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Devil Chapter 16

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 16 Gestures

Startled, Ji huan straightened up and looked around his eyes wide open. He looked harder, but could not see anything but the thin, pale Wang Xiaochuan in the room!
Yes, Wang Xiaochuan said yesterday he thought there was something in the ward.
Today, he said that it was on him.
Huan thinks of the recent influenza fever people had caught in town and thinks of yesterday’s early cold symptoms. It be understood that,
It was "that thing" that made people in the town sick.
It is "that thing" that makes Black eggs cry.
This moment, is also because of "that thing." Wang Xiaochuan was actually dying?
Ji Huan continued to look desperately at Wang Xiaochuan and tried to find traces of clues on him, his sleeve was suddenly caught.
It was Wang Xiaochuan. He held out his hand and grasped Ji Huan. His power was very great. It was his only strength.
"Ji Huan, before ... said together ... go to hot springs, seems ... seems ... ... may not be able to go ..."
" a child...had been...had always wanted to go bathing with my best friend..."
Dying, Wang Xiaochuan looked straight at Huan Huan. His eyes had already begun to disperse. However, his hand clutched the sleeves of Ji Huan, and he heard the instrument connected with Wang Xiaochuan give an early warning. He heard the sound of dripping, heard the vigorous push of the ward door being opened. Numerous people rushed in. Huan wanted to retreat to one side without affecting the rescue. However, Wang Xiaochuan was so persistent, clutching Ji huan. Finally He was allowed to stand beside the bed, watching first aid being performed on Wang Xiaochuan.
He stood ramrod straight, forced to watch Wang Xiaochuan dying little by little!
In the chaotic room only two people were quiet.
One is Ji huan, the other is Wang Xiaochuan.
A familiar scene.
Reminiscence of his sister, he then remembered Black eggs. Huan remembered the nursery rhyme sang by grandfather last night. He thought of Wang Xiaochuan's excitement as he said he would become a doctor in the future. He remembered that he wanted to pull his own hot springs, remembered... countless memories. The fragments intertwined, the night of Wang Huaichuan's hospitalization suddenly appeared in the brain of Huan Huan. The last time He was standing next to him healthy, a fleet of cars drove past them.
A pale hand came out one of the cars shaking windows and gently made a pendulum, as if to throw something out -
Strange to say, the entire movement of that hand does not exceed three seconds, The distance is not very close. However, the movement of that hand is so vividly printed in the mind of Ji Huan, it can never be forgotten.
Unconsciously, Huan Huan stretched out his right hand, which Xiao chuan had not pulled on. The ghosts made a difference, his five fingers in his right hand suddenly opened, and the index finger and middle finger turned slightly in midair, actually completely copying the other's movements.
Then Huan's right hand grabbed towards Wang Xiaochuan -
An incredible thing happened,
Huan Huan saw that the hand he was seizing at the moment was not Wang Xiaochuan at all, but a taupe, extremely ugly hand!
Looking down at the other hand, sees a foggy cloud monster. The monster curled up on Wang Xiaochuan, clutching Wang Xiaochuan’s hand with one hand, and the other hand had stubbornly snagged onto Wang Xiaochuan's neck, and the other party used too much force, Wang Xiaochuan was completely unable to breathe!
Ji Huan's eyes focused on the monster.
The monster also clearly realized he had been noticed. He opened a huge mouth in the fog. Ji huan heard the shrill roar of the monster, Huan Huan could even see the black hole that was the monster's throat ......
At that moment, Ji Huan should have been scared. As a human being, anyone should be afraid, seeing that scene.
However,strangely, Ji huan is very calm.
Clutching the terrible gray paw, while observing the horrible monster, he quickly completed the follow-up action with his right hand.
The pale hand that day actually completed a total of three actions in less than three seconds: arrest - imprisonment - finally...
throw it out!
Therefore, Huan "throws out" the monster.
When it was thrown out by Ji huan, everyone in the ward felt a cool breeze. Stunned they were unclear to what had occurred, Huan's eyes slowly drew a miniature parabola in the air. He saw a huge monster with a length of more than two meters was slammed and lifted away from Wang Xiaochuan's body. it whistled as it was thrown to the ceiling of the ward, then thrown out of the window by Ji huan...
This scene only we can see.
The situation seen by outsiders is Wang Xiaochuan suddenly released the sleeves of Ji Huan, then huan quickly grabbed his coat, opened the window and tossed the clothes out...
"Do not open the window -" One of the nurses had to remind Ji huan, but was shocked suddenly by the changes in the ECG monitor: "Quick! Hurry! The patient's vital signs have reappeared!"
In the ward, there was another embarrassment, the original straight line on the electrocardiograph slowly waved again. Everyone nervously surrounded Wang Xiaochuan's bedside,
but Huan still stood by the wide open window, condescending watching the monster can not be reconciled, howling and then suddenly exploded in midair, turning into black dust.
When the wind blows, it disperses.
Standing in front of the window wearing a thin fleece, Huan could not help but shiver, so he closed the window again.
He stood in the ward quietly, seeing the doctors finish the final treatment for Wang Xiaochuan, waiting until they left, Wang Xiaochuan lying on the bed, has been breathing smoothly, his face is still pale, but his cheeks is slightly ruddy.
Wang Xiaochuan’s mother sat in front of the bed, clutching Wang Xiaochuan’s hand tightly, laughing and crying while whispering something.
After that day, Wang Xiaochuan’s illness got better. Although the body was still weak, it was a good day.
After Ji huan once again brought a frozen pear for Wang Xiaochuan, his mother pulled out a large bag from the side and gave it to Huan.
"Huh?" Ji huan was stunned.
"Happy New Years. Auntie bought you new clothes." Wang Xiaochuan's mother laughed.
He gently touched his nose.
Had to say, a woman is a very careful person. Although Grandpa also loves Huan, but he has never cared for clothes. The jacket Huan threw away was given by his sister a year ago. The only one that fits his age was that jacket. After the jacket was thrown, Huan was wearing just a school uniform. Ah ye’s eyes are bad so he does not notice one less coat, did not think Wang Xiaochuan’s mother noticed.
"wear quickly, auntie checks if its right and appropriate, if it is not appropriate quickly change it for you." As she smiled, Wang Miao urged, Wang Xiaochuan was also sitting in bed watcing the fun. He put on the new coat. Have to say, Wang Ma's vision is quite good, after the Huan wears this jacket is particularly fit, plus he had a healthy life, a good horse with a good saddle, it looks different in moments!
"It's not bad. It's good. I don't need to change it." Helping Jihuan adjust the hood behind him, Wang Ma stepping back with a satisfied smile.
"Aunt, this coat, I can't accept..." However you look, this jacket is very expensive. Although Huan Huan does not know the goods, he knows that this jacket is light and warm. Not the same as his usual clothes, the price is certainly not the same.
"Ji huan, didn't you throw your coat out the window?" Huan Huan still wanted to continue his refusal, Wang Xiaochuan's mother suddenly came out with such a sentence, Huan froze.
He thought that day was very confusing, No one had noticed what he'd done. After all, no one asked but...
Someone still noticed...
"What's special about that coat? I think after you shook the coat in Xiao chuan's hand for a while and then threw it away, his illness has gone. I don't believe it was the result of the first aid. It must have been the coat?” Pulled into the corner, Wang Ma’s voice suddenly became very low and her face was awkward.
The secret cannot be revealed.
"Ah?" Ji huan was stunned: she ... misunderstood what?
Looking at Xiao chuan's mother's glittering eyes, he thought for a long time before he remembered the recent “encounter” of the coat:
"This coat was urinated on by black eggs..."
This is the truth, Ji huan's coat is not much, he used it to cover his feet at night to keep warm, when Black egg peed, the coat was inevitably soaked a little, but fortunately, the urine of Black egg is not bad, after washing and drying he could wear it again.
He did not explain, Mama Wang has already made up her mind.
"The original was boy urine, how could I not think of it? China has a history of boy urine to drive illness ah! Let sick people wear clothes with children's urine, and then burn clothes, disease will burn together ... ...Oops! Better to know it sooner!"
After listening to her mother Wang’s conclusion, he was speechless.
However, he did not refute so it was the default.
On the second day, Huan Huan recieved two coats, one large and one small, the two clothes were different colors from the coat he received yesterday. The small one looked baby sized.
"Give to Black eggs." Mother Wang's statement also confirmed it.
The big one is not the size of Ji huan. As he frowned, mother Wang lowered her voice and whispered,
"This dress is for Xiao chuan, can you bring it back so Black eggs can sprinkle it with urine? Do not wash it, just bring it back and let Xiao chuan wear it directly."
Looking at Wang Ma’s eyes, he touched his nose and did not refuse.
However, Black eggs is almost never peeing, there is no way, Ji Huan had to use the new clothes of Wang Xiaochuan to Black eggs for a few days as diapers, this time increasing the amount black eggs was drinking, so hard work there appeared a little wet stain, Huan rushed to give Wang Xiaochuan.
Wang Xiaochuan wore the jacket out of hospital on the same day. Wearing the same jacket with a good friend, Wang Xiaochuan was very happy.
Then Huan Huan was not shy to say to him what had touched it, but he did not know whether Black's boy urine really worked, or whether the monster that was thrown out after that day was really dead, Wang Xiaochuan's body has became better day by day.
After one week, it was possible to continue the "internship".
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