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Devil Chapter 07

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 07

Using his body to protect the life of his girlfriend, the man had died on the spot. Unfortunately, his sacrifice was in vain, just two days later, his girlfriend also died.

He and his girlfriend, both had no father or mother, dead, who would pay attention to two orphans, but how is he alive?

...... Impossible, not alive, the whole body is wretchedly miserable, already dead, but can not die ah!

Horrified, everyone abandoned their companions and ran for the door, the moment they're about to reach the handle, the man instantly appeared in front of their eyes! Everyone was locked in!

"Ghost ...... Ghost!" His mouth issued a scream, MiB collapses to the cold, hard morgue floor, legs completely soft.

At the sight of everyone watching, the tattered man showed a hint of a smile, his face suddenly cracked, the body expanding, finally, he turned into a monster beyond human imagination -

"Explosion...... hospital morgue, five men died in the incident. "- The headline appeared the next day in the society section of the newspapers, not large, but it brought up interesting questions: who were the five people in the morgue? staff? If not, what were they doing so late in the morgue?

"Major organ smuggling operation, finally solved!" - The third headling issued was more eye-catching posted in the community edition, occupying a greater position.

Tracing the identity of the five victims, the police accidentally discovered one of them was a prime suspect relating to an unsolved case of organ smuggling! Following this line, they actually pulled an entire criminal group plus breaking thirteen unsolved homicides.

Newspaper stories are always reporting things "people want know", since there's "want to be aware of things," on the contrary "People don't want to be aware of reality"

"It was a Monster." The hospital morgue was in ruins.

This is the reason there was another manufactured explosion, it was to cover up traces of the monster's appearance. In order make the cover more perfect, there were even pieces of a pedestrian shuttle in the ruins.

Two men dressed in police uniforms walked within the centre of the ruins, checking the work already done. As they spoke, another young man came running from a distance, holding a recorder, his face serious as he reported:

"I recovered photographic record from the morgue, these were the five men who died in the explosion, but there were no photos of the perpetrator ......!" Here, he hesitated: "The five's behaviour was very strange, they looked like they were seeing hell...... ...... "

"Oh? We'll hold the record, you continue to deal with the other things first." The Officer smiled.

The Youth saluted, honest, handed to record to them and left.

Looking at his back, the man smiled again: "That little guy, it's his first time for such an event, right? ...... He seems completely confused by the situation."

Monsters cannot leave a trace of their existence in this world, theire image could not be recorded on human camera or video recorder, the frequent occurrences in human history of " ghost" appearances, many of those were manufactured.

"A few more tasks, he'll understand."

"However, they were after someone." Tall man suddenly said:. "The poor woman was some kind of magic user, she was apparently with child."

"Some degree of dead sooner or later, will die." The other man shook his head: "But so far, all the magic users listed are dead."

"I heard the woman was deleivered home to her loved ones, of course going back are only her ashes."

The two men then changed the topic.

They learnt from the hospital records the monster and the woman were taken to hospital together, there was speculation on the relationship between the two, even guesses for an upcoming marriage.

Between Monster and humans is impossible. The only reason an adult woman and Monster would be together is the body of the woman was that of a magic user.

For adult Monsters, it's something nourishing.

Due to fear of being tracked, Ji Huan was hiding, he travelled to two different places before heading back home by the time he came back, his sister's ashes have already arrived home.

As dusk settled in Ji Huan was happy to finally come home, he opened the door into the house and turned on the light, only to find Grandpa sitting in the main room, you don't know how happy Ji Huan was seeing his grandfather's back. Ji Huan immediately noticed instead of two memorial tablets on the ancestral alter, there was three.

"Old man ......" Ji Huan's mouth rasped, the sound very dry.

"Xiao Hua's back ah." Grandpa stood up, he rose slowly from his chair, then staggered, accidentally knocking over a chair, Ji Huan hurriedly strode to his side so he could prop Grandfather, up close, he discovered that the old man's eyes looked cloudy.

"Grandpa, your eyes ......" Ji Huan was alarmed.

"Nothing, before it was not that good anyway. These days are not completely clear, I can only see a rough outline." Facing blindness, Grandfather's attitude is very good, rubbed his living grandson's shoulders, then the elder with skinny palms slammed twice.

Ji Huan froze.

Grandfather hit him twice, then pulled out a bag from behind the chest of drawers: "Not long after you left I received this, it's your sister's letter, found somone to read it, the pictures are your sister and her boyfriend, is he good looking? "

The old man held the bag in front of his hand, Ji Huan was startled then realizing he took it and opened, inside there really was a photograph.

Ji Huan saw the photo and was startled again:

There was only his sister in the picture, next to her, it was empty.

Devil is without a trace, they cannot leave any image within a human camera.

Of course, at this moment, Ji Huan didn't know this. However, he was able to see his sister's smile.

In the photo his sister was laughing happily, a very happy look, her body slightly leaning, like there was a man standing next to her.

Ji Huan looked seriously at his sister, then slowly said:

"Ah, okay, he looks quite spiritual."

"Is he black, worthy of her?" Grandpa was having fun, continued to ask.

"OK, He's tall, a little black." Ji Huan continued.

Sister and grandfather smiling at the same time appeared in front of Ji Huan. Eyes Bright, taking the bag off his chest and carefully removed an object, look carefully, it was actually a little bun wrapped in swaddling.

Giving the infant to grandfather, Ji Huan whispered:. "Grandpa, I brought Black's baby back."

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Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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