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devil chapter 24

Title: Devil (魔王第)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.
Black Eggs loves green - so vegetables are da da da king !
Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes a watering can - why is Uncle smiling?!

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter 24 is about

Bade Town is a small place, although the sparrows are small and fully-organized, everything from kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools to high schools are available, but universities do not exist, there is a comprehensive university in the upper class city of Bade Town. No national ranking, but close to home, the score line is not high, and most of the children born in Bade Town will eventually choose to go to school there.
The town population is not big not small. It is lively and not crowded. Every household has a house. Young people do not struggle for a Housse. Salary level is not high, not low, in the absence of housing pressure, the majority of people can comfortably live in this small town, even if they cannot find a lot of work.
Looking at Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan, senior high school can still work, you know their academic pressure is not too heavy. Less pressure on students, the same for adults, so there is a weird phenomenon in town, the majority has lived here for generations, from great grandfather's generation to grandfather's generation, parents' generation... even if someone went out to study, most people still chose to come back, this town was caught in an internal cycle.
In other words, this is a very closed inland town.
For those adults who are already working, it's okay - after all, people who have returned to work from outside universities often become colleagues. For kids, transfer students are simply rare creatures they haven't seen before!
In particular, these transfer students changed the uniforms of school into such a good-looking style. It was just like students from comics!
This is the city people!
The curiosity of these Bade Township buns was completely attracted by the transfer students. No matter where they go, there are always townies sneaking around to look at them. Not that no one was trying to talk to the transfer students. However, almost everyone has touched them with soft or hard nails.
Like Wang Mingqing, before Huan came back to school, he didn't know how many boys and girls tried to get on with her, she completely ignored it. After she met Huan, She actually took initiative to say hello, but this time it was her turn to touch nails with Ji huan. After, Ji Huan's reading books, doing homework, completely ignoring the other party's meaning.
The children from Bade hearts were instantly balanced.
Look, our countrymen are also very handsome. You don't care about us, we don't care about you!
In short, after Ji huan, the boom created in school by these transfer students was quickly extinguished.
Huan Huan did not notice.
After school, his working life began again.
Unlike the confusion about school life, Ji Huan’s changes in the sanitarium can be seen at a glance, there are many residents in the sanatorium.
The rooms that were originally empty were full of people, Ji huan worked here for more than half a year, this is the first time he had seen it.
However, these people who came to recuperate have several things in common, First, their bodies look good; Second, they all came from outside.
"Its estimated the outsiders are admiring our hot springs, right?" Wang Xiaochuan did not think much.
Ji Huan frowned.
"Shouldn't it? They don't use the spa at all. They all look in good health. I really don't know what they're spending money to do over there. Maybe it's just a convalescence?" Another colleague shrugged. Then he suddenly lowered his ,"But I made a discovery."
"Ah? Say it quickly," Compared to Ji Huan's inaction, Wang Xiaochuan response was what he expected. So he coughed and quickly whispered,
"A lot of these people are surnamed Wang!" Everyone's surname is posted outside the door. The name card is still placed by him. Naturally, he notices this.
"Ah? And I have a surname?" Wang Xiaochuan stunned.
"So, I guess this may be family coming over for a holiday, right?" Ji Huan's colleagues so mystified, made their own conclusions.
Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan were silenced.
The reason why these guests arrived suddenly is not known to all, however, Wang Xiaochuan later heard a bit of internal news: Before someone had wanted to buy this sanitarium, the dean had not agreed, but the other person's attitude was very tough, when the dean soon could not bear the pressure, two families came, the two families also expressed their desire to buy. Three parties did not know if they had any contests, The final had became the Dean. Then the empty rooms in the sanitarium were encircled.
This was Wang Xiaochuan's inquiries from his little aunt. Xiao Yan had recently done a good job. In fact, Xiao Yan had privately said that he had better not come over this time. However, after thinking Huan Huan needs this job, Wang Xiaochuan left off that part.
Ji huan's heartfelt convictions, the pool where black powder was found was surrounded by ropes, hung with a sign for renovation, temporarily forbidden to enter.
Huan’s current work, it’s almost the same as a formal care worker. Although Wang Xiaochuan is more skilled than when he first came, this type of job is still elementary, in order to take care of them, the leaders of the nursing care center purposely often arranged the two together, but nowadays, the number of guests is too large, Wang Xiaochuan will not be able to get out of working. Wang Xiaochuan is then arranged to clean outside, while Huan Huan still goes back and forth in every room of the nursing home as usual.
The person who is accompaning him today is Zhang Jie. She is a very experienced care worker. She is very proud of her work abilities. No matter how difficult the nursing guests are, as long as they are handed to her, she can handle everything very well. Now Nursing home has a bunch of healthy people who didn’t need care, the work assigned to her was to tidy up the room and clean the house. This was simply the work of hotel clerks!
Although she didn't state it clearly, Ji huan realizes she was not happy, especially in the rooms they are dealing with now, clothes and shoes everywhere. The table used to hold medicine is now filled with cosmetics and perfumes. It looks like a young girl's room. That's not a problem, but the mess, this guest simply treated it as a hotel room.
Zhang Jie's face was more gloomy. Both of them worked in silence, hoping to leave these rooms as early as possible.
At this time, the owners of the rooms came back, there was two girls, One Ji Huan actually knows, its these days Wang Mingqing who sat beside him. Although the other person Huan does not know, but she looks familiar, Bacheng is another transfer student.
"Qing Qing, what's grandfather trying to do! Actually said we need to do the work of servants, not to mention there are so many cleaners at home and here, why should we do these things!" The unknown girl complained loudly as he entered the door and saw two people cleaning in the room. Huan huan hurried to close the door.
However, she was probably in a bad mood, after he had just hit her muzzle, her face immediately became very bad.
Fortunately, Wang Mingqing recognized Huan Huan in a timely manner and reached out to stop her. Wang Mingqing smiled and said, "Is it Ji huan? How are you here...?"
Ji huan wearing a mask, it was difficult for her to recognize him.
“Who is he? Qing Qing, how do you know a cleaner?” Huan Huan still did not answer, the other girl had blurted out, Zhang’s face had dropped.
So, before rushing to Zhang Jie, Huan hurriedly said,
"I work here."
Wang Mingqing introduced the identity of Ji Huan with the girl next to her. He heard her use the word “classmates” to introduce him and continued to think: Sure enough, the other girl was also one of the transfer students.
Slightly hanging lashes, Ji Huan eyes fall on the floor in front of the two girls.
Huan wants to finish the room quickly and quickly leave. Although he does not mind helping students do cleaning, Zhang's face is getting worse and worse. Eighty percent likely she was annoyed by the word “cleaner”.
However, his desire was destined to fail, after listening to the introduction from Wang Mingqing, the girl next to her eyeballs turned, suddenly happy:
"Yeah, people you know, say. Hey! Can you guys do something for me? I'll pay you, pay double the hourly salary to you. How about it? Your cleaners, where is all the same, Right?"
Ji Huan’s originally wanted to refuse, but watching Zhang Jie's eyes, who couldn't help want to speak, Ji huan hurriedly pulled his mask before her:
"Yes, but only I can go. Zhang Jie is an official carer here, she just came to teach me. She usually does thin't do this."
He said while holding down Zhang Jie's shoulders, stubbornly resist, but eventually did not say anything, in accordance with the meaning of Ji Huan.
Huan Huan incomprehensibly has more than one job, and is well treated. It is now three times.
Work place: Private courtyard next door.
Not only the girl, Wang Mingqing pondered over and over again, eventually she also gave her work to Ji Huan.
Dressed in the designated uniform they sent him, took a wooden sign representing his identity, and Huan took office.
After being checked at the entrance, Huan went to the door of the mysterious house in Wang Xiaochuan's eyes, taking all the cleaning tools with him...

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