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Devil Chapter 10

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Chapter 10

They decided Sister's Child was going to be called "Black Egg."

Firstly as a memorial to Sister, and secondly, the child was really black, from afar he looked just like a ball of coal. Since he came, Ji Huan no longer dared to use the usual black bed sheets, if he place Black Egg on the sheets, only two white rings could be seen, the visual effect was too scary!

Sister's ashes were buried in the mountains, in Sister's favorite place.

"This is your mother, from now on we'll come here to worship her." He looked down at his chest where a small green infant was strapped as he went down the Mountain.

The Mist-like baby's small mouth split open.

Ji Huan immediately understood what he meant, for this little guy, that grin was not the sign of happiness, it was a sign of hunger.

The first time Ji Huan saw Black Egg's smile he had felt the little guy was kinda cute, he'd taken out a toy doll to tease Egg, and the Doll's whole head had been bitten.

Ji Huan immediately wanted to remove the doll from Egg's mouth, afraid it would choke the child, but the little guy just clamped on, until finally, with great difficulty the doll came out, but there was a problem, the poor doll's head was torn off.


No wonder people said nursing strength was strong, Nursing...... this really is a big terror.

Afterwards, Ji huan always carried a bottle, once he saw the little scarlet mouth, he would immediately shove a pacifier in it.

Black egg ate quickly, Ji Huan had bought two cans of milk, he'd heard it would be enough for two weeks the results, one week hadn't even finished but the two cans of milk was.

Grandpa was very happy.

"Eating is a blessing, you shouldn't be stingy with food when you're raising children." Grandfather immediately took out the small handkerchief and withdrew one of the credit cards and asked Ji Huan to go down the Mountain to buy milk for Black Egg.

"Buy a good brand, imported, buy lots, at least six cans ......!" Calculating Black Egg's appetite, Grandfather was very happy.

Black egg can not stay alone with Grandfather, so Ji Huan with a cloth belt tied to his chest, wrapped in a fat black uniform jacket, although black egg looks rather unimpressive, his stature is much smaller than the average baby, so if you did not look carefully, you wouldn't notice the baby on Ji Huan's chest.

Ji Huan went the bus station, as he waited he fed Black Egg. In Ji Huan arms, drinking milk, two white eyes continued staring straight at Ji Huan's chin very seriously.

If Ji Huan was normal, the stare would probably have been creepy, but Ji Huan was not. He didn't even cover the Infant's fear-inspiring eyes.

If Egg didn't see an adult, he would be afraid wouldn't he?

He didn't know why, but Ji Huan always thought so, so he endured the little guy watching, he got used to being watched.

After being watched all day by the little guy, Ji Huan also bowed his head and looked back at the little black baby. Mouth twitching, his stiff face showed a hint of a smile.

Ji Huan's looks had always been unfortunate, but also too cold, from small to large no children wanted to be close to him, children had even started crying, but Black egg obviously is not scared of his appearance.

Slowly Black egg's scarlet mouth split again.

Well, he'd just eaten, so this was probably a smile.

Ji Huan thought as he pat black egg's ass, the bus had arrived.

Off the bus, Ji Huan went straight to the town's largest, actually it was the town's only baby product store. The store was filled with women, pregnant women, or pushing their stroller. Babies awake or asleep, whichever, they were glowing.

Ji Huan quietly watched other people's children, and then went to the area for ​​milk.

He began to look through the brands.

No sign, he looked around at what brands the mothers would buy. Finally, he picked one of the imported milk powder brand when he looked at the price, Ji huan's heart started, he calculated how much Black egg's milk money would be a month, the juvenile paused. Eventually he took from the shelf six cans of milk and placed them into the cart.

This time he did not buy diapers.

Black egg did not pee, nor passed stool.

the wrapped diaper on Egg's ass was the first piece, which has always been dry. Although Ji Huan was very surprised he did not tell Grandfather.

He wanted to conceal black egg's origins from the elder.

While waiting in line, he overheard the two mothers in front as they talked about the different types of vaccinations children needed after they were born. Beneath Ji Huan's indifferent face, his heart secretly notes: So after a child is born they needed vaccination shots, he never thought about that!

Out of the baby product store, Ji Huan immediately headed for the town's only Internet cafe, after the fastest Internet search on vaccines needed after birth, he left the Internet Cafe with a thick wad of notes.

There were Infant BCG vaccination and hepatitis B vaccine. If Black egg was a normal birth, the hospital would give a small prompt for parents to receive injections at the epidemic prevention station. Baby things Ji Huan had overlooked for Black egg, so he was a bit embarrassed.

Ji Huan felt black egg was not wrong, but in his heart, he was aware the origin of this strange child, he didn't dare let outsiders see, let alone a doctor's appointment for injections!

Black egg can be considered worthy of the name, he's part of a black family too!

Grandpa is a rural elder he never left the mountains so never met anyone living below, Ji Huan is a country boy, he left the town exactly once in his whole life, they don't have any social relationships, how is Black egg going to get a vaccination without a record, Ji Huan hasn't go a clue.

But soon he came up with an idea.

They went to the supermarket and bought some fruit, then he ran straight to the small town's Eastern District. After pressing the doorbell, there was another boy about his age standing at the door, taller than him, his face was slightly spotty with acne.

This was one of Ji Huan classmates named Wang Xiaochuan. His family worked in the town's epidemic prevention station. Once he was extorted by one of the town's bullies when he was saved by Ji Huan, which was how he'd learned his name.

However, afterwards the two people did not deepen their relationship, every day after school Ji Huan had to go to work, so Ji Huan had no friends.

Silence, Ji Huan gave the fruit to Wang Xiaochuan.

Wang Xiaochuan face showed surprise, but still smiling, welcomed him inside. Wang Xiaochuan's home is not great, but it was exceptionally warm and clean, everywhere in the house were hints of his mother, father and Wang Xiaochuan.

Due to family reasons, men and women work a lot of things in this family can be seen everywhere.

No trace of Wang Xiaochuan, looked at the home again, Ji huan noticed in the corner of the house were a few syringes.

Wang Xiaochuan home is not large, Ji Huan ended up sitting in the living room on a sofa. Wang Xiaochuan was looking at him, eyes a little curious, a little shy, but his attitude was friendly.

Two people not good at talking, Ji Huan sat in muffled silent on the sofa, Wang Xiaochuan's throat was a little uncomfortable, he gave a low cough, in the room besides his voice there was no other sound.

Since he was the owner, Wang Xiaochuan finally started first: "Ji Huan, your family ... ... has a child?"

He pointed to the milk box brought by Ji Huan- Mother! Six cans of it.

"Well," Jixuan nodded, thinking, he continued: "My sister's child, he's been born ... ... less than a week."

"Oh! Congratulations. Your an uncle." Wang Xiaochuan congratulated him.

"... ... my sister gave birth to the child then died." Ji Huan followed up.

Wang Xiaochuan choked at once, but had to say, he's smart, he connected the news of sister's death with Ji Huan's visit.

"You're ... ... trying to find my family to help with your sister's child, right?"

With parents working in the epidemic prevention station Wang Xiaochuan had grown up in it, so a lot of people came to him for such matters, but this is the first time, Ji Huan the person with the worst reputation in their class came to him.

Huan looked up at him, then nodded:" Too confusing, my sister's child was born with no records, I would like to ask you to help me get the necessary vaccines and syringes from the epidemic prevention. " He confessed.

"It's too difficult?" Seeing as Wang Xiaochuan a long while did not answer, Ji Huan frowned.

Opposite, Wang Xiaochuan hurriedly waved: "No, not difficult! I'm very happy to help you! I mean ... ... I think I can help Huan student, I am very happy ... ..."

"Then please." Ji Huan concisely expressed gratitude to Wang Xiaochuan.

Wang Xiaochuan vowed to ensure that he would in three days time get the necessary vaccines.

Looking at the sky getting late, Ji huan got ready to leave. Before he left, he pointed to his takeaway bag: "There's Mountain pears, it's cheap and doesn't look good, but it can be used to make sugar pear water, good for the throat."

Then he left, leaving Wang Xiaochuan startled.

His bad throat... ... Huan student, how did he know?

As a result of poor health, he'd taken leave often, so class feelings are very general, coupled with deliberate concealment, almost no one knows the reason of his sick leave. His lungs were not good, just breathing can get a bad cough, but today he obviously had not coughed as much as possible ... ...


Wang Xiaochuan suddenly stunned, he'd found a strange thing: strange to say, Ji Huan came in, he did not deliberately suppress coughs, but really do not want to cough.

As if ... ... around Huan student, the air was especially fresh.

Standing at the door for a long time, Wang Xiaochuan began to gently cough. He glanced at the table where he'd left the pear.

"In the evening I'll ask mother to make pear water." He whispered.

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D
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