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devil chapter 20

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 20 Demons Love Hot Springs

Ji Huan sent Wang Xiao Chuan home and confirmed with his parents was ready to head home.
"Ji Huan, don't go today? It's so late, it's so late..." In front of his parents, Wang Xiaochuan dared not say something straightforward, his parents are not sure why, just blindly accompanying their son.
"No, I have to go back. I don't trust my grandfather and black egg home alone." After hearing Ji Huan, Wang Xiaochuan's parents had to send him home. Wang Xiaochuan's father wanted to send him to the station. This proposal was still rejected.
"I'm used to being alone. It's getting late, you hurry to close the door." What he said was actually strange, but after seeing him wave, the Wang family reflexively waved back and waited until Huan turned. When they sobered, Huan had left. Looking at the back of Huan Huan, Wang Xiaochuan’s mother couldn’t help but sigh,
"That child, really sensible, obviously a few months younger than Xiao Chuan, and already shouldering a family."
"Yes, young age he already uses a dignified speech, several times he said what I would agree right away. Just like he told us to close the door and rest, we really felt that we should do what he says. To refute the meaning, I took what that child suggested as the official phase ... ..." Wang Xiaochuan's father commented.
"What do you mean by this? Obviously your temper is soft legs and you're lazy. Huan Huan is so good to Xiao Chuan. You hurry with black eggs account."
“You said if Ji Huan is a girl, when it’s dark, she sends Xiao Chuan back home. Will take care of people, and will be better with Xiao Chuan.”
"This ... ... this ... wife, how can a girl send a boy home, right?"
Wang’s parents locked the door while chatting.
Wang Xiaochuan had already ran to the balcony of his house during this period of time, staring at the small figure of Huan Huan, he looked anxious.
Huan waved to Wang Xiaochuan on the balcony and continued to walk away.
Before stepping out of sight of Wang Xiaochuan, he walked slowly, waiting until he left the courtyard of Wang Xiaochuan’s home community. After, Huan immediately ran, obviously summer, he did not feel hot, he was sweating, but it was a cold sweat.
It was easy to take the bus back home, but he did not immediately enter, carefully dig his body with a duster to determine that there was nothing on it before he entered and closed the door.
Peace and quiet at home.
Ji huan's childhood, the family was very quiet, it was often so quiet that people around them were unaware there was a neighbor.
"Aye, I'm back." Huan habitually shouted.
There was a ring in the room.
"Black egg, 舅舅 舅舅 啦 啦!" Grandpa happy voice spread out from the house, opening the curtain, Ji huan saw grandpa holding black eggs walking away, but also saw the hook to look out the door of Black eggs.
After seeing Huan Huan, Black eggs smiled reflexively.
A board face, huan finally showed signs of loosening, his mouth slightly tilting up. Huan took Black eggs, the cold iced claws of Black eggs also immediately came out of the cocoon and skillfully clung onto his uncle.
Huan immediately lifting Black eggs ass, allowing his little head to rest on his own shoulder. This is Black egg's most recent favourite posture. He always likes to put his head on Huan's shoulders and then looks back with a pair of white eyes.
This time is no exception, Black eggs will press his big head on Huan's left shoulder, a pair of white ring eyes just aiming at the direction behind him, suddenly -
Ji Huan's left shoulder, He lets out a huge cry.
"What? How suddenly crying?" Huan didn't know what provoked him, he cried again.
Hurrying to remove Black eggs from his shoulders, Huan just held him in his arms it was hot, unbelieving, he looked down. This feeling was...
"This is... Black eggs, did you pee?"
"Flower, black eggs, why is he crying?" Aye standing still on his side, Huan quickly replied,
"It's all right. Black eggs peed on me. He's probably crying because of this. Grandpa, you go back to the house. I'll take a bath with black eggs."
After sending Ah Ye back to the house, Huan carefully looked around and took Black eggs to the bathroom.
Before, what he and Wang Xiaochuan discussed was true, Ji Huan family’s home really has a hot spring. There is a hut reserved for hot spring water. Ji family’s bathing uses hot spring water, they did not burn, the springs were already hot. Hot springs flowed from the ground perennially, passing through Ji family's spring before flowing to other places.
Of course, the so-called "other places" in Ah Ye's mouth is the famous hot spring mountain in town - Bade Shan.
Ah Ye has no other hobbies, his favorite thing in life is probably a hot spring bath. The pond was very primitive at first, Aye did not pay attention, he bathed directly in the spring every day. Ji huan found out after the springs flow through his house, everyone else will soak it. He made Aye cover it into the more elegant bathroom now.
Closing the bathroom door, Huan took off his T-shirt, wet with Black egg's urine. His thin upper body was exposed to the hot air, felt comfortable.
It was a bit laborious to undress, not the clothes were difficult to pull off, it was Black eggs firmly clutching his neck, life and death did not let go. Since Black eggs was unwilling to give up, he left Black hanging around his neck. After Huan washed the two with warm spring water, he headed into the hot springs.
Like Grandpa, Black eggs was also unusually attached to the hot springs.
He can even swim.
Just put him in water, his little claws will dial in the water, he will not sink.
But to be on the safe side, Huan Huan will still give him a swimming ring around his neck so Black eggs can safely enjoy bath time.
Normally every time Ji Huan with Black eggs soaking in the hot springs, uncle and nephew will each seize one side of the pool. Ji huan soaking one side, Black eggs will enjoy the other with the swimming ring, floating around in the pool, Incredibly happy.
This time, it was different. Even if Huan put on the swimming ring, Black eggs still refused to let go. The small paws clung to the fingers of Ji Huan, with eyes closed tightly. Black eggs tried to hold his big head tight against Huan's chest, his movements looked ridiculous because he still wore a swimming ring around his neck.
Huan untied the swimming ring around Black egg's neck, lost the shackles, Black egg immediately pressed his little face against Huan's breast and closed his eyes tightly, as if the feared Object would disappear.
Heart so think, Ji Huan was stunned.
Yes, "scared."
From the door to the present, the reaction of Black eggs is very strange, as if afraid of something.
Because of fear, he cries.
Similarly because Egg was too scared, he accidentally urinates.
Huan told Ah Ye Black eggs was crying because of urine. This was a lie.
Unlike other children, Black eggs never cries because he is wet. Instead, he laughs.
Because for Wang Xiaochuan's sake, Huan Huan often lets Black eggs urine on objects designated by Wang Xiaochuan’s mother. When Black egg really urinates, Huan will praise him. Over time, Black egg probably thinks his urinating is an event to be happy about, whenever he urines, he will laugh for a long time next to him, with laughter to remind huan.
Therefore, black eggs does not cry because of urinating on him.
Black egg was scared and urinated - Don't know why, Huan suddenly thought,
the bath is so large, he's sitting in one side of the bath, the other side is empty, you can sit one person alone.
Normally, the other side is where Black eggs is happy to play in. Little Black egg can occupy half of the bath, he will happily swim in the pool, but this time -
Black eggs closed his eyes tightly, clearly in warm spring water, the little body continued to tremble. Black egg used his ass to face the other end of the bath.
just like……
There was something there that made him afraid to go like in the past, or even dare to blink.
Stretching out his foot, Huan kicked a wave of water in the pool.
The large spray splashed onto the floor.
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