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Devil Chapter 01

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

A short review of the work

Suddenly a telephone call, changed the calm life of Huan. According to the instructions of his sister in the dream, Ji Huan broke out a fetus from his sister's body. It was covered in dark fog, cold and numb. It was a very strange pregnancy. Ji huan resolutely adopt this strange baby, using a baby bottle, drinking milk powder, and vaccinating... Every day, this unique baby is reared as a human baby. At the same time, a series of even more incredible things begin to surround him. The invisible creatures that exist, the strange black and white appear that appear every day and he has to clean it up... The world that has become a joyful one becomes stranger. The author's new works by Yuexia Sang in 2016 have novel themes and interesting stories. The author's writing style is sophisticated, the characters are portrayed delicately, and the sprouting Black eggs make the readers cry cute. The growing process of this small country monster is also very attractive to everyone.

Chapter 01
Before encounter, I was "normal" to me, but to me you are regular you. And any ordinary person living in this world, as we have for each other and there is no difference.
Translator Note: It sounds really deep but I couldn't fine the write words to fill it. please help if you have something better.

"Brat! You, you wait! I'll come back for you afterwards!" He wiped his face and saw blood on one hand, the punk's face showing a hint of panic, voice trembling, like the bad guys on TV, leaving a traditional speech, he took a group of associates and ran.

Blankly staring as they disappear without a trace. Wearing a black tracksuit a young teenager Stoops down and helps the old lady sitting on the floor up.

The old lady felt flexible and powerful arms as she suddenly stood up, she looked at the young man as he propped her up and picked up the bag which had fallen, then also called for a taxi.

"Young man, thank you, thank you, ah!" The old lady said grabbing his sleeve as the youth withdrew from the back of the taxi after helping her in.

"Hurry home now, with so much money, don't worry about the taxi money." The young man finally spoke, it was a little unpleasant, not nice, but true.

The old lady looked tensely to the front of the taxi, but she soon realized that the voice of the youth is very low, taxi driver did not hear.

She was a little relieved, her arm was immediately brushed aside, and instantly the door was closed, the old lady finally see the others looks.

Yo! The young man's eyes look really beautiful -

Impression of just a moment, the door was immediately closed.

Looking at the crowd of people around, Ji Huan picked up his bag and walked in the opposite direction of the taxi.

Going a long section of the road, pedestrians around less and less, he finally arrived at his destination - a tattered bus station.

On the Stop sign was posted a few advertisements, colorful, the bus schedule was completely blocked, if not familiar with the situation here,eight out of 10 people will miss this stop sign.

Glancing at the stop sign, mouth sip a sip, his poor bag again being pushed aside by the master, Ji Huan stands on the bench to clean up the ads.

Clean up after a moment, the information on the bus stop sign can finally again see the light : Bus No. 9 and bus No. 99.

Ji Huan is about to take the number 99 bus, which stops very little, the spacing between each station is quite long, but it is the only bus trip down.

Not long after he cleaned up ads, the bus comes. Swipe card , Ji Huan casually sits by the window.

Now is winter, the roadside scenery has nothing good, originally lush trees are dying, not to mention the days are dark early, until the Ji Huan gets off, the sky has been slightly dusk.

After discharging Ji Huan, the bus immediately closed the door.

Ji Huan continues to move forward towards the hill.

Taking bus 99 at least for ten years, Ji Huan still do not know where is the terminus, which he is not interested in, but he and his sister as a children had been trying to find, and finally lost his way, holding him his weeping grandfather the one who found them, it is only a vague impression of Ji Huan's childhood.

Ji Huan's home from the bus stop is very close, although on a hill, but there are still people living here, because there's people there is also a road, the roadside was a neat little piece out of a small piece of land, since it's now winter, so there's a lot more greenhouses. Ji Huan goes to his own greenhouses to look, he beheld a familiar figure, immediately he ran in the direction home.

Then he saw the old man in the yard feeding the pigs.

"Old man, I'm going home." Ji Huan shouted, his bag thrown into Grandfather's arms: "I'm thirsty."

"...... You kid ......" The elder nags, eventually holding Ji Huan's bag, went back into the house.

Ji Huan's family raised a total of five pigs, although Ji Huan tries to spend time to clean up the pigsty, but these guys natures are messy.

Pigs can not tell what is good, Huan is very used to this flavor.

While trying to catch the pig, he must guard against pigs who eat too much, while others eat less.

"White, you eat too much, Go to the edge!" Ji Huan soon discovered a lawlessness "pig", using hand he smacks the little pig's back side with dry twigs, but White the pig does not think that it is painful, on the contrary, it thought Ji Huan was joking. Fat head and big ears rub and push against the branches Ji Huan was holding, "Kacha Kacha" sounds out as white gnaws Ji Huan's " weapon"!

"...... Look at me, I'll eat you up." Ji Huan gives the yorkshire a deadpan stare.
Ji Huan pours hogwash into the trough, enough food for each pig,and heads back inside the house.

Inside the house there was a scent little better than hogwash- Grandfather should not be so "virtuous"? He cooked the rice too well again.

Sighed, Ji Huan had to go wash his hands, then help Grandfather take one good porridge from the kitchen, to the spirit shrine in front of the main room.

"Dad, Mom, eat." One person, one bowl of porridge, and one stick of incense, then Ji Huan goes back to eat with Grandpa.

"Grandpa, your cooked porridge is really difficult to drink." Ji Huan said. "There's no difference between it and the hogwash we feed our Yorkshire."

"Oh, it is gruel ah."

Grandfather smiled: "cooked gruel, more than half of them white, left a pot, add Yeliang we just ate all your parents."

"......" Feeling really is hogwash! Ji Huan Curls his lips.

"Hogwash how? Does You and your dad not look so tall and big? Later He was taller than you, at least one hundred eighty-five!"

"......"how did Grandfather know what he was thinking? Heart pumping after, Ji Huan picked up the bowl and drank a big mouthful of porridge.

"Quick examination, right? Which school did you want to test for? Do not be afraid if it's a question of money, I'll give you, your sister is also sending money back for you......"

"Give me your money? That's your retirement money, you keep it. I thought well, I'm not graduating from high school to study, I'm coming back to raise pigs." Ji Huan stated his intention as he drank the last of the porridge.

"What? How dare you - I, I ......" picking up a feather duster, Grandfather, does not eat rice, begins chasing Ji huan around the table.

Following the old days at home, today is always deserted, Zusun Liang only had each small life, they are rarely a nice bustling.

Devil 01
Devil 02

Hi Everyone. Author Sang is amazing! but I don't speak Chinese so 90% of this is google translated and the rest is me tweaking it to make more sense in English. This is my first translation, so criticize away, just be constructive not destructive;D

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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