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Devil chapter 17

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 17 Goodbye

Wang Xiaochuan and Ji Huan were arranged to clean the baths. This work did not sound very good, but it was actually relatively idle. After all, the number of people who used the bath recently was not much.
“That day, after you were really excited, did you pull out something from me?” Wang Xiaochuan did not hold back, and nobody looked at him when he was idle. He secretly secretly secretly asked questions.
She squinted at her, and Huan did not say anything. Under the watchful eyes of Wang Xiaochuan, he gently nodded.
Mouth opened into a big smile, Wang Xiaochuan did not continue.
The two teenagers had a common secret.
However, Huan Huan later talked about the black powder and the unimaginable gestures to Wang Xiaochuan. Listening Wang Xiaochuan was stunned, and the two exhibited several gestures afterwards, but they did not know if it was the wrong way to display them or there was nothing there to catch, nothing happens. Even black powder couldn't be found afterwards.
Wang Xiaochuan’s body is getting better every day, his family is also improving every day.
Afterwards Huan discovered Black eggs had began to distinguish colours!
Ji Huan’s first purchase for black eggs, he was very flustered. He'd just picked a green one at the maternity store. Huan didn’t know if it was a coincidence, later Grandpa gave Black eggs a small green bowl. Later, Xiao chuan's mother gave Black eggs a small coat, still green. As a result, Black eggs was always wrapped in green knows green. He knows that green things are his.
When Huan was sitting in the yard with his Black eggs, he'd accidentally pointed to the clothes hanging in the courtyard and asked him which one was Black egg's. Huan did not expect Black eggs to answer. After all, Black eggs was only a small baby. Unexpectedly, the white-ringed eyes of Black egg stared straight to the only green cotton-padded jacket.
It was also the first time that Huan Huan felt Black egg's response.
“It is said that foreign blacks like exaggerated colors like red and green. Black eggs. Can you really just grow black?” They stared at two big white eyes, and they couldn’t help but think. To squeeze the black egg's face,
Take it for granted, Huan touched a small, cold face and he wasn't very happy. However, the fingers of Huan Huan did not leave. He still felt a firm touch. He did not know where he was touched, Black egg suddenly smiled.
The laughter of the black egg is very special, it is "Xiu Xiu ~" "Xiu Xiu ~". It sounds weird, but after listening to it for a long time Ji huan feels it's pretty cute.
This time Black egg's laugh was not the kind of obvious, imitation laughter. Black eggs laughed very exaggeratedly, twisted and twisted, and almost jumped out, Huan continued to think, probably it was black egg itched.
Well, originally black eggs was also itchy.
It was probably because black eggs usually had too little reaction. After, Huan began to devote himself to digging the itchiness of black egg's body. Black egg was tossed by him for a long time that and extra reaction developed, that is, after seeing him, he laughed. .
Huan Huan once again discovered black egg's advantage, black eggs is smart.
The reason, to realize that Huan tossed him was to see him laugh. In order to avoid "torture," black eggs simply "laugh".
With this discovery, Huan Huan’s training for black eggs is even more “simple and crude.” When a normal baby is about to cry, Huan wants to make black eggs cry. When a normal baby laughs, Ji huan let the black egg like a normal small baby to laugh, he liked to approach black egg laughing. One day grandfather with emotion said, "This is a really lively black eggs," heart really relieved tone.
However, the black egg this time had not cried from the beginning, the "little boy" who had been subjected to anything had turned into a pick-and-pop pick-up.
Black eggs is now a very picky eater, do not like to drink imported milk powder, he is particularly patriotic, specifically support domestic products! He cried when he imported milk powder. On the contrary, he was particularly fond of a domestic milk powder whose name sounded very dangerous. According to Ji huan’s analysis, Black eggs may not like the milk powder of the brand at all, but simply because the colour of that brand. The greenest tank! Given that this "patriotic act" do not know whether it is good or bad, Huan Huan began to try to add complementary food, Huan Huan was adding according to the general baby's progress, first grain, then vegetable juice, meat, etc. Quickly, the question rose again. He only likes to eat green vegetables, pick green vegetables, give him carrot mud, He throws it out, not to mention meat.
Have to say, this baby is quite economical.
The troubles of black eggs eventually even mother Wang knew. Finally, the lady came up with an idea. Keep the milk tank, milk powder inside was replaced with other milk powder. Did not like to eat meat? Change dishes! When all the small dishes of black eggs are replaced by green ones, Black eggs will no longer be picky eaters. Every day when he eats, he will be very clever. finished the last meal will lick the plate and save water...
Like other small babies, he likes to listen to stories, but it is not the same as the parents of other babies... Grandfather does not tell stories. He only talks about storytelling, so black eggs listen to storytellers to sleep every day.
Of course, black egg is too small. He still doesn't understand the content of the storytelling, but this does not prevent him from enjoying talking to him. He likes the old man's swaying voice. Whenever the old man speaks in murmurs, to the critical juncture time the black eggs can sleep sweetly.
Like ordinary babies, black eggs sleep very long, even longer.
Black eggs is becoming more and more like normal human babies - except for looks.
Ji Huan’s home, there was only a mirror, but it was taken a few days ago to the warehouse. The black egg that had become increasingly adventurous was accidentally photographed in the mirror. Then he was scared and cried by himself in front of the mirror.
When Huan discovered this, he smiled first, and then he couldn't laugh. He could only silently close the mirror, then recoax black eggs as he began to cry again and again. Black egg the watering can.
Helpless black eggs by their support, the guts is not large, this time can be regarded as a real scare, and how to coax no matter how Huan is not in the end, the last Aye resorted to the "killer" - a small bowl of green vegetables, This coaxed black eggs break through the tears to laughter, "Xiu Xiu" smiling to eat vegetables and mud.
Black eggs grows up day by day.
Wang Xiaochuan's mother is already helping black eggs to deal with accounts. If she is successful, black eggs will not be a black household. Although there will certainly be many troubles in the future, it will be the same solution and everything will be fine.
Ji Huan's and Ah Yeh should have the same thoughts. As for black eggs... He didn't think anything. He only cares about growing up.
Hee hee ... he will climb.
He can climb much better than a baby of the same age. He is fast and steady. He crawls around and crawls fast on the bed every day. Even at night, Huan often feels that he was climbing. However, the recent high school classes had been very heavy. Occasionally, Huan had to go to work at the nursing home in the evening. After returning to his family, he will sleep very deeply. After Black eggs is done in the evening, he doesn’t really care until one day.
On that day, Huan Huan returned from working in the sanatorium as usual. He did not feel well. In the nursing home suddenly developed a cold. In order to prevent the spread of the cold, the nursing home began to rectify the sanitation work of the hospital as a grassroots employee of the grassroots staff, Huan nature is the main force of the rectification work. He didn’t know if it was examinations or was overworked in the past few days. When he got home, he felt a little cold. He didn’t even eat a few snacks and slept, at night he felt black eggs crawling around the bed, inability to manage, Huan slept until dawn.
When he wakes up, Huan’s first feeling is refreshed. When he touches his forehead, he does not burn. He hurries to see the black egg. He sees the black egg sleeping beside him. A black powder under black egg's small claws.
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