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Devil chapter 19

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

The 19th chapter of the other side of the wall (repair)

The juvenile's voice was enlarged several times across the sunken hot spring, crossing the high wall of the sanitarium.
Just separated by a high wall, the other side looked like a completely different world!
The smoky haze is obviously the opposite hot spring. However, it is closer to a swimming pool, there is also a simple bathing pool that needs to be filled with water manually. The hot spring is built according to the terrain, the poolside is full of greenery, surrounded by scattered patches of seasonal flowers, the position is natural and lovely. A blue-and-white hot spring is set amidst these greenery. The plants are accompanied by water vapor, from any angle, outsiders cannot easily see in, people can only see a faint shadow.
At this moment, there is a silhouette hidden behind the water vapor and the trees of purple flowers.
Hot air accompanied the floral transpiration, a person was quietly soaking in the pool. Occasionally, the sound of rippling water was heard.
The voice of Wang Xiaochuan and Ji Huan could be heard at this time.
Perfect serenity was destroyed abruptly.
"Uncle, uncle, I sent someone to let people over there shut up." Not waiting for the person in the pool to open, the shore has been holding a bunch of clothes serving the side of the middle-aged man quickly whispered a small channel.
His face was irritably annoyed, his uncle always loved silence. In order for him to enjoy peace of mind, he obviously ordered the following people to buy the sanatorium next door.A few days and still had not closed down?! Now disturbed his elderly uncle, this, how can this be good?!
The middle-aged man was frightened. He lowered his head, thinking he would be scolded.
"No harm." The person stopped him.
Here steam is heavy, the sound from the hot springs is blocked by water vapor. The speaker's full information: gender, age, and anger are all hidden in the water vapor.
Middle-aged man abruptly put down the phone.
Silent mountains, beautiful scenery, distant humming, near the water filled with a floral aroma ... coupled with the voice of young people just changed sound period, in fact, quite a good experience - presumably his uncle so old, think of it?
The middle-aged man blinked slightly, at this time, the voice of Huan Huan came from next door,
"...My Ah Ye is soaked all day. If you don't want to soak my Ah ye's feet, don't soak here..."
Hot feet?
Foot wash?
The middle-aged man heard a crash, it was someone who had stood up from the pool of water.
Over! Uncle his old people have a little older ... ...
It wasn't easy to find Wang Meiquan for uncle in this countryside, and uncle is rarely willing to come for a second time. As a result, the little guy is talking nonsense...
Finished! Uncle will no longer visit the hot springs here.
Firmly standing by the pool, with an aroma that could not be stated, uncle had already move to land.
Hot air, accompanied by aroma, uncle stood in front of him. Did not dare to look up, middle-aged man only dared to look down at his toes.
"...The Wang's family mixed dirt into the pool, tell them to send people to clean it up."
Taking a look at the empty spa, the middle-aged man gently answered "Yes."
Huan knew nothing about what was happening next door. After he had carefully checked the scrubbed hot spring pool, he finally confirmed it with his eyes and Wang Xiaochuan, the two men turned on the water switch.
The warm gurgling springs poured out from the outlet on the pool wall.
The amount of water was very large, it was not long before the bottom of the pool had been filled, the soles of the teenagers wearing only slippers could not be seen.
Huan Huan staring at the water hole in front of him, motionless. Just as he wanted to get closer, Wang Xiaochuan's voice emerged suddenly.
Turning to look, Wang Xiaochuan had sat down in the pool.
"What happened?" Ji Huan asked Wang Xiaochuan walking over, slightly bent over, he gave a hand to Wang Xiaochuan.
"Oh! I don't know how it happened. I seemed to hit something. The result..." Wang Xiaochuan said, putting his hand in the hand of Huan, then pulling it with strength, he stood up.
When Huan took his hand away, a black hand print was displayed on the right hand.
Wang Xiaochuan and Ji Huan were stunned.
Wang Xiaochuan's sight couldn't help fall down to the right hand he had just dropped to his side. Xiao chuan stiffened his right arm, hesitating for a moment. When he finally raised his courage to turn his right hand, he saw...
"Ah-" Wang Xiaochuan cried out: "My hand! My hand-"
"It's just black powder. Your hand is fine. It's just powdered." Huan stopped him before he made further gaffes.
Quickly, Ji Huan found the drain hole at the bottom of the pool, then Huan tried to unplug the above plug. He then ran over and screwed on the two inlet switches. After he had completed this, Huan took Xiao Chuan who was standing in the pool, lost. Together they climbed up using the simple ladder on the pool wall.
Huan Huan don’t know whether it’s an illusion or not, he felt like the foot was grim and dreary. Not like stepping on the bottom of a slate paved floor. It felt like stepping in the middle of grass. He dared not think about it more. Slippery, finally two people fell to the edge of the hot spring pool together.
The two teenagers gasped for a long time on shore, Huan heard Wang Xiaochuan trembling cries,
"Handkerchiefs, I lost my handkerchiefs..."
“Go back and buy new ones.” Huan interrupted him without hesitation.
"Yes, but it was the ones with black eggs urine on it..."
"I'll let Egg urine on the new ones for you."
Afterwards, two men invariably looked towards the pool behind them.
Before they were happy to talk about the warm water pool is like a giant black mouth quietly nesting there. Ji Huan left the plug off to clear through the drain, but a shallow layer of water laid at the bottom of the pool as if blocked by something.
Black water.
"Today, our time is ending, we must go home first." Ji Huan stood up and picked up Wang Xiaochuan who was still lying on the floor, they did not return.
No one noticed their wet feet on the concrete floor behind them, on the ground where there should be two rows of shoe prints, a third set of wet shoe prints suddenly appeared.
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