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Wolf King Chapter 5

Wolf King Chapter 5 Male Nanny, Sharp brother

Xiao Yun awakes, and smells a very indescribable odor.

This scent seems to come from a drawer full of underwear that has been worn for at least half a year, then accumulated, violently colliding with The kitchen garbage left unbinned for more than three months.

The ecstasy chemical reaction produced was rushing into his nose.

Only a moment, Xiao Yun’s nose had rotted - the same rotten smell passed the sensory nerve, the excessive pungent odor was toxic.

This toxicity was so severe it paralyzed his brain.

The strong desire for survival prompted Xiao Yun to slam up and squint past his nose to see a faint light.

"Stinging--" a sullen tear, Xiao Yun felt like he had broken a thick layer of poor, greasy leather, when he breathes in the fresh air, his whole person finally comes alive, but listening to the sound of "banging" behind him, looking back...

The trough, the garbage dump had collapsed, the pillar folds, the roof of the tent slants and collapses...

"...this special thing, such a dangerous house?!"

Xiao Yun looked horrified, who was so devoid of morality to give him such a dangerous room, if he had not ran out fast, it would have killed him.

A little scared, Xiao Yun, who was still a little angry glanced around, Well, he was so cheap, looking around the sloping tents on the flat ground were half the size of his, looking like they would crumble at any moment.

"Beyond the slums of Brazil, hey, it’s terrible..." His eyes swept over the scene, and Xiao Yun’s mouth began to smoke.

The situation of the tribe at present seems to be more serious than what he had seen in the original memory.

The number of tents was at least three less.

The felt tarpaulin of each family was also more ragged, and more importantly, the pottery, wooden utensils and dry cheese outside the tribal tents, which represents the wealth of the priarie, he had not seen much of it.

The collapsed tent alerted the people outside and a person quickly came out of a square-top tent set up with wooden shelves more than ten meters away.
After seeing Xiao Yun, this person first was surprised:

"You woke up Ayun, Ashan let me look after you..." When he saw the collapsed tent, the surprise becomes scared.

"What happened to your family tent?!"

Ayun is the name of the original master.

Ashan is the name of the original master's mother's brother.

Xiao Yun was stunned, he understood the meaning of this person's words.

He also recognized this person: another member of the tribe, the human wanderer who drifted in from the inner southern sea.

In fact, this human wanderer is a male man.

In human terms, he is part of the main labor force, but on the grassland... his ability to survive is even weaker than the young snow wolf cubs.

It belongs to the dead prey hunted by beasts, so when the snow wolves were out grazing their herds or hunting prey, he usually stays with the original owner to look after the family.

Um... Even if the original owner was very alienated from this human being, even his name did not remember.

Xiao Yun suspects the original owner had autism and depression...

Anyway, the original owner never talks with this human being, he simply looked at each other silently, lest he open his mouth.

In the process of his return to the Horde, Xiao yun had already planned it out.

The Snow wolf was so stupid, he couldn’t make a fool of himself.

It is enough to mix with the snow wolf.

The shape of the human wanderer was bearded, a dirty body, with messy clothes on his body, similar to that of a brother.

This buddy is already used to Ayun’s lack of love for him.

He whispers and doesn’t notice it.

He went as an outsider to find where Ayun's tent had become a ruin:

"It’s probably too unstable when I made it. Fortunately, It didn’t hurt you. Where did you go Ayun, the tribe was worried about you, Although Ashan was very happy you had hunted a big horned deer by yourself, I can see that Ashan does not want you wander out alone... Ah, great, the clay pot just has a small chip, not bad."

The Snowwolf tribe was willing to keep Sharp brother.

In addition to the broad and open-mindedness of the Snow Werewolf, this Sharp brother naturally has his own advantages.

He finds the belongings of Ayun from the collapsed tent with his hands.

Two bundles of animal skins, a small jar of green salt - and sorting these important items aside, Sharp brother will intimately greet Xiao Yun: "I will help you to deal with the horned deer. Come to my tent, I will make you a meal."

Xiao Yun looked up at the tent of Sharp brother not far away.

Among the sloping roof awnings, the square-top tent that was set up with wooden shelves was the most conspicuous.

At least the exterior looked not so dangerous, and then bowed down.

Sharp brother, although the appearance of this person is very bohemian... At least his body was not as stinky as Ashan.

He thinks that humans should not have the snowwolf's immunity to garbage, so Xiao Yun nodded. .

Sharp brother seems to be very happy, Xiao Yun pondering, it's probably the old man who stayed with him, Ayun headed back with Sharp brother to take care of him ... the original Lord this autistic child has no one.

Into Sharp brother's tent, combined with the original's memory and the situation of the tent, Xiao Yun understands this buddy is important to the snow wolf tribe - the snow wolf's leather working process is close to none, in most cases, when the prey arrived, they burned the hair off and even ate it with the belt meat.

Only the leather sheepskin that was specially taken and traded with the caravan could be preserved.

This human buddy is equivalent to the cobbler.

After he came, the fur production of the Snowwolf tribe doubled...

"This is the male deer skin you hunted. The pattern is very beautiful." Sharp brother sat down in the tent and immediately showed his newly peeled buckskin to Xiao Yun.

"The back is very complete, such a buckskin, after processing you can make at least a few pairs of moccasin boots and buckskin gloves, or you can sell for a good price... You can also change for a small bag of green salt with this piece of skin!"

There are no stools in the tent, Xiao Yun can only learn to sit on the fur layered on the floor.

He had returned to the tribe, but he didn’t know if squatting or who wore fur shorts, otherwise it’s enough to sit down with a fart.

...... Look at the little expression of this buddy was looking for praise, pondering how he should react, Xiao Yun nodded and expressed happiness.

Sharp brother really ate this set, happily placed the deer skin first on the pile unprocessed fur, then added firewood under the pot to cook Xiao Yun's meal...

"Fortunately, this autistic child is ignorant, and I can accept it without any sound." Xiao Yun felt great, his heart was stable, so he pondered how he could understand this person.

When he smoked, he stared at the wooden barrel in the tent.

Sharp brother's hands are arbitrarily going to the charcoal block in the burning fire to set firewood...

Xiao Yun: "..."

OK, look at this buddy is not like that kind of thing, nothing to think about too much, Xiao Yun simply walked to the side of the bucket, uncover the lid, and lifted the bucket for a burst of madness... He actually wants to hold it but that was a little too Conspicuous, he couldn’t take care of the problem when he saw the water.

Sitting back, Sharp brother was busy with his back to him.

Also, he had been living with the snowwolf, so he should have never seen it before.

Taking advantage of the troublesome egg pain, Xiao Yun silently observed the cooking level of this buddy, then he saw... This guy putting a clay pot the size of a basin, added water, and threw a leg directly inside.

Deer legs splattered with mud, still unwashed...

Xiao Yun: "..." Resist! Don't show your stuffing!

Sharp brother pulled a leather bag from the pile of fur and placed it directly by the fire, next he grabbed a fist full of black beans from the leather bag and sprinkled them into the pot.

When Xiao Yun saw the bag of black beans, there was a strange and unfamiliar memory playing in his mind.

This is one of the rare time that its handy - every spring, the snowwolf tribe will also Sow, at that time, the original owner will go to his tribe's fields to sow together with everyone...

Yes, not planting, the snowwolf does not have this talent at all, their sowing behavior is to throw the black bean seeds onto ground that's been burnt flat by fire and wait a few months before harvesting...

Xiao Yun couldn't help but hang his head and slam his forehead with a palm – purely slash-and-burn, he used to see it in history books and now he had the chance to experience it himself... Thousands of Chinese who can grow vegetable gardens on their own balcony are dying! !

"Ayun, are you hungry?" Sharp brother looked at Xiao Yun, then dragged a leather pocket from behind his piles of fur. He grabbed a gray-white block from inside and passed it over, "Eat a piece of cheese to pad your stomach, the cooking will take awhile."

Xiao Yun looked at the cheese Sharp brother held in horror.

He knew the cheese of the Snowwolf tribe was pretty random.

It was goat milk boiled until it was very thick, then dried into a solid block.

If there was sugar, some would be added to it.

If there was no sugar, green salt would be added.

This kind of cheese can be stored for a long time.

It belonged to a category of dry food... The problem is this piece had been in storage for a very long time - Sharp brother's cheese, Xiao Yun saw there was some kind of bug crawling among the hollow gaps inside...

"Oh... vomit!"

Great, his stomach was empty, nothing could be spat out... No, Nima, stomach acid is more disgusting!

"Ah! Ayun, I forgot you didn't eat cheese." Sharp brother quickly took back his hand.

"..." Xiao Yun silently burst into tears, fortunately, people are not set to collapse...

After the cheese, the Sharp brother added more firewood to cook the deer legs...

Xiao Yun didn’t really want to spit out the entire deer leg so he would only have half.

After all, iron on the grassland was scarce.

Snowwolves had to rely on their own claws to cut their meat and cut firewood.
There is no such thing as a kitchen knife.

Sharp brother, who is responsible for the tribal tanning, possesses half of the tribe’s life blood.

He has a wide peeling knife in the palm of his hand.

But when Sharp brother took out the jar of green salt and added it to the clay pot, Xiao Yun still felt his screaming egg hurt again.

The salt used by the snowwolf was exchanged with beef and sheep from a human caravan, a strong four-year-old horned cow (from the memory of the original master, Xiao Yun thinks it is a variant of a certain yak) can change a fist-sized bag of green salt, Xiao Yun and Ashan has such a can in their collapsed home.

This price seems to be scary to the Chinese people, but it is worth the saltiness.

It is not the same thing as the Chinese's understanding of salt...
This thing is actually black and blue.

At first glance, there is no difference between black mud and slag...

Watching the Sharp brother add salt, then carefully placed the salt can back, Xiao Yun’s mind is racing back and forth with a thought: hell, human purgatory, the evil of primitive society, the evil crossing - what special thing did he do in the end, did he do so evil things that are unhealthy? Can you give him a chance to reflect, then let him go back to modern work and be his working dog? !

"Okay, cooked."

Sharp brother moved the fork to observe the deer hoof outside the pottery, holding part of the deer hoof to lift the leg, licking the soup above, then handed it to Xiao Yun with a smile."Ayun, Eat."

"..." Xiao Yun stared at the deer leg that was braving the heat and at least half inside.

The heart was filled with the trough, again.

Well, he didn't spit on this male nanny.

He blames the original snow wolf owner, a picky eater!

"Wait." Xiao Yun raised his hand firmly.

This autistic style of acting he can't keep playng.

"The wild vegetables I brought back, um, what kinds of plants were originally tied to the deer's legs?"

"Those were the thing Ayun brought back?" Sharp brother asked doubtfully.

"Yes!" Xiao Yun nodded.

"Ashan asked me to help throw them away. I hadn't had time to throw them though... They're just outside the tent, I will bring it for you."

Sharp brother put the deer leg in Xiao Yun's hand, got up and walked out.

Xiao Yun took this thing that hurts the egg.

Whoever eats boiled white meat is also very familiar with it... Look around, this Sharp brother’s tent is relatively clean but it is impossible to find a cutting board.

He had to make it simply, Ayun found a thick piece of firewood to put the deer legs on, and then popped out his nails to process the semi-cooked deer legs twice.

The snowwolf had only one length in human form.

Around centimetres, if the meat is too thick it can't be cut, so it's okay to cut the meat that is cooked from the half-cooked portion.

Shortly after, Sharp brother came back with Xiao Yun's three bundles wrapped with long straws.

He saw Xiao Yun put aside the deer legs with no meat.

He went still, horrified.

Snowwolves eating was fast, but he never see it so fast.

When he came closer, Sal found the meat had been sliced into pieces and placed back into the clay pot.

This human being who had lived with the Snowwolf tribe for several years was especially confused...

Xiao Yun did not explain to him, first placed the herbs that can be used aside, then untied the dandelion and grey ash and sprinkled the weeds into the pot.

The dandelion was too old to be smashed, the leftover water was used to wash the plants clean of sand, then the ground sorghum was added to the pot.

" What is this, Ayun?" Sharp brother was shocked.

He looked like he was trying to pull Xiao Yun, who had thrown grass with the meat.

He hesitated but didn't dare to interfere.

In human society, he was a male, but among the snow wolf tribe he was recognized as the weakest.

Ayun could knock him out with one hand.

"Add some salt." Xiao Yun estimated the amount of meat wasn't enough and urged.

Sharp brother looked at him silent and resentful, but silently went to get the salt shaker.

The venison had been cooked for a while, then it will recooked after dicing.
Xiao Yun finds an appropriate branch with thick root from the firewood pile, and cuts it into a pair of chopsticks.

After confirming the heat, he couldn't wait... took a chopstick full of cooked ash and dandelion, blew twice, and stuffed it into his mouth.

"?!" Sharp brother was shocked to see the two wooden sticks in Xiao Yun's hand, looking at Xiao Yun, who was enjoying the grass with a smile, his chin could hit the ground.
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