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Devil Chapter 02

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 02
Pate town is so little there's no mark of it on the map.

Mt Jie Shan Extend in all directions,to the west its called Xi Shan, to the east it is called Dong Shan, since the townhouses are fairly close, almost every household can open the window and have a direct view of the Mountains.

In the mountains there is water, so every household has two pipes, one connects to groundwater, while the other a mountain stream. The mountain streams connects everyone, according to mountain stream user data, before every household door, there is a small stream where they draw water to eat, wash, even moping the floor.

Ji Huan's home as well.

Waking up early in the morning, Ji Huan takes his clothes to the other side of the stream, wash rinse, wipes his face with a towel, he catches sight of a small green frog, as if the little guy can feel some great danger, the small green body flashed into the grass and immediately disappeared.

Even if he is young and self-disciplined to wake up very early, its still not as much as grandfather who woke even earlier, When Ji Huan got back to the main room, the elder had already laid out the morning meal.

Smelling the tasty porridge, Ji Huan drunk a big mouthful, before suddenly remembered something, he ran out and came back holding a jar.

"What is that? That is not ah ...... my missing jar? I say, turns out it was Xiao Huan who had taken it ......" Looking happy, Ji Huan places the jar on the table, the elder blinks his eyes.

"Ah, you quit drinking anyway. This is from our neighbor Zhang Shen I learnt to make salted pickles." As he spoke, Ji Huan opened the jar, with a clean pair of chopsticks he takes out a swarthy cucumber accompanied by a surge of wine scented sauce and bites. Ji Huan nodded, "Yes, good to eat."

Is more than eat, it is simply, incredibly, delicious!

The old man just bit, surprised eyes widened: "This ...... this ...... your mother marinates it exactly the same way!"

"That is probably because my mom learned from Zhang Shen who lives right next door?" Ji Huan even a eyebrow, did not move a muscle, clips out a small dish of pickles, then reseals the jar, and takes it back to the back room.

"After, I'll make more, but you can only eat one for each meal to help keep your blood vessels healthy." Picking up the chopsticks, Ji Huan looks across to grandfather, face serious as he talks.

"Gee! How much do you want to control me, you in the end this punctual character where did you learn Oh? Me and your parents are very kind people, ah! Then you grew up like a small adult, the village children are reluctant to play with you, that hair ...... tomorrow I have to cut your hair! "the old man muttered and shouted, flailing his chopsticks at Ji Huan. Ji Huan eyes have become overshadowed.

"Do not speak, eat, in addition, do not point at others with chopsticks." He stated coldly, raising an eyebrow.

Grandfather lost all steam.

"You, you ...... I know who you remind me of." Trembling mouth, Grandfather put down the chopsticks, thought back to old memories: "You're exactly like your grandmother ah!"

"Your grandmother was a super beauty ah!" The elder cried, patting his face, and then sighs, then pales.

The old man must be having chest pains ? Ji Huan thinks while eating, but secretly, he wants.

Each time Grandfather wanders into his memories, the result is pale,when I see grandfather like this, Ji Huan always wanders what happened.

The actual situation is that he has not ever seen grandmother, father or mother. In their home there is only one photo. the old man is very strict, to save the photo, it is only taken out to be worshipped once a year. So Ji Huan impression of them is retained in the main room where the alter is placed.

There sits two pieces of wood, his father and mother, wife and son of the old man.

They were said to have died in a car accident. When he was a baby, he has no idea of this, no father or mother he did not complain about it, because his grandfather and sister had given him enough love. What he now wants the most is to become an adult quickly, then he can take over his parents' unfinished responsibility.

Grandpa is getting old ......

He adamantly refused to go to the hospital, but Ji Huan has secretly saved some money, waiting until he finishes the exam to find ways to let Grandpa take a trip down the mountain, then find a way to coax him to hospital for a physical examination.

Old town.

Strange to say, Others at this young age, every day is thinking about their own things, how to get out to the city, what's new, what brand of shoe designs to determine a cool look ...... how to whine enough so parents will fork out more pocket money to buy new equipment. Ji Huan is different, he likes to observe elderly supplies. Walking on the road, he would stare at the other elderly, habitually look what trend means for that old man, which brand of stick is light and strong...... he even surreptitiously compare wheelchairs and elderly diapers.

Following Elderly people, it is no wonder no matter what age he can not make school friends.

Ji Huan also has no interest.

His mind has already decided, after graduating from high school he will not continue into University, he would stay at home to raise pigs, farming, then help Grandpa enjoy his life. Pig Flesh sells, keeping pigs, the days after will be better and better ......

Following Huan has always thought.


In High School, before winter vacation, the teacher is arranging winter operations when Ji Huan phone suddenly rang. Ji Huan frowned,the phone rang again, he turned off the phone.

Afterwards Ji Huan escapes to urine, out of the classroom door, he turns on the phone.


"Hello, is this Mr. Ji Huan? Your sister is in hospital, dying, would you please come over as soon as possible to prepare her funeral in advance......"

Holding the old phone, Ji Huan froze.

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Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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