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Devil Chapter 04

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 04

To save money, Ji Huan bought a seat direct from home to his sister's city which took less than 19 hours, but the seat was uncomfortable and allocated near passengers like migrant countrymen.

The first time out of the house, just Ji huan sits motionless in his chair, tightly holding his luggage, after a while, bored, he started doing the textbook exercises.

While people ate, he was doing the exercises, as others grumbled in their sleep, he continued to work on those exercises. Like a tireless robot, he focuses all of his attention on the text books, until he pulled out another exercise book from the baggage and found that this one was already filled to the brim. Ji Huan realized he had completed all of the winter textbooks.

Ji Huan watched the sky through the windows, he watched the stars fade and the first rays of the sunrise touch the Horizon as the train travelled.

Before getting off, he grabbed a bun and pickle he'd packed for breakfast, the next train station would be where he would get off.

Squeezed in the middle of a crowd, Ji Huan is nothing like a country boy on his first visit to the city. There was not a trace of curiosity, just careful consideration towards various signs hanging above the station. Ji Huan went straight to the taxi waiting area, directly reported the hospital address, he did not say anything else to the driver, just vigilantly watched the signs.

"We should turn on the next road over, why are you going this way?" Ji Huan's cold voice rang out from the back seat.

The driver shuddered, he attempted to divert, with a giggle he said, "Ha ...... that Road's traffic is jammed packed during this period, how about we turn at the next intersection and then turn back?"

Looking through the rearview mirror, his eyes connected with Ji Huan's hidden under thick bangs, he immediately turned back, afraid of meeting that glaze again.
"That would lead to a long detour, since you've gotten to the Zhongshan Road, go straight to the back of fourth North Street and turn right."

"Oh, you're quite familiar with the roads, a local ah?!" The driver cried.

Native? Of course not, he just memorised the all roads to his sister's hospital on the road map behind the train station.

As a teenager growing up in the countryside, on the mountains, this is the first time Huan left home, his first visit to the big city, before departure, Ji Huan had done a lot of investigation. He'd gone to an cafe, with Baidu search earnestly query the roadmap to his sister, taking into account the subsequent expenses, it would cost 39 dollars.

Taking the shortcut, Ji Huan had spent only 30 dollars. Finally he'd arrived at the hospital.

Carrying his small bags, Huan went straight to the hospital's first floor, and then he froze.

Throughout the bustling crowd, the air is filled with the smell of disinfectant; here, no one wears a smile, even the pink walls can not hide the anxiety in the atmosphere; here is filled with humans at the lowest point of their lives the old, the ill, the dying......

Standing in the lobby Ji Huan is at a loss for a long time. Ji Huan was finally able to see a nurse who took him to the inpatient department.

It was just past two in the afternoon, one of the sunniest times, the inpatient corridor was illuminated by bright sunlight as Ji Huan accompanied the matron to his sister's ward.

Ji Huan finally saw his sister.

She was aggressive,she loved to laugh, with her invincible hands she had defeated everyone who lived on the mountain. Now lying on a white bed is an extremely weak body filled with tubes and respirators, if the devices next to her didn't show vital signs, Ji Huan almost thought she had stopped breathing.

Ji Huan was startled.

"...... She went back to see you. The car had lot of gifts, her fiance was also on board, he died on the spot ...... ......" The matron told Ji Huan but Ji Huan felt as if he was in a dream. He could only hear the sounds intermittently.

"...... Middle of the right rear wheel of the car blew a flat tire, the whole car was out of control, it crossed a fence from about 30 meters high and over turned......"

"The patient skull was fractured, all the body's internal organs were damaged, and had multiple comminuted fractures ......"

"There were incidents when she lost consciousness, after a few days this is the result. You ...... only you came? Your family should prepare...... funeral."

Matron finally reached out and gently patted Ji Huan's shoulder.

From previous personal information, she knows the big burly young man was still a teenager. A child facing his sister's funeral alone, it was too cruel.

Sighing, she left the intensive care unit, giving the siblings space.

Ji Huan sat with his sister in the quiet, desolate room, he sat from sunny afternoon to well into the night. Midway, matron had came several times, two strange men came too.

They said they were his sister's fiance's colleagues and placed flowers beside the bed. They first made some comforting noises, then began to inquire about the situation.

Ji Huan did not bother with them.

He grew up this way, if he didn't want to speak, noone could make him.

At they're wits end when Ji Huan didn't respond, they took leave and left.

The head nurse finally pulled out Ji Huan, took him downstairs to the cafeteria to eat. After the meal, she agreed to let Ji Huan stay at the hospital.

"But not in the ward, next door only."

Ji Huan nodded.

Next door has an empty bed, Ji Huan has a feeling that the head nurse did this deliberately, unable to find the words to express himself, he bowed low to her.

Matron gave him worn but clean bedding.

Finally Ji Huan lied stiffly on the bed.

Although the room was soundproofed, he felt he could hear the Beeps which marked his sister's life.

After a long while Ji huan tiredly stumbled into sleep.

He had a dream about his childhood, and saw his sister.

The dream perspective is strange, he felt he was flying in the sky, and his sister running quickly on the ground, running while shouting his nickname:

"Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua, hurry down to sister!"

Strange, how could he be flying?


Ah ...... He difted farther and higher away from his sister.

Ji Huan thought, and then he saw his sister pick up a stone from the throw at him.

Her hand whips out like an ace pitcher...

And then he woke up.

Half awake, he opens his eyes slightly, Ji Huan feels vacant, haggard ......

He hears it again, his sister's voice:

"Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua, come here, come here to sister."

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Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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