

"...Do dogs speak?" Xiao Yun tried to talk to himself.

Smooth Mandarin came smashing out from his mouth. The voice was not his, but the words were particularly clear and very standard.

"Ah!" Xiao Yun cried, once more sold his raised forefoot to his dog face.

"What, can you really talk? - What kind of dog is this trough?!"

……wait a second.

Xiao Yun got up silently, his body was very natural...

Shaking off the grass and other things like the dog's water, and laboriously, because he was unaccustomed to using claws, brush off the relatively large pieces of mud on this body - It is absolutely impossible for him to really use his tongue like a dog.

After cleaning up the body slightly, Xiao Yun stood up firmly, looked up and around, this stray dog ​​seems to have been abandoned in the wild.

Looking across at the endless plains of green undulating small hills.

Just looking at the terrain, Xiao Yun is sure this terrain was not his home from the South, when he was still a man...

His home is mountainous, and Xiaoyun, who has never been out of the province, has never seen such a wide, flat land.

"Although I don't know where I was thrown... It should still be on earth."

"If I can meet people, my dog vocal cords can still make people's voices. "

"If I don't get dissected, maybe I can find a way back home..."

Xiao Yun thought as optimistically as possible, claws marching forward.

The four legs moved very smoothly, meat pads touched grass although he wore no shoes, but the dirty, thick fur made him unafraid of being cut by the grass blades, his nose was occasionally uncomfortably being scratched by the lush grass blades though...

For half an hour, Xiao yun headed aimlessly in the direction of the sun, feeling the heavy exhaustion of the stray dog's body.

Hunger and thirst followed, it was getting harder and harder to move.

"This is Dangerous... This dog's body is hungry, thirsty..."

"Why did I pass through to this body..."

"It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the trough. The scenery in front hasn’t changed. What is with this uninhabited African savanna..."

A burst of dizziness, Xiao Yun had to stop and take a break, when he was squatting naturally...

He didn’t realize he had opened his mouth instinctively to spit out his tongue, an ordinary dog's instinct, using their tongues to dissipate heat...

"Except for the same grass, the trees and shrubs that are sparsely planted, there's no fruit to quench this thirst. "

"Miserable... "

"I remember Baye said blood can also quench thirst? Blood... Mom[1], didn't see any small animals, just piles of bugs and lizards... am I going to be forced to catch lizards?"

Xiao Yun eagerly swallowed a pitiful amount of spit, but the thirst in his throat did not ease.

He came along this direction, rabbits, cows, sheep, and the like, animals that should appear on the grassland had not seen, but all kinds of insects and lizards he'd seen a lot of, but... Truthfully, Xiao Yun feels he can’t accept biting lizards to suck blood to quench his thirst. Just imagining it he feels his stomach squirming with nausea. .

"What about Nima[1]? So I wear a dog to die of hunger and thirst? Don’t be so sad, let me know how many dogs can talk on earth, and mix with the protagonist. The coffee station will take the boxed lunch in the next second, then at least first give me a boxed lunch..."

Xiao Yun, who is about to die, is desperately looking at the vast grassland.
Suddenly, a strange colour, different from grass green appears in his eyes.

Near the end of his line of sight, about a kilometer away, a little gray moves slowly between the green grass.

Xiao Yun’s brain had not reacted yet, the body had instinctively jumped up and ran like a mad dog.

"Animals? Is that an animal?! Blood, blood, flesh and blood -"

It seems its not necessary to prove an extremely hungry person is not the same as a ration adult.

Xiao Yun completely lost human reason at this moment, his mouth wide open and his eyes focused toward the moving gray object, the wolf body rushes onward.

After a few hundred meters of madness, Xiao yun saw the moving gray animals, he recognized it - the head has a pair of exaggerated huge solid forked antlers, a big, brown, horned deer covered in thick fur.

"Big horned deer? Elk? Is the big horned deer not extinct? Where did it come from?"

As Xiao yun rushed to the deer, the remaining human reason was still pondering the extinction problem...

There's about three or forty heads in this herd of big-horned deer.

After the discovering Xiao yun, the deer rioted and did not hesitate to turn and run in the opposite direction. Strong bucks quickly rushed out, giving young does time to run with the cubs.

"Don't want to run AooAooAooAoo-"

Xiao yun, whose eyes are green, cannot tolerate the duck flying from his mouth, the mad dog (no mistake) speeds up.

The deer group was not all young and strong. Its estimated the old deers, which were relatively slow, if not their antlers would not have been broken by the crazy Xiao yun. After a few minutes, their pace slowed down and trotted for a short time. Xiao Yun, who caught up with his tongue out, rushed one to the ground.

"A small deer, not a big horned deer... Is there a horned deer on earth about the size of a dog? Japanese deer?"

Xiao yun used his forelimbs to cover the neck of the old deer and crushed the old deer with his weight.

Although he was hungry, he still felt he was a human being. He couldn’t really bite like a dog. .

Then... Relying on the weight to stop the main force, it seems the strength of the old deer is not much weaker than him, Xiao Yun is guilty - he does not consider using his mouth to bite the deer's throat, then how should he put this prey that's still so powerful and struggling, to become meat? !

"The trough... This special thing... I can usually kill chickens and kill fish..." Xiao Yun once again unconsciously sticks out his tongue and perspires.

How can he kill a living deer without a kitchen knife? Survival coach Baye and chef Wang Gang have not taught!

Seeing the deer underneath struggle more fiercely, the more he looked at Xiao Yun's claws, suddenly Xiao yun's eyes lit up;

Struggling to suppress the old deer's shoulders with two hind legs, the whole dog body pressed onto the deer.

Then reluctantly the upper body leaned and bent over, stretched out his claws to catch one of the stones in the nearby grass...

The deer who ran out of the dog's claws saw their companion was caught, stopped not far away.

They bowed down and continued to graze.

These deer obviously had no IQ, no one was holding stones with a pair of forelegs.

The mad dog stared at the deer head, expressed his shock.

[1] Swear word, like F**k, holy S**t etc.

[2] your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female) (archaic) male and female slaves subjects (of a ruler).

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