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Devil Chapter 22

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 22 Black Egg Changes (Overhaul)

After that day, Ji Huan found Black eggs had changed again - he began to "stick" to him.
Before, Black eggs is a quiet baby, although he has mastered the "required skills" of a human infant under Huan's "Spartan training", he is essentially a small baby with empty feelings.
Huan did not want to use the term “empty” to describe him, but that's the feeling black eggs gives off.
Ah Ye can't see it, but Huan is in clear his heart, Black eggs look at him and Ah Yeh, there is no difference between them and a bottle, a can of milk, or a bowl of vegetable puree.
Just like he does not belong to this world, black eggs live in his own world. No one knows what he is thinking, or if he thinks anything at all. Black eggs will express his opinions through crying or laughing under Huan huan's training, but nothing more.
Whether it's crying or laughing, there is no other way to communicate with people. Huan still feels that they can't communicate with black eggs, This is something that Huan can not teach Black eggs.
However, after that night, Huan Huan suddenly discovered everything had changed.
Black eggs started to "communicate" with him!
When the clothes were washed the next day, and Black eggs was being fed, Black eggs handed the bottle towards Ji Huan.
Because Black eggs had never done anything like this before, He was happily surprised. Huan specifically looked at Black eggs bottle, transparent, 300 ml, with a green sticker on top of it, in addition, half of the milk remained. He should not be enough to eat.
Huan sees Black eggs, he finds Black eggs staring at him seriously, After while, Black eggs raises the baby bottle and hands it over to his uncle. Huan receives the bottle on reflex, and continues to look at Black eggs, staring straight at him.
Is there a problem with the milk powder? Is the taste different from before?
Ji Huan skeptical, twisted off the pacifier, then he took a sip of powdered milk. He felt there wasn't an issue with the taste, he suddenly heard a “Xiu Xiu” laugh, the bottle back to Black eggs face, Ji huan was surprised to find Black eggs had laughed.
He quickly checked Black eggs diapers, dry.
Huan's hand was still on the butt of Black eggs when his hand was suddenly wet. Black eggs had urinated on his hand.
Black eggs laughed more cheerfully.
Hanging a wet hand, Ji huan was puzzled.
Three hours later, when Black eggs was drinking and drinking, the same thing happened again, and again at dinner...
Black egg looked at Huan as he took the baby bottle, when he took a sip, Black eggs laughed. Three times and Huan understood Black eggs. He was sharing food with him.
"Black eggs, what are you thinking?" Once again, Black eggs "forced" Huan to take a sip of baby milk, and then listen to black egg's Xiu Xiu, Huan frowned slightly.
However, Ah Ye said this behaviour of Black eggs must be supported, it was recommended when Black eggs delivered food to him, Huan not only has to accept, but also very happy to recieve, for him who does not love laughing, is the most difficult thing to do. Fortunately, Black egg does not demand too much from him, as long as Ji Huan's mouth tilts up slightly, Black eggs will smile and laugh.
Well, this is a very stiff smile for a pair of smiles.
If this change is still in the range normal, another change will have a bit of mystery.
On the first night Huan's sick leave he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.
Huan felt himself suddenly being hugged!
Very strong, he was held up under both armpits!
Huan opened his eyes sharply, then he saw a monster.
Like some kind of crustacean, however, the exposed part is soft, cold and wet.
Obviously in the darkness, Huan Huan finds he can see every detail of this monster. He can see the other side's big mouth, even the dense teeth inside!
The mucus covered mouth with big teeth lunged!
Opening his eyes, forehead was sparkling with cold sweat.
Ji Huan then discovered it was only a dream, everything was all right.
Heavy on his chest, Ji huan found black eggs do not know when had climbed onto his chest, do not know how he climbed, actually climbed into Huan's T-shirt, because Ji huan can not see the familiar white ring eyes, so Huan decided Black eggs was still asleep, but this time it was obviously wrong. Hey, Black eggs was crying while sleeping.
Black eggs will dream? Seems to be a nightmare.
Thinking about this, Huan Huan woke up Black eggs from his nightmare, then he felt a hot chest.
Black egg urine.
Black eggs urine on his body was not a bit embarrassing. Small claws holding onto the palms of his hands, Black eggs was very nervous.
After engaging such a black eggs, Huan could not attend to his previous dream. He sneaks into the bathroom with Black eggs to clean, hugging Black egg back into the house then gently holding Black eggs to sleep.
The same dream again.
This time, the other's teeth had almost bitten into his neck, when Ji Huan's head down, he suddenly saw a vague face. To be honest, for Ji Huan whether it was the moment the black monster was holding him, or the face without facial features, brought Huan a high degree of psychological shock, can not do, that blurred face more terrible.
However-- Intuition, Ji huan vaguely stunned, the person suddenly took possession of him, and when he was happily not understanding what was going on, both sides began to fight for him. Finally, the vaguely blurred person's effort was even better, he suddenly shoved the monster out. The monster was pushed out, then Huan felt himself being held in the man's chest. It hurt a little, but...
His heart rises with a wonderful sense of security.
Huan Huan noticed the man actually wore a T-shirt. He saw a frog on the T-shirt.
Hey?! Isn't this his T-shirt?
After waking up, Huan looked down, and sure enough, the pattern on the T-shirt was the little frog in his dream.
Although... ... do not want to admit it, but ... ...the face of the vaguely blurred person seems to be ... ... ah.
As Huan Huan recalls the dream, Black eggs climbed up his chest, and he was licked, then urinated on.
Following Huan:...
After waking up to black eggs and skillfully cleaning up two people, he wouldn’t let Black eggs go to sleep, he prepared a bottle of milk for Black eggs, watched as Black eggs holding the bottle slowly calm down. Ji Huan turned out a few small toys to play with black eggs. Black eggs from the toys inside picked a frog puppet. The reason is simple, the frog is green all over, Ji huan waved the frog in midair, Black egg stretching out small claws to grasp. This kind of game can exercise a baby's perception ability, Wang Xiaochuan's mother had said.
The result of the game naturally is Black eggs catching the green frog because it was caught for a long time before it was caught, so Black eggs looks a little happy, the white-ringed eyes stare turns to the frog in his hand, Black Eggs played for a long time.
This game may be very fun for Black eggs, but it is obviously boring for Ji Huan, so while they were playing, Ji Huan falls asleep.
He dreamed again.
The dream was still in his room, Huan found himself playing with a green frog.
One very serious to play, serious to cheer, a little speechless.
However, the inner joy is true, warm and satisfying.
For a long time, Huan has no such feeling.
After his sister left, he continued to worry about Ah ye and Black Eggs all the time, worried about Ah ye’s deteriorating body and whether Black eggs would become more bizarre. Every day, every day, he was very scared. This warm feeling of stability is only when his sister was at home. He calmly felt the peace brought by the toy frog.
Huan saw himself.
He saw "self" sitting next to him. When he looked up, the "self" stiffened and smiled at him.
It is no longer the same as the first dream. Although its still a bit embarrassing, but this time, Huan Huan has clearly recognized the person is himself, but the “self” wearing a green T-shirt and green shorts. After, Huan confirmed his wardrobe had never been matched.
Seeing his own movement, Huan suddenly felt a little hungry, and then his heart has a very happy feeling.
This is a monotonous dream, but the dream is very peaceful and joyful. In this calm, he takes a deep sleep and sleeps until the dream is over, the sun warming him up.
Black eggs is playing around him.
The dark body was naked, and Black egg resting on him, playing with a green frog doll.
Playing for a while, Eggs will look at him, When he looks over again, just as Huan opened his eyes.
Then Black eggs laughed.
Huan Huan suddenly understood what happened, last night's dream,
Probably...should be... He saw Eggs dream, right?
Sharing a bottle, black eggs Dream was also shared with him...right?
This is the second change discovered by Huan between himself and Black eggs.
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