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Devil Chapter 12

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 12 Pale Hands

After this day, the two men had more trouble: Black eggs would cry at any time.
When black eggs cry, they would hold him up and kiss him again.
As a result, the black egg was forced to become a "little cry".
The next day after Black egg was vaccinated, Huan found that the pigs in the family all had diarrhea.
He was shocked and thought that it was an epidemic. He carefully observed but there were no sick pigs. He was relieved, but he was more concerned about the pigs since then. He began to work harder preparing fodder and clean water for them, and also cleaned the pens. However, they still had diarrhea at every turn, but the frequency was not as often as before. After a while, they finally stopped all together.
I don’t know if it’s too hard to cry every day. Black's appetite has also increased. Before, 60ml bottle of powdered milk, he had to drink seven times. Today, he has to drink eleven times. There is no restriction on eating. Huan will give him food as long as he is hungry, but as a result, the amount of powdered milk every month is much larger.
The money left by his sister is enough, but Huan Huan does not intend to use it now. He wants to work, but the previous car repair business is not good to go again. The last time the salary was advanced made the boss less happy, other than that, the working hours there are unstable and he often need to work overtime.
Before Grandpa's eyes were good, Ji Huan already skipped classes to work, but tried to go home on time. When Grandpa's eyes could not be used, the family also had Black eggs. At this time, the owner of the garage wanted him to go back, he is unwilling to.
At this time, Wang Xiaochuan classmate did a good job: He told the parents about Huan Huan directly. They knew that Huan Huan was the good man who had saved their son the last time. That Huan often directed their son’s homework, Wang Xiaochuan’s parents immediately afterwards found Ji Huan a job at the sanitarium.
“The epidemic prevention station has not had any vacancies recently, but my aunt had recently had a place in their sanitarium and the salary is higher than the epidemic prevention station...” Wang Xiaochuan said with an apologetic face. In his opinion, the epidemic prevention station job was more suitable, after all, it was the site of his parents.
"It's already very good. I only need to work four hours a day. The salary is twice what I was paid before. I'm very satisfied." After, he realized that he was probably exploited before. However, it does not matter. After all, in the absence of roads, the car repair shop was the only place that would give him a chance to work.
“Ah? Ji huan you were working in a car repair shop, ah?” Wang Xiaochuan immediately noticed another meaning revealed by the words of Huan Huan.
"Well, my family's economy is tense." He replied frankly as he nodded.
"Ah...sorry!" Wang Xiaochuan shouted immediately.
"It doesn't matter." Ji huan shook his head, "But your family's economic conditions are very good. You don't have to work?"
Wang Xiaochuan who just said that he would go to work with him this time, which made Ji Huan surprised.
"Oh... it's an internship! It's an internship! You know, my family has a medical background. After I got it for you, I found myself interested in this kind of thing, so When I want to get homework finished early so I could join, my parents were happy..."
This is really a truth.
In order to be able to say a few words to Ji Huan, Wang Xiaochuan had finished all the winter vacation homework for the first time so he could surprise his parents! When he asked his parents about work, Wang Xiaochuan's father and mother were even more surprised! God knows that their son did not have any interest in being a doctor before. He wanted to be a programmer. But now that job is so hard to find. The IT industry graduates gets a lot of attention. The industry is emboldened?
After all, poor world parents.
Since it was known that Ji Huan’s classmates urged their sons to finish homework so quickly, he was also interested in becoming a doctor. They remembered that when Ji huan saw injustice being commited he had ended up saving their weak chicken son. Although They had never met, Wang Xiaochuan’s parents' attitude towards Ji Huan was very good. Knowing that Huan’s family had just had a baby, his parents let Wang Xiaochuan send a shopping card for a nearby baby shop. For them in this line, and ultimately this kind of thing, their family had no children, just give to his son's friend.
The next day, Huan Huan and Wang Xiaochuan went to their job.
The sanatorium is located on the hill on the other side of town. It is also a mountain. This mountain is much more famous than the mountain behind Huan's house.
The country's famous moutain, name is naturally not called, but it is a place that everyone in the town knows.
In fact, there is only one mountain in Bade Town, which is clamoring to pack Bade Town in the middle, but when people talk about Mount Bade, they must be referring to this side of the mountain. The scenery is beautiful and the vegetation is lush. Even though it is still green in the winter, it is hard to see the green in Huan's family. There is reason for this - there is a hot spring there.
There are great hot springs throughout the year. People in the town don't even talk about hot springs. The town's hospitals and nursing homes are also built on this side. There are also many specious spa hotels. Saying it is a hotel, it is actually not magnificent. It is more like a large bathhouse, but it hasn’t been visited once.
"It's beautiful here, isn't it? There are flowers in the middle of the valley! When we go back we can admire the flowers." Although he has come numerous times, but this time Huan huan came with him, the familiar scenery has also become particularly beautiful, after seeing the scene, Huan’s staring at the window of the car, like he has seen God. Xiao chuan is curious and follows along the line of sight of Huan Huan’s eyes. “There is grass there. What, is it a famous grass?"
Hearing him say this, Huan took back his gaze, "No, it's just ragweed. The grass on my mountain is gone. I didn't expect it to be so luxuriant here. After work, I can cut the pigweed and take it home. ."
Wang Xiaochuan’s expression instantly became →
Well, for the down-to-earth pragmatist, the good-looking things are never as good as practical ones.
The two teenagers spoke again and again until their destination arrived.
The sanitarium where they are about to work, is located a little above the hillside and belongs to one of the best nursing homes in Bade Township. On arrival at the sanatorium, there was a middle-aged woman in a white robe. When she saw Wang Xiaochuan, she smiled and greeted.
“Oh, this is my classmate Ji huan, this is my little aunt.” Wang Xiaochuan immediately introduced Jicai to his little aunt. However, his introduction was a little informal: he forgot to introduce her name.
Ji Huan was shocked.
"Look at you child, introduction the individual is unclear, my name is Zhang, you call just call me Zhang Yan." Wang Xiaochuan's Xi little aunt immediately gave Ji Huan a smile and gave him a tour around the sanatorium and introduced them to the environment of the sanitarium.
Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan were assigned to the Ministry of Nursing. they are not professional nurses, but they can learn something to help them.
Wang Xiaochuan’s Xiao Yan introduced Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan to the boss of the Ministry of Nursing in the name of relatives, and smiled to explain that the other person will take care of these children. However, after letting them do something, they also let them do it. Waved goodbye.
Her popularity is obviously good. Obviously her patience is very good. Teaching tips are not hidden at all. Compared with the previous experience of repairing cars for Huan Huan, it’s more like heaven on earth. When there was only two of them left, Huan couldn't help but sigh with Wang Xiaochuan.
Wang Xiaochuan was happy: "It's a good chance to stand out. Xiao Yan manages the performance of the sanatorium. Of course, they have to work hard for her."
Ji Huan’s nodded half-heartedly.
Work four hours a day, manage a meal, and the employee's card can recharge points every month. With these points, they can go to the supermarket of the nursing home to buy things. When the brand of Black's powdered milk was found being sold here, Ji huan Immediately decided that all the points on this card would be used to buy milk powder.
The people who lived in this sanitarium were mostly old people and Ji Huan had experience getting along with the elderly. They quickly mastered the seventy-eighty percent being taught by “Master” (bringing them along, care workers). Ji huan could already perform it. When most of the first-time nurses were working, Wang Xiaochuan could only lay hands on the side lines. Watching, Wang Xiaochuan was a little sad, Huan only encouraged him a few words, then he began to learn more seriously, how to take care of old men experience with Master. Aye Yeh is old. Ji huan will learn these things sooner or later. At this moment, he sincerely thanked Wang Xiaochuan for introducing him here.
It was also due to the recent work that he learned how difficult it was to find a job here. It was not that the wages he had been looking for were low, but that the high-paying job was simply could not be found due to his background.
Because he knew the difficulty, he was more grateful to Wang Xiaochuan. The way he is grateful is very practical. It is to teach Wang Xiaochuan to do things. When Wang Xiaochuan is not finished, he can do it with him. After a long time, the relationship between the two men becomes a teacher and a friend. Knowing that Wang Xiaochuan's lungs were not good, Huan Huan gave him a frozen pear every day from his own cellar, but now he couldn't eat it outside. Wang Xiaochuan likes to eat it, but he is also somewhat awkward,
"Although it's not good for you to say that my lungs are bad, but it's strange... I didn't really cough recently. It seems like I didn't cough after I met you..."
He only talked about it at first, but thought about it inadvertently, but found that it really seemed like that.
“I thought it once before, the air around you seemed particularly good!”
During the lunch break, Wang Xiaochuan warmed up while eating pears.
Ji huan slender eyes passed over his face, "Presumably I have more negative ions on my body. After all, my family lives on the mountain."
"Oh, it's also right! I'll go live on the hill and look back, so I'll be completely fine."
The two teenagers laughed and laughed, and the work of the day ended soon, the two met together and went home.
As they sat waiting for the bus across the sanatorium, Wang Xiaochuan suddenly sneezed and then kept coughing. He coughed so badly his face became red, Ji huan was about to help him go back to the sanitarium, when suddenly a team of vehicles drove past them.
It was a very expensive car. Many people ran out of the nursing home to watch the excitement.
Huan Huan frowned.
The long team stopped on the way they needed to go back to the nursing home. There was no way. Huan could only help Wang Xiaochuan and let overbearing team leave in front of him.
Ji Huan unconsciously staring at the car in front of them, one by one opened in front of him. Then, the window in the back of the middle car suddenly opened a little.
He saw a hand.
It was a very pale hand, the knuckles were long and refined, and the hand swung out of the sliding window, as if to throw something, then window closed.
It was a very brief moment, but Ji huan didn't know why, but his impression of the scene was incomparably profound, until the entire team left, his brain repeated the movement of that hand.
In the end, Wang Xiaochuan’s coughing reminded him of his wrath. Under the strong demand of Wang Xiaochuan, they did not return to the nursing home, but hurriedly took the bus that had just arrived.
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