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Devil Chapter 11

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Translator's note: Ji Huan= Joy or his nick name Hua= flower. Shrugs. I'm just copying and pasting machine translations and re-arranging the words for better reading.

Chapter 11 Black Eggs Vaccine

Wang Xiaochuan's student work efficiency is particularly high!
The following day, Ji Huan received the first shot of BCG and hepatitis B vaccine from his hands, in addition there were several syringes. Knowing that Huan's family lives in the mountains, Wang Xiaochuan also prepared bandages, cotton wool, and other essential household medical supplies for him.
"Thank you, I would like to ask, How much do these things cost?" Carefully put everything in the backpack, he looked up and asked.
"No! No, I don't want the money, these are originally free..." Under the watchful eyes of Ji Huan, Wang Xiaochuan's voice is getting lower and lower, and his head is also hanging down.
It is strange to say that he is a bit afraid of Ji Huan. It's more than just him who think like this, everyone in the class would probably think so. It's not because of the terrible appearance of Ji Huan classmate. In fact, Wang Xiaochuan has secretly observed Huan Huan. Obviously, everyone dressed alike an ugly school uniform, but after Huan Huan seems to be "temperamental."
Well, this is the only adjective that can be conceived in the brains of this young science student.
Different from the boys at this age, who is generally full of youthful cowpeas, he is very fair-skinned. Obviously he never plays umbrellas, it does not look like a person who wears sunscreen. After all, he is still more white than all the girls in class. During daytime his skin is not pale like a lack of blood, but a very rich white... it is like the white porcelain tea cup that Grandpa is usually very sweet on. His facial features are very elegant, not the kind of graceful like girls, but the beauty between a boy and a man. This beauty is suppressed by the innate cold temperament of Ji Huan and becomes an Abnormal sharp momentum - majesty.
Yes, "dignity". Obviously the same age as everyone, but Ji Huan's body, there is a dignity that adults have.
Wang Xiaochuan really thinks so. Not only him, he guessed that other students thought so. If teachers do not think so, well, there is hardly any teacher who dares to answer the questions after attending classes. Even after skipping classes, there will not be teachers who dare to speak.
Also "advanced" (← temperament) and "dignity" (face), a very fierce fighter (← also because he bravely went to the local news), obviously skipping class (← good children do not learn it) every time the first grade ... Such a person, even if other people actually want to get close to him, but he will be unable to stop seeing it.
The last time Ji Huan rescued him from a group of young hooligans was Wang Xiaochuan’s first close contact with Jihuan. At that time, he also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get acquainted with the other party. However, he actually remained until he was succeeded. Huan Sent to the family did not make a single word, the great opportunity was so lost, this time after another, he has Huan to himself, Wang Xiaochuan is very excited!
“I have prepared a copy of the Vaccine Handbook for the Epidemic Prevention Station for you. The time is right for you to find me directly! No! You don’t need to find me. I’ll give you ready time in advance! Rest assured, although I'd given you the best vaccines for epidemic prevention stations for free, there are actually grade differences. This response is the smallest, and only internal personnel can use them...” With this excitement, Wang Xiaochuan said many things.
Although the parents are staff members of the epidemic prevention station, and even the head of the inside, Wang Xiaochuan has never been interested in the work of his parents. There is no concept of vaccinating the baby. This time to help Ji Huan, he asked all the relevant precautions all the time, although it was a bit overwhelming, but Huan Huan was still aware of his efforts to this end.
So Huan Huan seriously listened to him and said all the things he was exploring, and he rearranged it in his head. Then he continued to have a concept about this matter.
"Thank you. Later, really need to continue to trouble you." When Wang Xiaochuan finally ended his explanation, he continued to show him his thanks.
The cold and sluggish sister-in-law crashed and Wang Xiaochuan's face became red! Stayed standing in the ground for a while, and only after a while he waved and said: "I'm really happy to help you, really..."
This sentence is a big truth.
The two men talked for a while before they left. Before leaving, Wang Xiaochuan also asked Ji Huan a few questions that he didn't understand. He saw the problems that had plagued him for days were solved. After coming out, Wang Xiaochuan admired and admired.
"The next needle is the second shot of the hepatitis B vaccine. I will call you in advance!" After making an appointment with Huan Huan for the next time to meet, Wang Xiaochuan reluctantly bid farewell.
Before leaving, Ji huan smiled at him. Although the smile is stiff, but for the ever-faced chill, the smile made Wang Xiaochuan's flattering look with silly eyes. When he recovered, he discovers that the figure of Huan has disappeared.
After farewell to the classmate, Ji Huan did not go home directly, but went to the town's epidemic prevention station. Many people are escorting their children for injections. In this case, the appearance of Huan Huan is not so inviting.
Got it.
The amount of impetus between infants is quite amazing. As long as one child cries, the surrounding will cry, and since the beginning of the day, Huan also worried that the black egg will cry, but obviously he thinks more. Following the hard work, the black egg looked straight in the school uniform of Huan Huan. In order to facilitate his breathing, the school uniform zipper was opened after the hue. The outside of the padded jacket was also released. Two buttons for the eyes. Ji huan felt it was an occasion to celebrate, Black egg observed from time to time. The attention of Black egg was apparently outside. He looked out silently, and when the other baby was crying, the mouth of Black egg was still one. Zhang’s.
Looks like it's laughing...
Even if Huan was surprised, Black egg was also a newly born baby in the eyes of Huan Huan. He was worried about what infectious diseases had spread in this place for a long time. He continued to mix for about an hour in the crowd and took in the injection process. Keeping it firmly in mind, Huan immediately returned home.
When Wang Xiaochuan was asked to get a vaccine, Wang Xiaochuan had originally proposed to take an injection at his own epidemic prevention station. However, Huan Huan refused because of “an old doctor on the mountain”.
In fact, there is no old doctor on the hill, only a veterinarian who still lives at the foot of the mountain. The elder was old and retired before they chose to live under the mountains for better air. He had weak legs and feet, and it was difficult to climb mountains for Ji Huan's family pigs. Needing an injection, he couldn't go up, and Huan couldn't drive the pigs down. Finally, the old veterinarian taught Huan Huan how to give the animals an injection. Then, Ji huan purchased all the vaccines needed for the family's pigs.
This time he decided to play himself.
The time to come back was just too good. When Uncle arrived home, Ah Yeh was sleeping in the back room. He opened the door and confirmed that the old man would not wake up for a short time. After that, Huan returned to his house with ah Black egg.
Holding Black egg out of his arms onto the bed, and laid a pillow next to it, let the Black egg's faced towards himself.
The child likes to look at people - sure enough, after being put down, the white eyes of Black eggs immediately floated.
He smiled stiffly at him, then Huan focused on his backpack.
He took out the tools he was going to use for a while.
In addition to what Wang Xiaochuan had given him, when he went to Wang Xiaochuan’s house, he also went to the pharmacy and bought some extra things: several syringes, and a large bottle of saline.
This is for practicing injections.
It was true that Huan decided to vaccinate Black egg. However, before officially playing Black egg, he decided to practice on himself.
According to an hour-long observation on injections at the epidemic prevention station, Huan first used alcohol to disinfect a piece of skin on his arm, then used a syringe to draw a certain amount of saline from the saline bottle, and then he injected it into himself. I got a needle in my arm -
For the first time, he got a needle for himself. After, he was too slow, he couldn't help frowning. Big drops of blood came out of his arms and he wiped it with alcohol.
Looking at the direction of Black egg's head, Black eggs still stares at himself, but the small mouth is one by one...
Well, I don't know if it's something that was developed at the epidemic prevention station. This guy seems to have developed a problem that makes people laugh.
Shrugging his shoulders, he continued to pump a second saline solution and then continued to plunge into his arm.
He put forty-five needles on his left arm.
BCG is injected intradermally. Hepatitis B vaccine is injected intramuscularly. After Huan, these two methods are repeatedly experienced on his body for dozens of times until he feels it is almost ready, stopped.
At this point his left arm was swollen.
Stretching his left palm, he felt that his condition was still OK. Took away the rubbish he had created during practice, washed his hands again, and then took out Wang Xiaochuan’s vaccine and syringe for Black eggs.
Prepare the necessary tools, and then he picked up Black egg lying in the middle of the pillow, and then placed him in his arms.
Black egg looked at Huan.
After Huan loosed the shackles outside the shackles, the black egg's small black arm suddenly popped out and was caught by Ji huan!
Then, he smiled stiffly at Black egg, quickly prepared the vaccine that needed to be injected, and continued to hold on to the black egg's arm.
Like the black misty face, the dark egg's arm seems to be hidden in the dark fog, and the visual effect is very strange. Normal people do not say that such a child has an injection. It is a good thing if the police was not called! It is precisely because of this that Ji huan has insisted on giving injections to his Black egg.
Then Huan smiled at Black egg again, and when Black egg still looked at himself, he spotted the position where he needed to inject, and then gently but forcefully pressed the needle into Black's arm. Needle.
He breathed a sigh of relief when he used a finger to make sure that there was a small bag bulging on the skin of Black egg.
The sight of Ji Huan immediately fell on the face of the black egg. He discovered that the black egg did not know when he had not looked at himself, and the two white-eyed eyes had turned to his own black arm. When the Egg continue to "see the egg", terrible things happen:
"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A cry of grotesque cries came out of the black egg in Ji Huan's arms, and panic raised the black egg. When he got up, he stayed for a moment: White Eyes was still white eyes, but it was a white ring of water
再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再 再
"Well! Well! Let you just look at other people's lively, feel hurt on the needle, right?" While pacifying the little monster in his arms, Ji Huan raised another syringe, his idea is quite simple : Anyway, they all cry. Cry twice and they save.
The calculations were made instantaneously in his heart, and the movements were very rapid. After the gentle, poignant and yet powerful black pricked dog's arm was poked.
As a result, the black egg completely cried into a watering can.
His cries are so harsh that it has far exceeded the volume that a normal baby should be able to emit. This is not known afterwards. On the contrary, Ji huan is now very happy.
He delightedly wiped the dark eggs with tears on his face who kept staring at him. Finally he lifted Black egg to him. His lips stuck to the dark mist and huan kissed him.
Very cold touch.
After Huan’s mouth curled up, he kissed him again, just like the mothers in the epidemic prevention station comforting their babies. He held black eggs and kissed him.
The cry of the black egg finally weakened, but grandfather next door was completely awakened by him. The first sentence the old man asked when he came to ask if he needed help from next door was:
"What was that voice just now? It's so scary--"
"Ah, it's the black egg crying. In the afternoon I took him to the epidemic prevention station to fight the vaccine. He cried all the way." Afterwards, he made some substitutions for the place of vaccination.
He saw his grandfather relieved: "Cry! Cry!"
Ah Yeh smiled, for a long time, he seemed to feel that there was something wrong with what he had just said. Then he made up a temporary sentence: “I meant that the child is too quiet, the child is crying, crying is more powerful, and the future is not afraid. Shrinking..."
“Aye is right,” said Huan.
Perhaps, Grandpa is also aware that this child is strange, right?
But he did not say anything.
Because it was his sister's child, because it was the child left by Xiaohe. Grandpa was like him and they chose silence. So, along with the occasional twitching black eggs, the two of them discussed the next vaccine plan for black eggs.
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