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Wolf King Chapter 4

Wolf King Chapter 4 True Grazing

The four-finger thick venison strips are skewed to the branches and placed on one side of the burning fire.

As the heat rises, the surface of the venison secrets oil, sizzling as it drips into the fire, slowly emitting a fatty aroma of protein...

Xiao Yun swallowed, the the overcooked roast was blown for a while, confirming it was not so hot before biting taste.

Well, the delicate texture of venison was still reflected during roasting.

At least when you chew it, you can have the taste of eating.

But... white meat without salt, let an old man who has experienced the indiscriminate bombardment of Chinese food.

His tongue can't accept, he really wants too much...

Even if it is such a tasteless white meat, Xiao Yun can't stop eating.

First, he is really too hungry.

Second, he'd been forced to the extent that raw meat can enter his mouth.
Still manage what tastes good!

After eating at least a dozen kilos of venison (using his human form to roughly estimate), Xiao Yun finally has a feeling of fullness... Of course, he also couldn’t eat any more white meat without any taste.

His mouth was going to go on strike.

"It’s so hard to eat so much. It’s no wonder a tribe of thirty or forty snow wolves in the district just to survive, had raised more than two thousand cattle and sheep, they're too poor."

Gnashing his nails with his teeth, Xiao Yun complains while sitting by the remnants of the fire.

“This is still the case when snow wolves are using human form to live easily. The wolf eats too much food! No wonder I was hungry so fast! Can these big-headed wolf run and jump less to conserve more energy? Especially in this place, you should pay attention to energy conservation!"

From the original's fragmented dream memories, he learnt the human form of the Snow Werewolf should not be beyond the normal scope...

The mute young man's tribe who was possessed by Xiao Yun would go to the human caravan travelling on the prairie every year for Salt, pottery. The tribe also housed a human wanderer who drifted in from the Southern inner sea; if the human wanderer, who had seen the original many times, is used as the standard reference, the original owner of this skinny skeleton should be the young form of human beings.

What about other snow wolves? Hey, most of the adult snowwolf's height is at least Yao Ming's level.
If you have a width, you have to count on the stone.
The original owner was the most petite out of the Snow Werewolves.

Compared with the human body, the form of the snow wolf is very special.
Xiao Yun uses his own height as a reference object.

When he becomes a wolf, his height is shorter than the distance between the forelegs and the hind limbs. When he is in the form of a wolf, the length of the tail is at least two meters.

The size is so amazing, the snow wolf's wolf form is more powerful.

In any case, the snow wolf tribe has no natural enemies except nature.

No wonder it can scare away the brown bear.

The grassland Tiger king will use 5,000 cattle and sheep to change a few Snow wolf tribes as troops, putting Xiao Yun's, no, putting the original Lord's mother on the battlefield.

The memory of any intelligent creature even incomplete, will not lose the image of its mother.

In the dream, the first adult snow wolf Xiao Yun sees through the original's memory is the mother.

To be honest, the snow wolf mother, after Xiao Yun woke up, he couldn’t return to reason for a long time.

The snow wolf woman and the orc man he understands are not the same thing: the body is strong and does not lose the governor, the upper body of the red fruits can’t see breastfeeding organs, can only see the strong chest muscles...

"The gene metamorphosis, the child born was actually a weak chicken, no wonder the original owner did not open at a young age."

Looking back at what he saw in the dreams, Xiao Yun was quite emotional.

In fact, the life of the original in the tribe can not be squeezed or oppressed.

There are no natural enemies, so not afraid of nature.

The snow wolf is very open-minded and inclusive.

Although they are very poor, they were also willing to accept human wanderers.

Snow wolves did not have much food, so Snow wolves certainly won’t discriminate against tribes who crowded out their own members.

But the original was young and sensitive, relying on the tribe because he lost his mother, he always felt like he had no sense of existence, he only felt like he was a drag on the tribe...

So when the tribe struggled to move to the new pasture, the guy sneaked out.

He also used his wolf form to find a place far away from the tribe to wait for death - he was benevolent, Xiao Yun, who lived a beautiful life on earth, was dragged in by a unknown power as a pick-up man.

"Young people, when they're teenagers, they're all about life-and-death. No matter which race is the same, they don’t know how valuable life is when they've only lived for a few years. Where is there anything good about dying, there is boundless hope in life, they feel so special. I don’t want to die at all."

Xiao Yun sighed and supported the ground to climb up and took up the earth to extinguish the fire: "The problem of eating has been solved, and the trouble of water has not been solved... The mouth is so dry its almost smoking. This area does not look like there's a drought. There is no groundwater coming out of it... Hey, this is... How is this plant familiar?"

Near the shallow pit where the venison was dug, Xiao Yun saw a small cluster of plants growing out of the earth, about 20 centimeters high, submerged among the waist high weeds.

If he hadn't buried the venison, it would be invisible - the leaves of this cluster are grown in a sitting lotus position, the leaves were erected with dozens of spikes and cylindrical inflorescence.

They are not beautiful or the most famous green plants, but Xiao Yun is very familiar...

"Ah, plantain! The plant plantain in the game was like this!" Xiao Yun boxing his palm, and he finally remembered where he had seen the plant - an online game he played, a car dug in Wanhua Valley The front grass map is exactly the same as this one.

"Wait, I remember the map of the three pictures of herbal medicine directly used by Jian San, that is, this is the real plantain?" Xiao Yun cried excited, "Plantain can be a dish in the spring, If mature, you can use it as a herbal medicine. Is it so useful? I remember it can cure dysentery, it, dig it and dig it away!"

Excavated a whole plant of plantain, Xiao Yun realized the problem of carrying... His wolf form does not need to be said, the human form is ass bare, where to carry? !

Grabbing his scalp... OK, rationally thinking, Xiao Yun pulled a few straws and tied them around the horns of the horned deer...

Once again became a wolf and spiked the venison.

When he walked back, his body was much stronger.

Xiao Yun, who was no longer confused, began to pay attention to the hidden treasures in this grassland.

Not to mention, if you don't look at it seriously, you think that it is a messy and overgrown prairie full of weed. Look carefully, there's still a bit of something.

It didn't take long for Xiao Yun to find the plantains that were connected together, he quickly stopped and harvested.

One wave - the medicinal value of plantains, you can eat this is the most arrogant, the fruit in the plantains collected a wave back to the tribe to plant, at least more vegetables for the coming year isn't it?

Walking along, Xiao Yun also found a lot of dandelions, this is the most intimate wild vegetables, of course, the Chinese generally only eat spring, in the autumn, Dandelions are too old, but when the basket is empty, the old one is a little fart.

What is even more pleasant is that Xiao Yun also found gray ash - a kind of common wild vegetables in the autumn like a shrub.

At the beginning, Xiao Yun heard that this dish can remove bad breath and went to the restaurant several times to recognize the gray ash.

Quickly change back to the human form and pick up a large number of gray vegetables, Xiao Yun once again encountered the troubles of carrying difficulties ... Well, anyway, it's near dusk, he simply stops to find a resting place, ready to spend the night.

The second night on the prairie, the scenery is still the same, but Xiao Yun has found the courage and confidence to live.

He still hides the venison as a staple food, collects firewood that could be burned from the surrounding area, and clean up a fire belt.

Then scratching some firewood to make fire...

It’s really thirsty work.

While roasting, Xiao Yun picks a few plants of plantains and eats them directly – Oh, that taste is very difficult to say.

However, plants are plants, you can chew it, and taste some water... If you endure there is a hard-to-find taste, this plantain actually has a little bit of sweetness...

"True grazing!" Xiao Yun stunned his eyes and shed some tears.

He simply ate and ate, chewing the gray ash.

The gray ash dish, is not just any wild vegetable that can enter the table in a restaurant.

The part of the bud is chewed and tastes much better than the plantain...

The venison is baked well, and Xiao Yun simply eats the gray ash with the venison.

Not to mention, the temperature of the roasted venison cooked with the gray ash, made it tastes even better - except there is no salt and no taste, it is completely impeccable.

"Salt, salt, it's no wonder that salt is the ancestor of taste. It's no wonder that the Black Hearted Caravan brings a small bag of black mud on the prairie they can exchange it for a cow!"

Xiao Yun gnawed his teeth and ate the meat.

With the adjustment of gray vegetables, his appetite grew hard and the whole leg of the horn deer made him thirsty.

The sky is dark, and he had to sleep in such an unobstructed place.

Xiao Yun is afraid to use his human form.

Even if it consumed a lot, he still becomes a wolf to spend the night.

After a night of peace, just after dawn, he picked up the remaining venison and continued to search for the way back to his tribe.

"Mobile phone... computer... I can't believe it. I actually lived a day and two nights without touching a mobile or computer..."

Spitting his tongue at the prairie, Xiaoyun unconsciously decompressed, "Today must be more news on Weibo... The game is out of activity... How is the company talking about the project... The black-faced supervisor knows that I have not been working for two days. No... Hey, supervisor, supervisor, I really want to die. I want to be able to see you again. I am willing to work over time for the next six months..."

"The little devil left home and walked for how long in the end. He obviously only ran for a long time. How can I walk for more than a day and haven't seen the place yet? Isn't that kid walking straight? Nima, it’s so fun to be big..."

"Hey, so hungry... How come you still can't see any water? no water, you really have to die of thirst... Hey, is that someone on the mountain? Hey?! People?!”

Xiao Yun suddenly turned his head right, trying to cover his eyes a few times - he was really wrong, the direction was slightly ups and downs, and a humanoid creature was rushing towards him.

"Sleeping!" Xiao Yun was scared back half a step, "Is it going, poaching? Dog can't be poached ... Hey, revenge? Enemy? Not right, places where the Snow wolf tribe live, no other tribes would not dare approach -"

These are Xiao Yun’s thoughts in these few seconds, the man who rushed over, the outline could be seen... this person’s skin was dark, his white hair was tied into a large ponytail, and the body was muscular and strong, carrying a quaint long bow, the waist covered with a small piece of fur...

"...Uncle?" Xiao Yun shouted subconsciously.

"You little bastard!!"

The severe pain from the lower jaw caused Xiao Yun to lose consciousness in an instant.

Before he passed out, he was full of shock, the smallest form of this Nyima Snowwolf was so violent, it was like Mount Tai had tumbled down.

The original Lord had a psychological shadow, Blame him!

Also, Nima's embarrassment is like this when looking far away. When I looked closer, Nima, dirty or a tramp no difference, the mud on his feet is at least three inches thick!
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