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Devil Chapter 05

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 05

"Xiao Hua,Xiao Hua, Come."

Ji Huan thought he was hearing things, then he heard his sister's voice again.

From far away, Her voice echoed in his ear.

Ji Huan was shocked.

Curious, he opened the quilt and got out of bed.

Sister is in the ward next door, he knew.

The ward his sister stayed in needed a password to open the door, but at this moment the door was open.

In a trance, Ji Huan went in, and saw his sister.

That afternoon, he had seen his sister lying unconscious in bed, this time sister is sitting. His sister stared at him carefully, then she smiled at him.

Sister suddenly raised her right hand, middle finger, ring finger and little finger folded in her palm, thumb up, his sister place her index finger in the middle of her mouth, then, her index finger pointed to his body, and finally, jerked her right arm raised it, palm maintaining the original position, sister's index finger pointing out the window!

Ji Huan's eyes widened.

Middle finger before mouth on behalf of the "silence" object represents the meaning "the need to bring the subject," while referring to the direction of the index finger is the last "escape in this direction"!

Three actions linked together, the meaning is: "Do not talk, take me, quickly run West!"

"Sister -" Ji Huan want to say something, anything, when he felt himself being heavily caught, then forcefully dragged away in the other direction -

Ji Huan opened his eyes!

Dream? Just a dream?

Cold sweat, Ji Huan was in shock, but time was against him, he noticed a middle-aged woman lying on the floor.


Then he thought of his fight just before waking up......Had he pushed her so vigorously?

"Sorry ......" From the beginning Ji Huan has been female-friendly, but the other seemed oblivious, she immediately interrupted him.

Quickly rising from the floor, Matron seized the Ji Huan sleeve, "Ji Huan, your sister she, she's dying! "


Ji Huan mind instantly blanked, not even bothering to put on his shoes, he ran quickly towards the other ward.

Like the dream, the next ward's door was open, different from the dark and silent dream ward, it was brightly lit, crowded with a large group of nurses and doctors. With loud voices the doctors' fired off instructions, the nurses footsteps would hurry to and fro, the sound of the instruments ......

A sharp drop, then all sound halted.

Originally the bedside was surrounded by doctors and nurses, now their movements had froze, everyone focused in their own directions.

Finally, one of the doctors take the initiative to go out and see Ji Huan, he pulled off his mask:

"You're the patient's family? I'm sorry, we tried, she just left, you have our sympathy......"

Like every family when told the patient had died, Ji Huan pale face froze in place.

Matron gently pulled him to his sister's bed to say goodbye.

Without the respirator and tubes blocking her face, sister now looks no different from the usual, she looks like she's asleep, but her chest shows no signs of movement.

Ji Huan gently went over, he opened the quilt cover, ignoring everything below the sternum, he took his sister's hand.

"Hey -" The nurse sorting instruments beside wanted to restrain him, but was stopped by the Matron standing behind Ji Huan.

Noone looks, They're doing their own thing, the bed a small piece of heaven on earth just for the siblings.

Ji Huan holds sister's cold right hand until the head nurse pats his shoulder, prompting him to look back. Noting two people in black standing by the door. Ji Huan placed his sister's right hand back under the covers, pulled the quilt up. He rubbed his eyes, re-straightened, then turned his body.

Standing behind the two people was an additional three men.

"You have our sympathies." One man in black went straight to Ji Huan, his mouth spoke words of comfort, but the tone had no trace of emotion.

Like a person just bereaved, Ji Huan was immersed in his own thoughts, no response.

His head down, long bangs covered his face, covered his eyes, the MiB did not notice as he watched out of the corner of his eyes as several other MiB swarmed his sister's bed.

"Your the only one who came? Although very tall, but after all your not an adult, right? I heard this year your 17 years old?" The MiB stared at the silent youth with his head bowed. Then, like an amiable elder, he grabbed Ji Huan shoulder, blocking the activities from Ji Huan, his power could not be resisted, so Ji Huan was "escorted" out of the ward.

He asked a lot of questions, but Ji Huan remained silent, until the other MiB came out, finally, he let go of Ji Huan.

"What do you want to do? what can I do for you? Please do not hesitate ......" The man spoke as a courtesy, he thought Huan will continue as before, without a word, but this time, Ji Huan looked up at him.

"I, I wanted to buy my sister a dress." Raising his head to look at the man, Ji Huan replied seriously.

Like grandfather told him before, Ji Huan went to the city's largest department store, and picked a very expensive and fancy dress for his sister. All the money grandfather had given him was almost spent.

The MiB returned to the hospital, Ji Huan wanted to give some Lin Zhao Bao as thanks.

Windows down, the driver was noncommittal, but his smile showed a hint of ambiguity.

Ji Huan then went to look for his sister.

Of course, sister was moved from the ward, Ji Huan then went to the morgue.

The Morgue administrator was a little surprised: "Do you want your sister to wear this dress for cremation? That's impossible, when your sister was alive and conscious she explained to the hospital her body was to be donated after her death. "

Ji Huan was startled, but just for a moment, he soon continued: "I still want give my sister a dress to wear."

Where the corpses were lain out, he looked at the four corners of the room, noticed there was surveillance equipment, he turned his head: "Can you please leave me alone put my sister's clothes on ...... please temporarily close the door? "

He pleaded, even if he knew the last request had little meaning.

Startled, the administrator nodded: "Go, but in accordance with the rules, I can not turn off the monitor, and will be watching."

gave Ji Huan's shoulders a pat then shuffled out, then considerately closed the door.

Thus, in the morgue there was only Ji Huan and the bodies.

Looking at the monitor on the east wall, Ji Huan tightened his thin uniform coat, and walked towards the supine bodies. Going by labels, he soon found his sister, thin lips pressed into a line, Ju Huan sight instantly fell on his sister's hand: the hand was fist-like.

However, the afternoon before the arrival of the MiB, when Ji Huan was led past matron and his sister for the last time, the hand had not been in the current position.

At that time, middle finger, ring finger and little finger folded in the palm, thumb up, his sister's right index finger pointing straight out of the window. That pose ......

In Ji Huan's dream was exactly the same!

Ji Huan instantly covered the hand,just like before, he was forced to hold his sister's hand, pushing her forefinger and thumb down into a fist before the arrival of the MiB, wiping out the message his sister had left.

Now, he will follow the last message his sister left him and fulfill it to the last gesture.

Carefully observe around Ji Huan physically blocked the monitors, then pushed down on his sister's belly -

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Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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