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Devil Chapter 13

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Ji Huan has known Wang Xiaochuan often coughs this problem.
He only knew that Wang Xiaochuan used to take sick leave. In school, he occasionally noticed that Xiaochuan would secretly suppress his voice and cough. Later, Wang Xiaochuan was frank he knew it was a lung disease. However, after recent frequent contact, he was never sick. It was good, almost never committed after a long time, Huan almost thought that Xiaochuan was really good. Today, this episode was a bit serious. Wang Xiaochuan had a high fever that night.
His illness was fierce but the hospital could not find any problems. Because he had come back almost one or two times a year in the past, Wang Xiaochuan's parents were worried.
"It's okay. I was too tired when I was pregnant with him. Xiaochuan had never been a good student. You don't have to worry too much. This kind of situation was very common before. He's been very good lately. See him playing with his classmates every day. Ji Huan, we also forgot to remind him to pay more attention to prevention...” Wang Xiaochuan’s mother is obviously self-blaming. She attributed her son’s bad health to herself completely.
"It's late. Your grandfather and black egg are still at home. Go, go, my mother will accompany me here." Wang Xiaochuan is obviously a senior patient. Although he is weak, he can still put up a strong front. Smilimg, urges Huan Huan to go home quickly.
It seems that Wang Xiaochuan’s mental state is pretty good.
Wang Xiaochuan was right to say that he has been worried about black eggs and grandfather. Although he had phoned Grandpa before to say he would be home later. However, he was not at all relieved when it was an old, a young in his heart. He strode out of Wang Xiaochuan's hospital.
The hospital is on the mountainside of Badeshan, the nursing home where they work is in the hospital. After visiting Ji huan was returned by Wang's parents.
It is already too late, the shuttle bus going down the hill has already left. After that, Huan had to walk to the foot of the hill to catch other half-night routes.
Perhaps it was time to buy a second-hand motorbike. It would be more convenient going to the second place, and it would save more money in the long run. Both hands broke into the pockets of the school uniform, walking with great strides and then Ji huan couldn't help but trot.
Fortunately, he mananged to catch the last bus to the mountain. The dark night was particularly dark, he carefully followed the flashlight in front of him. Soon he heard the cry of Black eggs. A moment of relief, In the direction of the cry Ji huan cried out.
"Aye, I'm back!" Before entering the house, Huan shouted out to his grandfather outside the house. "I stayed in the hospital for a long time today. I'll take a shower first."
"Oh, go, go. You wash it soon. Don't know what's wrong with Black egg. He just started crying, I fed him milk, after he finished drinking, he cried. I couldn't manange him...” Grandpa’s voice followed. Inside the house, when Huan was just turning on the light for the shower, the cry of Black egg was actually bigger. Grandpa's voice was also heard from outside the bathroom: “Black egg, you're inside! You want to see, Ji huan is taking a bath! Taking a shower!"
While pouring shampoo in hand, he gently bent the corner of his mouth, but he did indeed speed up the bath while listening to the cry of Black egg.
After coming out of the shower, Ji Huan’s plan was to hold Black egg from his grandfather's arms as usual, this time the reaction of Black egg was unexpected, he was just black when he was just touching his eyes. The small paw "bam" sped from the cassock, and then he grasped the back of Huan Huan's hand.
Did the child really think he couldn’t make it? heart feeling somewhat strange, Ji huan embraced Black eggs.
Black egg stopped crying the moment he was embraced by his uncle. A pair of white eyes stared at Ji Huan's face, then looked down at Huan's feet.
Afterwards, he took a glance at the soles of his feet.
Of course, there was nothing but his own shadow.
"... it seems to cool down." After discovering that the black egg did not cry, Grandpa finally breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately went to the closet to get a thick quilt, and even the black egg got a thicker swaddling.
Huan is not sensitive to changes in temperature, but looking at AYe does look a bit cold, Ji Huan quickly boiled hot water to warm the elder feet, and then used warm water bags to Ah Ye's nest, and finally put the last quilt cover above Ah Ye, he took Black egg back to their room.
Looking at Black eggs lying on the bed and looking at himself, Huan thinking black eggs was maybe cold, Ji huan to the quilt also added a layer of thickening.
Sleepless nights.
When he woke up the next morning without finding Black egg in bed, he thrilled and jumped up from his bed. After, he started to whirl around, he found a quilt next to his feet. Black egg next to it. The black claws were holding his left foot, where he slept soundly.
Ji Huan's feet are warm and wet.
Put Black egg into the quilt and gently put him aside, then after he was out of bed and picked up the damp mattress, after a long while, he announced to the other man who was washing outside, "Black eggs has wet the bed."
Really gratifying! Black eggs never had any excretion after birth has finally did a bed-wetting. Although there is only a small piece, this piece is actually collected and treasured by Aye.
After drying, together with the mats that Huan Huan and his sister once urinated in were pressed in a locker.
During daytime, he did not go to work, first reading a book. After previewing textbooks for the next semester for three hours, he went see Black eggs behind him, Black eggs still slept peacefully in the cocoon.
In addition to wailing, he was always a child who was so quiet he had no sense of presence. Especially now his eyes were closed.
This way, the face of Black eggs really became a mass of dark mist.
Sitting quietly watching the bed for a while, Huan couldn't help but poke his black belly. After hearing the black egg's reflective cry, he recovered his hand.
Placing a pillow on the edge of the bed, he went to drink a cup of water and then went out to work.
He first cleaned up the pigsty, then went to the greenhouse in his home and made a circle. After picking up the vegetable dishes he could eat, he returned to the house. Seeing that there seems to be a layer of soil on the ground, Ji huan could not help but take out a broom.
This season is relatively dry. The mountains because water and dew are more abundant it has been considered relatively moist, but the house is still prone to dust. Holding a broom, Huan Huan swept through the hall, grandfather's room, and sister's room before finally preparing to clean his room.
However, when he finished sweeping and was ready to put the dust into the dustpan, he suddenly froze. squating down after a long while, he pinch a small handful of dust from the dustpan out.
The grayish yellow soil dust is obviously mixed with black powder.
Before dust in the house was clearly grayish yellow, how did black dust get in your room?
Ji huan couldn’t think of the reason, left the matter behind him, Grandfather has come back.
Every morning, he went back to the river in front to fish. He had been accustomed to it for decades. Not mentioning his eyes were closed, even with his eyes, he can walk the right path, and he continues to retain this fixed hobby.
"Fortunately yesterday our family added a quilt. When I was fishing today, I heard that several people had caught a cold! There are two with high fevers sent to the hospital." When Grandpa entered the door, he couldn't wait to say to him, "Your classmate it's estimated that the body is weak he did not find the temperature change in time so got sick. Today, wear a jacket when you go out."
For the news brought by Grandpa, Huan can only "Ah" a cry.
Huan Huan didn’t take this matter seriously at first, but when he went to work in the afternoon, he discovered that it was more trouble than he imagined. Due to unexpected cooling, the Ministry of Health two-thirds of his colleagues actually asked for leave!
Either the person is ill or the family is ill and cannot get away. In short, the person who comes to work on time on this day will be exhausted. The supervisor of Ji Huan also specifically stopped him in embarrassment and hopes that he can add several hours to today's shift.
“Salary will be paid four times the normal hour rates, these days please help us out!"” The other party said so, Huan had no choice but to accept it.
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