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Wolf King Chapter 3

Wolf King Chapter 3 This is not scientific

"I remember that the largest dog is the St. Bernard. The shoulder height can be up to 90 cm, the weight can reach more than 90 kg, the character is docile and high-quality. The Irish big-horned deer has a length of two to five to three meters. It is about two meters high and weighs about 600 kilograms.
It is understandable that a small brown bear does not compare to a large horned deer. But compare with a large dog, the big horn deer... how can this special thing be possible?!"


Xiao Yun raised his paw and looked at the mosquito that had died under his claws.

"It seems to be a standard-sized mosquito. How big is it... No, there is no ruler. What kind of energy? If the mosquito is actually too exaggerated, then the lizard who eats bugs must be fat. Obese, isn't difficult to understand - right or wrong, do I have to accept the fact that I am a mutant giant dog?! I have a head and tail length of at least three or four meters upwards, and the weight is much lighter than the big horn deer?! This can still be a dog? This special thing is the white wolf in the ghost princess! Okay!"

"Where in the trough... If I encountered a living person, don't talk about it, I would be shot as an abnormal creature on the spot!"
Xiao Yun's two claws hold his head, he screams to the sky.

"Don't worry, I want to return to the human society." Even if I become a dog, I am eager for the steel jungle. Ah~~~~"

After accepting the reality of living as a dog, Xiao Yun has no hope of returning to the boring life he had not cherished before, but fact the is wandering in the wilderness is really not suitable for him - even the provincial university he was not willing, and studied in his hometown.

Two books, the main company was too far away, he took the initiative to move to the branch company, the next shift, he was willing to stay at home, brushing his mobile phone, playing is not willing to be disturbed, he stayed home to 30 years old, a career Xiaocheng or single dog, such a character with the word adventure, can you get together!

Therefore, Xiao Yun is still very much looking forward to returning to the civilized world. Even if it is as a stray dog ​​in the trash can...

He is so smart and clever, maybe he would be caught by a shovel officer who knows his dog?

How to say, dog food is also better than no smell, how many parasites, raw, wild meat, which is easier to swallow?


If he is really a big dog, bigger than a brown bear and a size or two larger like the white wolf in the cartoon ghost princess, then finding a shovel can not be played.

- Who can afford it! Husky has eaten a lot of police stations!

Normal people see giant dogs of this size not blaming...

The Prairie temperature at night is much lower than during the day.

Xiao Yun, who is covered in thick fur, doesn’t feel cold, but is cold and wants to sing cool...

He recalls his happy life as a human being, really Silly, really, I didn’t say how much to cherish when I lived so happy and free.

"The stomach, is hungry... Hey... What time is it, takeaway brother is still at work, want to eat a dish... ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )..."

Difficulties struck, and Xiao Yun who was in tears, slowly closed his eyes.

During the night on this lonely and desolate prairie, Xiao Yun made a long night dream.

In the first half of the dream, he had been eating wild food and drinking all kinds of food.

He is happy with a nose and a bubble; the latter half, the dream is abrupt, he is not Born in the inland provinces of southwestern China, the small citizen was born in a primitive tribe in the middle of no where, and they were extremely poor.

Xiao Yun’s eyes opened and he saw a dark, greasy tent – ​​not a beautiful dome like in the landscape documentary, but a rough cover against the trees made of felted wool.

A sloping canopy, there is no high-grade goods such as blankets in the tent, but very primitive animal fur.

Xiao Yun feels very uncomfortable.

The back and buttocks have a tingling sensation.

It feels like he was placed on a very rough linen pocket.

After he makes a move, the adult sitting on the fur picks him up.

Xiao Yun saw the other side of the adult had a clay pot on the stone, the tank was filled with milky-white goat milk, with a thinner person sitting next to the fire.

The two adults began to talk.

They did not speak Chinese or English. They were not Mongolian or Tibetan, which Xiaoyun had heard when watching TV dramas, but Xiao Yun was faintly able to understand their dialogue:

"... he has survived this winter..."

"...should be able to change a little more when the caravan came... Hey, he was too weak when he was born, it was my fault..."

Xiao Yun still didn't understand what this scene meant.

The dream changed.

He became a little boy, running and jumping in a circle of sloping tents, but no one around him played with him.

It seems everyone else is busy with their own affairs, vaguely, Xiao Yun saw a large herd of cattle and sheep farther outside the tribe.

The dream changed again.

Xiao Yun was alone in the original sloping tent, he was fascinated by the pottery on the fire, the pot looked old, the thin man walked into the tent, Xiao Yun shouted at him, the thin man grabs and hugs Xiaoyun, crying as if he was very sad.

Xiaoyun heard many people speaking, all were the voices of the tribes.

Some were rushed, some were nervous, some were angry.

He was still held by the thin man, and could not see the speaker, but these voices were hard.

Drilling into his mind:

"The people who went out are dead... the warriors of the tribe were all gone..."

"I said earlier, we should not be involved in this kind of thing..."

"5,000 heads of cattle and sheep promised by the king's account, the big tribes in the east only gave us eight hundred!"

"We can't stay here, lets move to the west..."


"Don't say... we must protect the rest of our people..."

When Xiao Yun woke up, he was completely shocked and overwhelmed.

With a pair of bronze bells looking at the slightly white sky, it was a good time to return to God.

Because he was not far away, the scavengers who specialized in stealing other prey did not dare to approach.

The nocturnal predators did not dare to come to the door, so the big-horned deer that stayed overnight was basically intact. - The basic two characters were added because the big horned deer had a smashed head and a piece of meat that had been cut by Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun came to check and almost didn't see it.

Resisting nausea to disperse the flies, cut off the deer's head, cut off the exposed parts with eggs produced by the flies, Xiao Yun took the remaining horned deer on his back and walked forward again.

"This guy was walking in the direction of the sun when he walked out of the tent. If I walk east, I should be able to find his tribe..."

Tired, or really hungry, Xiao Yun just stopped, looking for a place.

After enduring the nausea, two pieces of raw venison was cut, with a little effort he was restored.

Xiao Yun shoved soil onto the deer to avoid flies and searched around.

In the memory of the original Lord, his parents and some ethnic groups left the tribe to find a caravan.

It was carried out after the fall of the year, so to say, this Savannah looks like its still lush, but it has already entered the autumn...

Sure enough, after spending a little effort, Xiao Yun found some dry shrubs, wasting a of a lot of strength, the whole bush was connected with some roots to bring back the venison.

The shrubs are not enough to burn, If you want to make a fire, you still have to rely on trees.

Fortunately, the trees were relatively large, so you don't have to worry about it.

Xiao Yun selected a tree with a relatively dry and cracked bark.

He broke the branches with his weight and moved back a lot of firewood.

"The next big thing is..."

Xiao Yun pulled out a few thin branches with his claws, found some dry shrubs to crush, found a thick branch of bark that was relatively dry, and using a paw to finely dig a pile of bark, then use his claws to step on the end of the thick branch, lifting it slightly, he used the other paw to swiftly and gently score across the surface of the branch.

"Sure enough, there is a spark!"

Xiao Yun’s spirit was excited, he quickly laid the flat branches together, sprinkling the bark wire and the dry shrubs on top, hung the claws on top, then gently pressed it with a claw, drawing back and forth on the branches...
As the harsh wood was rubbed with madness, the tiny sparks ignited, but they could't catch...

"How good if I had the corn husk I dried in the sun!"

After a burst of madness...

The so-called effort pays off, the blue bark shaved out ignites, Xiao yun was afraid that the invisible flame would be fleeting, quickly stuffed the bark ball into the pile of branches, cheeks carefully blowing -

The blue smoke is getting lighter and thinner, then it is gone.

Xiao Yun: "..."

Xiao yun, wiped away his tears, he never wants to eat raw meat, so spurred more perseverance and fought again in the above cycle.

After repeating several times, after changing a few bark and shrubs, the earliest twigs he had set up finally...

...burned up.

"I finally understand, when the original man first made fire in the woods, why he was in a hurry..." Xiao Yun burst into tears.

The success of fire does not mean the battle was over.

Xiao Yun hastened to organised the stones collected before an accident happened, and surrounded the fire.

Only one vent was left, then the plan was continued, digging the fire belt.
If there's a fire in the wild, and you did not dig a fire belt, its was a dangerous situation.

Dug out a circle of white land to ensure the fire would not create a grassland fire, Xiao Yun will dig up the venison in the buried soil, continue to dig deep from the original peeling place, then slice out the meat strips and place them on the stones. .

It’s impossible to put skew the meat onto the branches.

The operation is not possible to complete with claws.

Fortunately, Xiao Yun received the memory of the original owner from the dream.

In this respect, he has confidence - Xiao Yun take two step back and sits down to meditate.

After a while, his body suddenly showed a wonderful change...

The neck leaning forward quickly shrank back, when sitting the size of his shoulder height was shrinking, the back line with a large curvature, slowly narrowed.......

A few seconds of effort, the giant dog squatting... No, the huge snow wolf was gone.

In the original place, there was a skinny, long white-haired young man.

Xiao Yun looked down at his hand.

Although it was too dirty to see the skin colour, the black nail length was disgusting.

The arms were thin like a zombie... but it was a human hand, and the lower fingers were active.

The familiar and flexible joints almost made Xiao Yun shed tears.

"Hey, this is not earth. I can see through the different worlds. I am still a snow wolf. I can change from a wolf to a human. OK... How can I not walk upright with hands and feet? Be strong."

Wiping his tears, Xiao Yun firmly returned to the fire to continue his deli business, and then he found out...

Sure enough, he was not a human, not a large dog, just the meat he cut out, at first glance, the width are as thick as his arms, and the small fire that took a long time to get out was also in contact with the small, the whole deer is surplus.

"Yes... How does a wolf bigger than a brown bear change back and forth with a middle school student's physique? The material exchange is not proportional. it's not scientific?"

Xiao Yun gnashed his teeth and turned back into a wolf to process meat strips...
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