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Devil Chapter 15

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

sorry work is kicking ass this week. I'll try harder to keep a more consistent update rate! =D

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 15 has something

The black egg cried all the time. He couldn't block his mouth with milk, obviously holding a bottle, but he sucked two, and then spit out the pacifier and slammed twice.
"How did the black egg cry again?" At last the grandfather was tossed, and headed to the sound. He clung to the black egg.
"Black egg, tell Grandpa, why do you cry?" Grandpa used the unique method of coaxing the baby to shake the black egg, "Is uncle bullying black egg? Grandpa beat him for you."
Thus, Huan Huan was really beaten by his grandfather. It hurts but he gently pats.
However, the black eggs really do not cry, two big white eyes staring at Ji huan being beaten by grandfather, black eggs look very serious. However, after a while, he began to cry again and his grandfather “fight” a few times, but this time it was not as effective as before.
Ah Yeh can't see it, but Huan is looking at the score, Black egg's eyes is not crying because of him, but the can of milk he just took.
He looked at grandfatherfather, shaking Black eggs, then proceeded to do what he would rarely do, striding over, he hit a can of milk powder.
Between the slap and the metal can, a dingy sound struck, after the success of the fight, the cries of Black eggs came to an abrupt end, but at the moment the thoughts of Huan were not reflected in the reaction of Black eggs.
Weird expression, he looked at his hand that had just reached out and patted the past. There, in the palm of Ji Huan’s hand, there was a drop of black powder.
When he just smacked the can, he felt like he had impacted on something. He hurriedly removed his palm and looked at it. There was more in the palm of his hand. Say, what did I just hit it? Think of Ah Yeh just hitting him first, Ji huan quietly took off his coat and looked at the back where Ah yeh had just hit it. There, really has a little black powder.
Holding a coat in his hand and looking at Black egg, the white-eyed eyes of Black eggs were no longer looking at the milk jug, nor did they look at him. The black little claws held the bottle that Ah yeh gave him. Ring eyes staring at the bottle, Black egg is drinking very seriously.
After drinking milk, Grandpa began to coax black eggs to sleep.
He started to hum a little tune.
The tune was strange, but Huan was very familiar with it, and yes, 80% he had heard as a child.
The content of the lyrics is also the content of the children.
Friends are playing hide-and-seek,
dark, closed their eyes,
and when the song is over,
the hunter will set off to catch ghosts.
Everyone must hide quickly.
If one of them is a little slower,
the hunter will catch his hand.
He just appeared...
Now think about it, this is really a strange song.
However, Ji Huan's impression is that he and his sister seems to really have played such a game. The person in charge of catching ghosts sang songs and went to catch people. The sister was particularly good at “snapping ghosts”, no matter where they were hiding in. She always has a way to find that person. On the other hand, Huan Huan was not particularly good at catching ghosts, catch the last person did not catch. In the end, he had to let his sister find him and bring him home.
Listening to grandfather's small song, Huan's eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. He was too tired these days, although he did not say, but his body was already protesting, so he leaned on the back of the bed and uncknowingly fell asleep.
Stumbled, he felt his shoes were taken off, his legs were moved to the bed, then the soft quilt also covered him. Finally, a cold and cool stuff was placed into his arms. .
It is Black eggs.
Arms stretched around a cold little body, Huan frankly shared his temperature with black eggs, Ji huan fell into a deep sleep.
The next day, Huan Huan once again woke up and felt only unusually refreshed.
In fact, he had a bit of a cold feeling last night. In order to prevent the elderly and children from being infected at home, he bought cold medicine to eat at the hospital. However, when he got home, he still suffered a bit, but after he had slept he felt good immediately.
When he was wearing his coat, his sight couldn't help but fall on the black stain on the back of the tip. It was where grandfather had beaten yesterday. He could see the black ash yesterday. After a night, the traces left is only the size of a small tip, if it is not deliberately looked for, it would be completely undetected.
After a hard pat, the original needle-sized stains were gone, Huan continued to put on the coat.
Before leaving home, told Grandpa, if he had something to call himself, then went to work afterwards.
When he was working in the sanitarium, he swept out the black powder, when he saw the black powder again, he could no longer ignore it as he had done before.
While he was working, Huan suddenly received a phone call from the mother of Wang Xiaochuan and called him, crying,
“Ji Huan, you come to see Xiao Chuan's for the last time! He, he... Xiao chuan's is going to die!”
Ji Huan was shocked.
He couldn't focus to what was not completed in his hands. He told the colleague next to him, then immediately ran toward Wang Xiaochuan’s hospital. It was not far from the sanatorium where Huan Huan worked, he ran to the familiar ward. At that time, there was already crying.
Wang Xiaochuan’s parents and auntie are all here these days, there are many other people who don’t even know ji huan. Wang Xiaochuan’s mother cries most sadly, and Wang Xiaochuan’s sister is comforting her. .
They saw Huan Huan at a glance.
"Xiao huan, you have a look at Xiao chuan. That child has been chanting your name...." Wang Xiaochuan's mother looked up and showed a pair of red and swollen eyes. She begged Ji Huan, next to the doctors with acquiescence, he approached Wang Xiaochuan's bed straight away.
Only one night, Wang Xiaochuan look had changed. His breath was weak. He looked like he was dying.
Just as Huan went to his bed, Wang Xiaochuan, who was originally in a state of repose, suddenly awoke, his eyes reopened. As his loved ones scrambled to call the doctor because of this discovery, Wang Xiaochuan suddenly looked up and looked at Huan Huan. Ji huan followed his heart and bent his ears to Wang Xiaochuan's ear,
"...Ji huan, there is something on me..."
He heard Wang Xiaochuan whisper to him with weak voice. Listening to the content of his words, Ji huan shuddered.
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