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Wolf King Chapter 6

Wolf King Chapter 6 feeds all the Snowwolves

“I feel a bit more alive...”

Xiao Yun, who chews silently, burst into tears at this moment.

The black mud salt slag is still salt.

With the salty taste, the dandelion and gray ash in the venison soup are incomparable with the salt-free raw meat and barbecue.

Sitting next to him, the chewing Sharp brother seems to have silently accepted this setting after being shocked.

Afterwards he found the pottery bowl, using the long wooden spoon he dug out half a bowl of black beans, and handed it over.

The black peas planted by the Snowwolf tribe, the Snow wolves will naturally eats, not to mention Snow wolves will also graze or eat fruit, of course, the black beans is only a complementary food, the snow wolf is more fond of meat in the case of category.

Xiao Yun didn't refuse the black beans.

After picking it up, he used his chopsticks made of branches to taste the flavour.

His expression was very difficult.

This black bean is soybean, the taste of soybeans that have been boiled and only salted?

Basically no taste - soy is hard to cook into the salt, the taste is quite low.

"This is the third staple food of Snowwolves in addition to meat and dairy products, hehe!"

Xiao Yun laboriously swallowed this half bowl of boiled beans, his expression was as painful as eating grass roots, and quickly clipped himself a bowl full of wild vegetables.

This time when he was eating the wild vegetables, Xiao Yun noticed the tangled expression of Sharp brother...

"Wait, the snowwolf seems to have no habit of eating wild vegetables. Do they need vitamins that depend on beans and seasonal wild fruits and dried fruits?"

Xiao Yun was stunned, his the brain couldn’t turn around the idea. "The humans will always eat it, why is he reacting?"

Xiao Yun put down his bowl, and took another pottery bowl and put a little wild vegetables and handed it over: "You try."

Sharp brother seems to refuse, but denying the Snow Wolf is not one of his survival principles, so he looked at the bowl solemnly, then using his homemade small wooden spoon to place the wild vegetables into his mouth.

Just a bite, Sharp brother's eyes changed, the taste of the gray ash vegetables had absorbed the soup and salt, not to mention a little bit of the old dandelion was better than beans, shocked, Sharp brother stared at Xiao Yun.

Looking at the wild vegetables in the bowl, then there is no conversation... two mouths and three dishes are eaten clean.

"It's delicious!" Sharp brother moved to Xiaoyun's face.

"- So delicious, Ayun, where did you find these wild grasses?"

"It's wild vegetables."

Xiao Yun sighed, fortunately the taste of this world's people did not exceed his understanding.

"You like it, eat more."

"It's wild vegetables, wild vegetables are good." Sharp brother nodded his head and rubbed his mouth clean.

"As delicious as the fresh green leaves I ate when I was at the sea port. It must have been very difficiult for you to find these vegetables."

"Do you humans not eat wild vegetables?" Xiao Yun looked at him with shock.

Sharp brother back with a look: "...we will eat the vegetables we'd grown, like radishes. As for wild vegetables, do you mean like mushrooms? or truffles? Mushrooms can not be eaten casually, only professionals mining mushroom can be eaten. If it's truffle, its too expensive. It can't be eaten by ordinary people."

"Oh..." Xiao Yun didn't answer.

Well, at least humans in this world have planting techniques.

If he can convince the snow wolves, they can buy some variety of vegetables with those caravans.

Sharp brother can't understand what idea Xiao Yun was planning.

With a sacred expression on his face, using a large wooden spoon he gave himself a large bowl of wild vegetable soup, after eating beautifully, he asked with an earnest look at Xiaoyun: "Ayun, can you leave some wild vegetables for the others to taste?"

... This sharp brother is really a heart for the snowwolves.

Xiao Yun heart spat a sentence, then nodded and looked at Sharp brother's happy face, he recollected: this guy is expecting other snow wolves to accept wild vegetables, then they will often look for wild vegetables to bring back ... really, human beings are better than the original Snowwolf as a chicken thief.

While sneering at the human, Xiao Yunxin's idea was actually similar to Sharp brother, so he ate a small half of the venison (only a few bites, Sharp brother was full), leaving most of the wild vegetables in the pot.

Stomach full, Xiao Yun deliberately began to work hard and showed interest in the skins of Sharp brother, pretending to be curious about how he'd lived in human society to find the world's civilization level.

For Xiao Yun's "cross-examination", Sharp Brother was very flattered, and told everything he knew...

Xiao Yun remembered when he was watching TV movies, the protagonist of the TV movie is very particular about it.

It’s not so easy to see him.

It’s so easy to appreciate him...

Appreciation of the strong desire of Sharp brother for a long time, Xiao Yun only blurred back to God— - The Snow wolves has not asked the origins after taking in this goods, and no one had ever cared about what he was like in the human kingdom, instead, they had ruined this guy.

Removing a little bit of the bragging and exaggerated unrealistic parts, Xiao Yun judged that this self-proclaimed human savvy named Samuel Gregorian should have offended a small aristocrat, unable to choose, he was forced to go into exile.

On this "northern grassland"...

He also had very bad luck, after landing ashore, he was caught by a caravan from an enemy country, thus he was caged as a slave.

The caravan was on the way to the grassland, there was no time to sell his slave. The tribes of tigers, cats, and tauren who lived on the grassland could not see human slaves who were weak as a baby to them. This led to a lack of vilgilance, which gave him an opportunity to escape, then he was picked up by the Snowwolf tribe who had not migrated then.

As for the snow wolf tribe and Ayun, no one calls his name... because the snow wolf people think his name is too long and too circumvented, there is no one in the snow wolf tribe who have simple and rude living habits. None of their names are more than three syllables...

Samuel, he is called Sal, who appeared to be part of the middle class of society before he fled.

He had received a certain degree of literacy education, and probably learnt the mainland history and geography.

Although he did not know the specific location.

He didn’t know what latitude and longitude was, but he knows the northern grassland and the central human kingdom in the south are separated by the drifting inner sea (Xiao Yun speculates, this inner sea is probably similar to the Mediterranean Sea or the Yellow Sea on Earth).

There are many pirate groups composed of multi-ethnic thieves on the inner sea, specializing in robbing the central human kingdoms and the caravans of the eastern orc empire. (The grassland tribes are all too poor, there are no caravans going out to sea.)

The northern part of the grassland is the Samara Snow Mountain, which belongs to the northern snow-capped mountain elves.

The legendary Elf King lives on the snow-capped mountains which belong to the restricted area of ​​human beings - not to mention the snowy mountains near Samara.

There are at least three travelling to the northern grassland every year.

The second time is covered by snow and ice, when the human caravan ran, winter had not frozen everything yet.

As for the western side of the grassland, that is the direction in which the original Lord had chosen to commit suicide, bordering with the grassland are the rolling hills and primitive jungles of the mountains.

This jungle directly crosses to the inner sea and central human kingdom, there is also the centre, a vast jungle area no one had explored...

According to Sal’s account, Xiao Yun draws a map of the general forces in his brain.

If Sal's teacher had not swindled his money, then the orc empire that he described was as powerful and incomprehensible, was estimated to be similar to the empire once on Asia, the orc empire and the central human kingdom are separated by the sea.

The closest place is the inner sea.

If you want to pass the inner sea, you have to borrow from the grassland, and the grassland tribe obviously does not allow others to trample on their own Priaire.

For years, it has been consumed with small wars...

For this reason, many countries in the human kingdom have been striving to maintain friendly relations with the grassland tribes.

The caravans that come in every year are not too blunt...

The northern grassland occupies the southwestern direction of the orc empire.

According to climate, it should belong to a cold temperate zone.

After the inner sea, the central human kingdom is about equal to the dimensions of Africa.

At first glance, the territorial climate of the human kingdom was quite good.

It was not in a temperate zone or the subtropical zone.

No wonder, even if the civilization was backwards, it could breed a large human population.

"Looking at this, the grassland tribe is still very strong." Xiaoyun feels a lot of peace of mind in the world's approximate environment.

Obviously, in the case of the inland sea, the human kingdom cannot be delivered during periods of low navigational technology.

If a large number of troops come to invade, its necessary to fight against the human kingdom for hundreds of years or even thousands of years.

When the orc empire is closer, the territory of people is better and the climate is better, it may not be too poor.

The slag's grasslands, and the more northern elf empire are on the same continent, pressed there.

Would the orc empire fight with the elves and borrow soldiers from the prairie king court?

"There is no comprehensive war in this big environment, but the danger is a relatively small aspect... The Snowwolf tribe originally had a small population. According to the memory of the original Lord, all the snowwolf tribes add up to about 10,000 people. The Snowwolf breeds slowly.
Now the tribe has not recovered from their borrowed soldiers. Although snowwolf tribes will not attack each other, the grasslands are not only snowwolves... This is why the tribe decided to move."

“The primary obstacle to the snowwolf’s settlement is their lack of stable food source. Grazing is inherently more expensive than farming, feeding the same population, the land needed by nomadic people is dozens of times, or even hundreds of times more than farming people. The food of the Snowwolf is amazing, if I didn't live with the ethnic group, I would have to eat myself... In other words, to ensure my own personal safety, I at least have to live in peace, the first thing to solve is the source of food."

"If I can gather the scattered snowwolves on the grasslands and feed them, then the war problem would no longer be a problem."

After determining his future goals in life, Xiao Yun felt his heart was more stable, whether it can be achieved or not, its always better than two eyes wandering, looking for a future direction ...

“Wait...” Xiao Yun suddenly felt something was wrong.

“The tribe originally moved to the west in order to avoid the shackles of other tribes. The entire tribe took a section of Saar for more than half a year, until it found a tributary of the river. The newly found grassland is also part of the western forest. That's to say - the original autonomous child was really running the wrong way?! He ran and ran away?! If not for me, he wouldn't be able to find the tribe?! Completely become a stray dog?!"

"Meat - are you eating meat?!"

A half naked man, only a piece of animal skin wrapped around his buttocks, opened the curtain and looked into the tent.

This man was also full of tangled white hair.

He used a beast and other things to tie a big ponytail, on his shoulders there was a wild boar full of fangs.

"Eating, eating -"

When he saw the warm pottery jar on the small fire, the snow wolf’s eyes brightened, the wild boar was thrown out of the tent, then he walked in and sat down without a field, extremely proud... He grabbed the pottery as large as a basin and held it up like a bowl.

"Why's there weeds mixed in the meat... oh... PIAJIPIAJI... Hey! Ah! Hey... PIAJIPIAJI..."

This product smashed the half-pot of soup and chewed the remaining venison in one go.

He directly held the pot in his arms and grabbed the wild vegetables at the bottom of the pot.

He was not covered by the bottom of the pot, and he was very happy and nodded to Sal: "It's delicious, what is this grass, why is it so delicious?"

This buddy is high like Yao Ming, and the muscle block is like Dashi Qiangsen.

After sitting down, it is also a big sigh.

He is still dare to propose to leave a little for others, and he does not dare to eat with this mouth.

Pleased: "Its the weeds brought back by Ayun... wild vegetables, yes, the wild vegetables that Ayun found."

"Really, Ayun, you have vision."

The buddy grabbed the last gray ash dish and was reluctant to put it directly into his mouth and ate it piece by piece.

"Is there still?"

Xiao Yun, who has just made up his mind to feed all snowwolves: "..."

"It turned out that Ayun went to find wild vegetables before, leaving the tribe. Ashan said that you were thinking about the location the tribe originally lived and ran back. No wonder we couldn't find you."

The buddy licked his dirty fingers.

"Next time you want to find wild vegetables, let others go with you. I can accompany you."

Xiao Yun: "..."

So in the eyes of the original Lord, he (the original Lord) is such a sensual style - don't worry!

This style of painting can't be saved!
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