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Devil Chapter 14

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

double update since I skipped a day. =D

This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this. Please don't sue me

Chapter 14 Black Powder

Everyone who likes to teach at will knows that today's Ji Huan is a temporary worker, but proficiency is comparable to that of a regular employee. In fact, due to the scarcity of nursing staff, he is now fully regarded as a regular employee used.
He is now responsible for monitoring the physical condition of residents in the rooms of the district, assisting them with various project care, and finally cleaning house. It is no wonder that the person in charge needs to pay four times for Huan Huan, even she feels that this is a lot of things for the young man.
This side, it is not allowed to use a vacuum cleaner. When sweeping the floor with a broom and sweeping out the kind of black dust, Huan goes to heart.
There is no black soil in Bade Town, and this kind of dust does not look like earth. What kind of Huanhuan cannot say anything about it, but he somehow noticed these things after sweeping out the dust from his room that day.
After the two days at home, Huan also cleaned the room twice a day. Even Grandpa wondered how he became more love cleaning. After he told his grandfather he was trying to prevent illness, he was actually confirming sweeping out that kind of black powder, he not only cares about room, the pigsty he also cares about it. However, he did not find the black powder at home on these two days.
Nothing was found at home but was found in the sanatorium.
So after work, he visited Wang Xiaochuan again. As usual, he handed a frozen pear to him, and afterwards, he went looking for the hospital's broom to borrow.
"Wha - Are you doing this?" Wang Xiaochuan's mother was surprised.
"I'll clean for health. Do you have a cold? I think it's related to the hospital being clean. Like my house is cleaned twice a day. Until now, I have no problems with my grandfather and black eggs." Speaking a long sentence, he explained it, and thought, he added, “Recently there has been many people with a fever and the sanatorium is already understaffed. Is the hospital the same? before it can be cleaned every day? Now they can not do a good job, in the long run it will not benefit anyone."
As long as it was good for Wang Xiaochuan, his mother would not disagree. After listening to Ji huan, she immediately nodded again and again, “You're right! This is really the case! Cleaning the hospital has not really been on time these days……
Damn! When you look at me, these days the light is tossing, I'd forgotten such a simple truth. I'll go downstairs to buy a new rag. ”
Wang Xiaochuan's mother was a typical activist. She jumped up when she finished talking, and then like the wind blew out the door.
On the sickbed, Wang Xiaochuan smiled at him with apologetic regret. His lips were a little whitish. Staying in hospital these days, Wang Xiaochuan’s illness did not improve at all. Body temperature was still so high every day. It did not return to normal. .
Huan nodded to him, then began cleaning the room.
He sweeps very closely, sweeps from the wall, Huan head was bown from beginning to end. He is carefully observing what he has swept out. When he swept half the room and gradually approached Wang Xiaochuan's bed, he was startled.
In Wang Xiaochuan's ward, Huan Huan found black powder again!
Moreover, the black powder near the side of Wang Xiaochuan can be swept out more than Huan Huan's...
Raising his head, Huan slowly looked around the ward.
"Don't be busy, Ji huan you take a break later, today you came directly from the nursing home after work, right? Sit down and rest." Just as Ji Huan's eyes stayed on the ward's TV, Wang Xiaochuan gently called and he heard it.
Dust was taken out to the trash can and dumped. After the ceremony, he sat in the chair next to the bed.
Wang Xiaochuan’s hands were now placed outside the quilt. The juvenile's skinny hand had more traces of pinholes on the back than usual.
“... eh...” Ji huan sitting silently did not know what to say, Wang Xiaochuan spoke again. One opening was a long sigh: “I felt it before, I don’t know why. When Huan huan is in the room,I would not want to cough, I felt more comfortable.”
Xiaochuan praised him this sentence, Ji Huan did not know how to respond.
However, in-depth exchanges for so long, Wang Xiaochuan has more or less understood the character of Huan Huan, Ji Huan does not speak, he took the initiative to open his mouth, "Actually, there is something I did not say to my mother, mainly because she did not believe it. ” Even though the lights in the ward had used a warm yellow light bulb in order to look softer, Ji Huan still saw Wang Xiaochuan was actually pale.
After shrinking into the bed, Wang Xiaochuan quickly looked around the ward, then he pressed his voice very low: "I always feel that there is something in the ward."
"Not people, it's that kind of thing."
Wang Xiaochuan said quickly after he finished he looked at Huan.
Looking back at Wang Xiaochuan, Ji huan was silent.
Two people's silence, Wang Xiaochuan’s mother came back to the rescue. She not only brought a rag, but also brought a big bag of things. Things are not for Wang Xiaochuan.
"I bought rags and disinfectant. I really did not care about it. I didn't think about it... It's easy to mess up when my head is in chaos..." Wang Xiaochuan’s mother said At the same time, handing the bag in his hand to Ji Huan, “You have been watching Xiao chuan these days. Every time you bring something for Xiao chuan . Aunt can’t go to your house and do a gift back ceremony. These things you take first in thanks for your grandfather. Do not refuse, or you can just send out."
She said so, Huan had to pick up the bag. According to his experience of buying milk powder, there was at least four cans of milk powder in this bag.
Two people then wiped Wang Xiaochuan's room together again, then it was too late for Huan to leave. Wang Xiaochuan’s mother specifically sought someone to drive him to the bus station at the foot of the mountain.
Until he left, because Wang Xiaochuan's mother, Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan could not continue their talk about that topic. However, Wang Xiaochuan’s words took root in Ji huan's head.
After returning home, he nervously swept the house again and confirmed that no black powder was found on the floor, on one hand he was relieved and more worried on the other.
Ji Huan's eyes finally fell on Black eggs in his arms.
White ringed eyes stared at his face, this is the most normal state of Black eggs.
Until Huan Huan suddenly remembered the bag that Wang Xiaochuan’s mother gave him, and took out a can of milk powder from the bag.
"Black eggs, this is the milk powder that Wang Xiaochuan's mother gave you. Your food grain has become more than me and Grandpa..."
At this time, Black eggs in Huan huan's eyes, two white-eyed eyes suddenly deflated, and a shrill cry quickly exploded in succession.
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