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Devil chapter 18

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 18 behind the wall

Went to school, Huan handed Wang Xiaochuan a stack of hankies.
"Hey ... what is this?" Although Wang Xiaochuan feels a bit baffling, but still took over the hankerchiefs.
"Black eggs urine." Ji huan said with an expressionless face, in order to collect enough urine, Black eggs was again filled with a big bottle of water by uncle this morning.
Wang Xiaochuan's expression froze for a moment, he suddenly thought of a possibility. He immediately grabbed the hankerchiefs and looked around nervously. Xiao chuan whispered, "Well, that thing is not. Will it come again? Is there any on my body?"
Ji huan glanced at him, then his line of sight continued to move to the blackboard.
Wang Xiaochuan's illness was cured, his mother attributed to black egg's urine. Afterwards, Wang Xiaochuan's mother looked for the urine of black eggs. Wang Xiaochuan had a headache, she would find Huan to black Egg boo. Huan Huan had no way of explaining it, could only give. However, as time goes by, he finds something strange, the urine of Black eggs seems to be really useful!
Their family has always had a good health. After Wang Xiaochuan carried black eggs diapers, Wang Xiaochuan actually had very few illnesses. When Wang Xiaochuan didn’t know what he was carrying, he once said that “I feel that the surrounding air is getting better recently.” Huan Huan also noticed that mosquitoes were extremely low this year, the mosquito nets he put up were almost useless.... In summary, I would like to think, Black egg's urine ay really have some effect.
From this day onwards, both Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan have secretly increased their vigilance.
“That group of people went to the sanitarium.” It was the third morning Huan Huan found the black powder again. On the morning of the meeting, Wang Xiaochuan told the news to Ji Huan.
Both remembered the hand gesture. Although they were not sure whether the last incident was related to that group of people, they certainly were not ordinary people.
From that event, the two teenagers are more or less conscious that this world is probably not so Simple. There are things beyond the recognition of ordinary people that exist, they can not explain, does not mean the other does not exist.
Wang Xiaochuan's expression is a mixture of fear and excitement. Yes, young people at this age will not only be afraid of the unknown but will also look forward to.
Ji Huan faintly felt wrong.
In recent days, there has been too many "unknown" things happening around him, including the existence of Black eggs...
It is easy for Black eggs to gradually look like normal babies, Huan really does not want other “unknowns” to undermine the current calm life.
Ji huan has a faint feeling in his heart, the existence of these people would not be a good thing for them.
Today is a weekend, after school, Huan Huan goes to work in the nursing home as usual. Wang Xiaochuan also joins him. The two men are now third year seniors. Even if they are unhappy, Wang Xiaochuan’s parents also acquiesced Wang Xiaochuan to work with Ji Huan every week. In their opinion, Wang Xiaochuan’s body has become better since following Huan Huan. At the same time, academic achievements have also improved. It is rare that Xiao chuan had an interest in the “family career” so it's a good thing to contact them in advance.
However, it was also because Wang Xiaochuan was following Huan Huan, the person in charge of the Ministry of Health Careers knew that the two were seniors so now allocated a lighter work load to them.
Wang Xiaochuan walked in front with a bucket, Huan followed quietly behind him. The two had just finished cleaning the hot spring baths on the first floor. Now they will go to clear the outdoor pools.
There are three outdoor hot spring pools in the nursing home. Usually indoor pools are cleaned daily while the outdoor pools are not well cleaned. They were cleaned up by professionals in the past. However, these days, the original clean-up staff had asked for leave, it was impossible to delay it anymore, Only then did they send them over. Of course, the loss was due to the fact that Ji huan's current level of proficiency was comparable to that of full-time staff, so the person in charge would dare to hand over the work to them. Wang Xiaochuan was considered to be incidental.
The other two baths they cleaned yesterday, the key is today, this bath is considered to be the top open-air hot spring pool in the sanatorium. It is located in a very remote place in the southwest corner of the sanatorium, usually inaccessible and only open to VIPs. Nobody used so the pool was empty, today it is their task to clean and fill the entire hot spring pool.
“The hotspring where I wanted to bring you was here. As a result, here has not been opened for a while. Hey, how bout we clean the pool, then bubble first?” Wang Xiaochuan jumped into the pool then stood in the emptied pool, smiling said to Huan huan.
Huan did not say anything, just jumped in with his tools and began scrubbing the pool walls.
First is the pool wall then the bottom of the pool. This is the correct scrubbing step.
“The hot springs here are alright, the ones that we wiped before were not a fountain. The temperature of the water, the aroma, the color, and the aura are not the same. The hot springs we’d seen before were all smelly eggs. After, the whole body was stinky, the hot springs here were completely different, especially good! The color was blue-white." Wang Xiaochuan continued to sell hot springs while brushing the pool wall. Not long after wiping, sweating, he wiped away his sweat and looked back at Huan Huan. However, Xiao chuan found the other person still maintained the original movement to work. He didn't look at himself. "Well, you're not interested in the hot springs?"
Xiao chuan was a little disappointed.
They are considered a hot spring township here. People growing up in hot springs are interested in bathing. They are also willing to try different springs from small bubbles to big ones. Such as Huan Huan, saying that he is indifferent half-hearted can be considered a minority .
"Not at all." While doing the work, Ji Huan finally replied, "If you really like to bubble this hot spring, do not soak here. The hot springs here are running through too many places and are already dirty. I will take you back home to soak, Ah Yeh said the blue and white springs on Bade Mountain origins are our mountains. On my side, my grandfather every day there soak hot feet. If you don’t want to soak his feet, Don't soak here."
After finishing this statement, Wang Xiaochuan was immediately stunned.
"This, this, this... Your family is too treacherous! Accounted for such a good pool actually did not say, ah ah ah ah ah! Going back must take me to your house to soak ah ah!"
"it is good."
"Oh, sure! I want to go this weekend! How is it? How is it?"
The juvenile's voice was enlarged several times into the air by the sunken hot spring pool, crossed the high wall of the sanitarium, and then passed across.
But Wang Xiaochuan is also in the face of Huan before the next point, and soon he realized his voice a bit big and closed the sound, they are now on the three sides of the sanatorium are small forests, filter sound very good, the only The exception is the wall behind them.
Wang Xiaochuan looked back.
It was probably his voice stopping suddenly, Huan also stopped his work. Huan found that he was looking backwards and he looked down at his sight. Unlike Wang Xiaochuan, he discovered that it is a wall.
It's not surprising that he didn’t observe carefully. The wall was too dark. There was a row of trees in front of it, and the walls were still covered with vines. At first glance, they couldn’t see that it was a wall.
"...Those people...are living over that wall." When Ji Huan observed the wall, he suddenly heard Wang Xiaochuan whisper.
Ji huan surprised turned his head, Wang Xiaochuan was a little nervous around the eyes.
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