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Wolf King Chapter 2

Wolf King Chapter 2 No reference objects!

After the deer's head was smashed, the antlers shattered, the old horned deer finally broke.

Xiao yun, who had almost no force, nudged the body, when he saw no response, he was relieved.

"This dog's paw really can't replace a human hand, mother nature's monsters are in the competition. In the end, the first species to stand occupies the upper hand... oh yeah!"


The smell from the herd broke through his reflex to howl.

"Instinct is really terrible!" Xiao Yun got off the old horned deer.

The bloody smell was quite disgusting, but a hungry person has no room for complaints, that is...

"Wait, Nima, how to eat?!"

Modern people including Xiao Yun himself, when they think of the words survival in the wilderness, the picture that appears in mind is Robinson or Baye.

Anyway, a majestic man sitting in the wild, cold and lonely. In front, there's a raging bonfire, roasting any edible animal, fat protein sizzling into the flames -

So now the problem has come, even if Xiao Yun had laboriously smashed the elk's head with the stone, how to use his dog's paw to complete the super-hard operation of firing barbecue?

Xiao Yun, stricken face, looks at his dog's claws, which are bloody and of unknown age, then look at the complete old horned deer below the neck.

A few hundred meters away, in the deer herd chewing grass, a strong buck's ear twitched and watched with vigilance in the direction his compatriot had fallen.

It saw the hunter who had hunted its compatriot, put his head on the neck of the compatriot, half-small, fixed in this position, motionless.

The Buck shook his ears and continued grazing, silently watching the strange predator who had finished hunting but did not eat.

Five minutes later.

The eccentric predator suddenly fell backwards, screaming with a cry of anger, madly rolling on the ground:

"Chen Chen[2] can't do it~~~"

"?!" The strong stag looked at the hairy predator in shock, although it could not understand what the beast was doing, but it instinctively felt danger, so he stopped grazing and sent to his compatriots, the policing deer, who did not hesitate to lead the herd into the depths of the grassland...

After the group of alarmed deer left, the surroundings were quiet...

Half an hour later.

Xiao Yun, who was kneeling on the ground, rose silently, quietly placed his mouth close to the old horned deer, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, his heart crossed and bravely bit.

"Nima peipeipei!!" Xiao Yun almost spit, he had bit a patch of fur, the hair was still full of mud, gravel, grass leaves, suspicious excrement and the like, he opened his eyes, okay, squatting where he suppressed the horned deer, his dirty ass on the old horned deer's shoulder.

"Calm, calm, even if I'm going to starve to death, I must calm down." Xiao Yun forced himself to sit down, his eyes glaring at the horned deer that could save his dog's life.

"Think carefully... The leopard dog in the animal world after catching its prey, seems to peel then eat, first bite the skin... Hey, wait, I seem to remember from which documentary, the leopard eats its prey from the stomach, eating the internal organs which are prone to spoilage... vomit!"

It was really unbearable, he went to the side to retch for dozen seconds.
Slowing down, Xiao Yun sat back firmly, glancing over at the horned deer still leaking blood:

"Is it dirty?... can other parts of the meat be eaten as sashimi... eh? Wait a minute!"

Once again raising his paws and looked at his own meat pad, Xiao Yun finally found a problem he had neglected before - his claws seemed to be longer than the neighbour's Samoyed, the nails on five paws were far longer and sharper than a dog's.

"...when dogs don't trim nails, it will it become like this?" Xiao Yun looked shocked.

"Uh...This doesn't seem right, I've only heard of wild dogs biting people. I haven't heard of any wild dogs scratching people?"

"What am I think about, lying in the trough[1]? So hungry!"

Strong hunger pangs cramps Xiao yun's abdomen, smacking his lips, he tried to move the five claws on the dog's paw.

The dog's five fingers moved. Not as convenient as the human fingers, but it can still be used, so he no longer reluctantly lowers his mouth, but carefully sticks out his claws...

Don't say his dog's paw is dirtier than the body, his claws were so black he couldn't distinguish the true colour, but it was quite sharp. Thick horned deer fur was cut without any waste, then with a little effort, he pulls it down, creating an opening.

"I can do it! It's okay! Although there is no hand, the knives are built-in!"

Xiao Yun was excited.

He immediately extended his left paw to hold the horn deer body.

The sharp claw on the right paw was like the casual use of a kitchen knife.
He made a triangular incision on the buckskin and forced the skin to tear off the body. After the fascia, the red and white muscle layers were exposed.

Xiao Yun eagerly cut a layer of irregular venison a fingers' width, and stuffed it into his mouth.

Uh... no mustard, no soy sauce, no salty raw meat, the truth is out...
Just as some of the novels described, wild Xiao Yun can not taste at all, only an awkward taste which makes him have a feeling life is not good as death...

"If you don't have a boxed lunch, you can't just starve me to death. It's not a blood loss to your home!"

The desire to survive makes Xiao Yun almost swallow the raw meat with tears.
Don't know if it was a psychological effect, although his whole mouth was like a disaster, but the hunger of tossing people in his belly really eased a lot, so once again, he raised his courage and determination to cut the raw meat.

After cutting sixteen - seventeen pieces, he swallowed it all.
Although he was still not full, Xiao Yun couldn’t eat it anymore — the kind of sloppy raw meat that was against the sky, unless you forced him to a dead end, he couldn’t stand it.

"I don't want to abandon the taste of takeaway, the canned taste is bad, the barbecue meat was small, the mutton noodles had less parsley, the fried noodles were dry, the dandan noodles was not authentic, the spicy hot pot skewers are easy to get angery..."

While squatting, while walking away from the leftover horned deer, he moved a dozen meters away, Xiao Yun lost his strength and laid down in a large shade, looking up at the sky, the dog's face was as sad as a salted fish.

"When I get off work, I can go home and play with my mobile phone. With beer by my right hand side, The toilet can be reached in two steps.

The snacks are in the living room TV cabinet. Press an APP to send the meal takeaway brother...I used to live such a happy day..."

Xiao Yun wants to be more sad, the more he wants to be desperate, the more he is in tears.

As if to match his mood, in the west the sun hanging at the end of the sky also fell into the horizon at this time, the whole earth was gradually shrouded in darkness.

Xiao Yun silently stared at the starry sky, recalling the little brothers who often came to live in the community, the company to send takeaway, recalling the roadside snacks he could eat when he went down the stairs, recalling the one he just bought online, the cabinet of snacks, coke, beer, even the fat-headed customers and pig teammates who squandered his personal time for entertainment, became familiar his memory; at this moment, he thought a lot, he found when people were lost, It’s always reasonable to think that it’s hard to be flat. He now deeply understands how life is so mournful in the modern icy steel jungle...

His nose smelt a faint smell, ears twitched at the slight friction of an animal walking in the grass. Xiao Yun, who indulged in nostalgia, looked down towards the direction of the movement.

Dogs can see things in the dark, Xiao Yun’s line of sight was not affected by the night, he can clearly see the uninvited guest...

A fat bear with a strong body and particularly developed shoulder muscles was secretly trying to steal.

It was coming closer to his leftover horned deer, lurking less than two metres near the deer.

Xiao Yun sat up, the brown bear took the opportunity to give up the horned deer near its mouth, turned and ran wildly.

After running out for more than 100 meters, it stopped again and squatted in the grass diagonally to the deer.

Xiao Yun: "..."

Xiao Yun raised his dog's claws, he didn't care if he was awkward.

He rubbed his eyes like a man and looked at the brown bear.

Even if Xiao Yun was not a loyal audience of the animal world, he can still recognize the brown bear.

First, the brown bear was really recognizable.

Second, because he was involved in the bear vs lion vs tiger three battles when he was bored...

He clearly remembers that the brown bear was one of the largest mammals on land.
The body length is between one point five metres to three metres.
The strongest male brown bear can weigh half a ton.
The fighting power of the dog is not questioned because dogs can threaten brown bears, raise as a pet...

So now Xiao Yun is very suspicious of whether his eyes have a problem - the character that looks like a male adult brown bear; the proportion is actually ... smaller than the big horned deer killed by his stone? !

"There are such small brown bears in the world?!" Xiao Yun was shocked.

After a long and stunned silence, his brain became active,

"Wait, if the big-horned deer meat I'd eaten is really a big-horned deer...Then I, I remember that the big horned deer is two meters long in diagonal width. It is indeed bigger than the brown bear - how big am I?!"

After inexplicably wearing the dog, he has been playing on the prairie where there was no other.

There is no personal class or something to give him the current reference to compare.

Xiao Yun always thought he had worn some kind of large-scale wandering Dog - but there are no large dogs on earth bigger than the big horned deer and brown bears? !

In the midst of shock, Xiao Yun stood up unconsciously, the brown bear who was kneeling in the distance turned away and ran...

"--There are brown bears scared away by dogs in the world?" Xiao Yun felt that his logical thinking was directly forced to collapse, he even forgot to chase after it.
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